Leo vs Gemini Fight: Who would win?

An argument between Leo and Gemini may become pure entertainment for the people around them. Both signs are humorous and they enjoy playing theatre. Leo is a fixed fire sign so their pride and ego is valuable to them. Unless an argument becomes serious they can have a lighthearted attitude and are unlikely to take the fight seriously.

Gemini has a similar attitude. However when they are truly pissed, they can be very mean and bold with the things they say, even if they do not take the argument seriously. The two signs can go back and forth. An argument might be easily resolved if neither of them is truly hurt.

Leo vs Gemini Fight

Leo vs Gemini Personalities

Leo Personality and Fighting Style

Leo is ruled by the Sun therefore it is the sign that attracts a lot of attention and has natural charisma. They manage to impress everyone they meet and their warm nature is easily liked by others.

They are passionate but aren’t that argumentative and don’t usually seek conflict. As a fixed sign they can be quite stubborn and tend to hold onto their values.

They can find it hard to make compromise with another person and put their pride aside, even if they do share similar views with that person.

In fights they can be passionate and loud – if they have a problem with someone, they are unlikely to keep it to themselves. They value themselves and don’t allow other people to disrespect them in any way.

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Gemini Personality and Fighting Style

Gemini is a mutable air sign so they are quick thinkers. They easily change their mind and they value rationality above all else.

They have a very curious nature and they can be agreeable. They change their mind often so they are unlikely to hold onto a mindset or a specific idea for a long period of time.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. Gemini is a smart sign that does very well in arguments due to their ability to observe and communicate their thoughts to others.

People can rarely outsmart them in a conflict. They can be impatient but they aren’t impulsive and they do not act on their emotions.

In arguments they can be cool and collected. They easily find out their opponent’s weakness and they manage to attack it with ease.

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Leo vs Gemini Fight: How They Argue

Leo and Gemini aren’t very different from each other when they fight, but their reasons for fighting could be vastly different.

Leo is a fixed fire sign so they are very prideful and they have a big ego. They are unlikely to take fights seriously unless their ego and dignity is hurt by the other person. In that case, they can become very dramatic and bold with their arguing style.

Gemini on the other hand never takes anything seriously. Before they manage to react to an attack, they might have moved onto something else.

They are easily distracted so they have to be seriously hurt in order to partake in a fight. They enjoy bickering with other people for entertainment, but in a real fight they can be very mean and observant – they will try to find the other person’s weak spot.

In an argument between the two both will manage to hurt the other, but Gemini’s words and actions may have a bigger impact on the Leo.

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How to Handle Leo when they’re Angry

When Leo is angry they will be dramatic and they are likely to create a scene. They may enjoy public fights or involve other people in their arguments.

Although they are passionate, they aren’t impulsive and can control their actions. Even if they are loud and express their emotions during a fight, they are unlikely to be unnecessarily mean and say hurtful things to the other person, unless it’s something serious.

They may create fights to get attention from the other person, so a fight with them can be easily resolved as long as the other person caters to their needs. Although they are very stubborn, if they truly love and value the person they will make compromise for them.

How to Handle Gemini when they’re Angry

Gemini is a mutable air sign so they can become angry or irritated very quickly, but they are likely to move on just as fast. They aren’t the type to hold onto grudges and they aren’t emotionally affected by conflict.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury so they are very smart when they get in a fight. They know how to defend themselves in an argument and can quickly figure out their opponent’s weakness.

In order to handle Gemini in an argument one must stay very calm and should try to hide their emotions in order to avoid giving Gemini reasons to attack them. Gemini is an opponent that is hard to handle in an argument due to their smart nature and good ability to communicate.

Leo and Gemini Love Relationship Compatibility

Leo and Gemini share similar values when it comes to love. They both seek excitement in a relationship. However, they do have some major differences in their approach to love and their needs in a partnership.

Leo is a fixed fire sign so they require a lot of passion. They seek a partner who is devoted to them and willing to worship the ground they walk on. They value people who are there for them and have their back at all times.

Gemini on the other hand is a mutable air sign so they may find it difficult to commit in a relationship. They seek a partner who intellectually stimulates them and doesn’t bore them.

The two can have a fun relationship for a while, but in the long-run compromises have to be made. Leo has to learn to be less demanding in love and Gemini has to learn to truly devote themselves and commit to the partnership.

Leo and Gemini Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Gemini can have a very fun friendship. Leo may help Gemini feel more confident in themselves.

The two can inspire each other and they can be a great creative team. Gemini on the other hand will help Leo get out of their comfort zone and do new things.

The two can share a lot of adventures together. They can create a strong bond as long as they respect the other person’s needs. Leo has to be less overwhelming and needy and Gemini has to be more considerate and emotionally understanding.

The pair can have a lasting friendship, especially if they share similar interests and passions.


Leo and Gemini are two very different yet very similar signs. Both are highly creative and enjoy entertainment. In a relationship between the two they have to learn to be more respectful to the other person’s boundaries and needs.

Leo is a fixed fire sign so when arguments occur they can be very stubborn and bold. Both Leo and Gemini are unlikely to take a fight seriously unless they are really hurt by the other person. In a fight Gemini is communicative and mean. They are observant and they can easily find out the other person’s weak spot. In an argument between the two, Gemini is more likely to win due to their ability to stay rational. They are very argumentative and can easily attack Leo with their words. Although Leo is unlikely to give up in a fight, they can do it when they feel hurt and incapable of defending themselves.