Monkey Symbolism as Spirit Animals & in Dreams

Monkeys symbolize playfulness because they appear to laugh and play in the trees. They also make profound bonds and long-lasting connections. Whilst the monkey can be a trickster, they also have a great deal of compassion.

Some of the other main characteristics the monkey symbolizes are: intelligence, grace, community, and charm. As a spirit totem, the monkey can deliver positive rewards such as balance and control throughout life.

This article outlines monkey symbolism – both positive and negative!

Monkey Symbolism

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Monkey as a spirit animal – Positive traits

1. Sociable

People with the monkey as a spirit animal are great at forming a good community of people around them. They bring energy into the group, which draws others in. Not only are they good at socializing themselves, they are also good at socializing other people too.

Monkey-spirited people make good company for those who are outcast, and manage to mingle them into their circle.

Other sociable animals include the

2. Affectionate and Loving

The monkey spirit animal wants you, and everybody else, to feel good inside. They are great at cheering people up when they are feeling down, and motivating them when others would not. Their caring nature wants the best for their loved ones.

As the monkey enjoys company, they also enjoy affection – both giving and receiving. They want to make it clear that they love you, and in return like to know you love them back. This being said, the monkey spirit does not trust easily, and takes time to figure people out. However once they have accepted you, they are forever loyal.

3. Problem Solving

As the saying goes ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. Those with the monkey totem are quick thinkers, and come up with well thought out plans. Naturally curious, the monkey totem is always looking for new things to learn… and answers. This makes their problem solving skills a strong point, allowing them to overcome life’s barriers.

Their relaxed take on life helps them to remain calm during unwanted circumstances. Allowing them to find a way out of it, rather than falling into a hole.

Monkey as a Spirit Animal – Negative Traits

4. Light-headedness Silliness

Monkey totem people can be very light-hearted, however they also have a tendency to take things too far. It is difficult for them to draw the line under playfulness in serious situations.

Resorting to jokes in inappropriate cases will result in hurting people’s feelings. Although it is generally unintended, this is an area that monkey totem people should work on.

Another animal that symbolizes playfulness is the seal while the squirrel symbolizes fun.

5. Immaturity

Much like the above, immaturity is an extension of monkey totem people struggling to relate to seriousness. It is helpful to call on your monkey spirit animal when you feel as though you are stuck in a rut, or when life is bringing you a lot of stress. However, it is important to find a balance.

6. Mischief

The monkey people are full of innocence, and do not mean to inflict harm upon others. Nonetheless, their urge to get rid of boredom will cause them to create mischief whilst looking for something fun to do; or whilst trying to amuse themselves.

What do monkeys symbolize in dreams?

It is not overly common for people to dream about monkeys, although when they do, this is a sign that you need more adventure in your life.

Maybe you have been stuck in the same routine for a while, and you are getting bored of ordinary day to day life. The monkey symbolizes fun, and is encouraging you to go out and do something new; a holiday, a new career, a move, buy a pet, take on a new hobby.

If the monkey in your dream is chattering in a high-pitched voice, this is a warning sign that somebody is trying to deceive you.

In this case, always stick to your gut feeling and don’t allow yourself to be won over with flattering words. Often, seeing a monkey in a dream will point out friends or acquaintances who are being dishonest to you, helping you discover the good people in your life.

A dancing monkey is a much more positive sign, meaning that happiness is on the horizon. Take this time to spend with the people you care about, relax, and enjoy the ride.

As discussed earlier, a negative trait for people with the monkey totem is immaturity. In some cases, when a monkey appears in your dream, it is telling you that you still act childishly in serious situations. This dream is a reminder to rein in your rebellious side, and become more responsible.

Most commonly, dreaming of a monkey symbolizing intelligence. This is an encouragement to bring together all your skills, to make it through a situation you have been struggling with.

What do monkeys symbolize in the Bible?

In Christian illustrations, monkeys represent actions such as greed, lust and malice. Counter to the positive spirit animal symbolism, in Christianity the monkey can even be seen as the devil.

However the monkey is only mentioned in the Bible twice. Actually, the Bible uses the word ‘ape’, which is its closest reference to a monkey. The ape is mentioned alongside other things that were brought to Solomon from foreign countries such as gold, silver, ivory and peacocks – signifying that these are precious items.

What does a Monkey mean in Literature?

The monkey is a symbol of good luck. This is because it represents a more carefree version of yourself. The symbolic meaning can often deal with animated entertainment, and many philosophers attribute chicanery to the monkey.

Why are Monkeys Good Luck?

People born during the year of the monkey are to be brought fortune. They are to have stable careers, successful love life’s and good health. Many predictions state that they will do well throughout school and further studies, and often go on to earn a generous salary.

They will have minimal problems with their health, as long as they follow the correct guidance such as consuming products like alcohol in reasonable quantities.

In China, many people try to conceive during the year of the monkey, as they believe this will make their offspring clever. ‘Your kid is like a monkey’, is considered a compliment.

What are good jobs for people with the monkey zodiac sign?

First and foremost, it will not come as a surprise that people who belong to the monkey zodiac sign make good entertainers. Their love for humor and human contact, combined with their confidence in social situations makes them ideal for roles such as comedians.

Some people of this sign prefer careers such as diplomats, lawyers, detectives or businessmen. These are not the sort of people who are put off by their own weaknesses or failures, and constantly strive to be better. They enjoy challenges, and like to work in ever-growing industries. If they are not challenged, they will soon become bored.

Freelancing is a good option, allowing them to focus on their individual abilities. Jobs such as actors, writers or journalists will help this zodiac sign to make the most of their skills.

In literature, they would make good linguistics as their words and opinions will come across in a way that does not annoy spectators, but actually inspires them. Any job with human interaction such as a host would be suitable, as their character brings joy to other people.

What do monkeys symbolize in Mexico?

Frida Kahlo was a famous artist in Mexico between the 1900’s and 1950’s. She was considered one of the greatest in self-portraits, dealing with themes such as the human body and identity.

In 1925, Kahlo was badly injured in a bus crash. This caused her to miscarry, and rendered her unable to have children. She kept many monkeys as pets, in the garden of la Casa Azul (the Blue House), situated in Coyoacán. She saw the monkeys as a symbol for the children that she could not bear.

In Mexican mythology, monkeys are seen as a symbol of lust. However, Kahlo saw them through characteristics of tenderness and protection.

What do 3 monkeys mean?

Monkeys are also important in the Shinto region. This is represented with a carving of 3 monkeys. In the carving, the wise monkey Mizaru closes his eyes, and sees no evil. The wise monkey Kikazaru covers his ears, and hears no evil. The third wise monkey, Iwazaru, covers his mouth, and speaks no evil.


Monkey symbolism is used throughout many cultures. The monkey symbolizes a variety of good and bad traits. However the theme throughout is the playful nature which translates from the animal’s personality, into human personality.

Monkey symbolization is often related to success, but also understanding how to use success in the correct manner. They know not to boast or brag, and rather use their achievements to inspire others.