Leo vs Cancer Fight: Who would win?

In an argument between Leo and Cancer things can get dramatic and emotional really fast. Leo will enjoy irritating Cancer for entertainment purposes while Cancer is likely to say things which will purposefully hurt the Leo. Both of them may find it hard to control their feelings in an argument.

The two signs can have a very affectionate and loving connection, but in an argument they can easily bring out each other’s worst possible side. They can create pure entertainment for the people around them.

Leo vs Cancer Fight

Leo vs Cancer Personalities      

Leo Personality and Fighting Style

Leo is ruled by the Sun therefore it is the sign that attracts a lot of attention and has natural charisma. They manage to impress everyone they meet and their warm nature is easily liked by others.

They are passionate, but aren’t that argumentative and don’t usually seek conflict. As a fixed sign they can be quite stubborn and tend to hold onto their values. They can find it hard to make compromise with another person and put their pride aside, even if they do share similar views with that person.

In fights they can be passionate and loud – if they have a problem with someone, they are unlikely to keep it to themselves. They value themselves and don’t allow other people to disrespect them in any way.

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Cancer Personality and Fighting Style

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which makes them emotional and expressive of their feelings.

They can be quite moody, so different situations and people may bring out a different side of them. They can be kind and compassionate with one person and bitter and pessimistic with another.

They are easily hurt so when someone says something they don’t like, they are likely to hide and avoid that person for a long time.

They don’t seek conflict and can be quite fearful of it. They are likely to get into an argument when someone has hurt or offended someone they love. They are protective of the people close to them.

In fights they can be quite emotional and uncontrollable. They are likely to say a lot of things, even if they later regret them. They can be primal because of their emotions which can give them a disadvantage in an argument.

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Cancervs Leo Fight: How They Argue

Leo and Cancer aren’t very different from each other, even though they appear to be in the beginning of their relationship. Both signs have a sensitive nature, even though Leo does their best to hide it.

Leo is a fixed fire sign therefore they are passionate and primal. They can be very stubborn in arguments and winning an argument with them may take a long time.

They enjoy starting drama for entertainment, but they will take the fight seriously once the other person hurts their pride and ego.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign so they are emotional and direct. They find it hard to control their feelings and in arguments they are very honest about how they feel. They can get mean if they are seriously hurt and are likely to say things to purposefully hurt the other person.

In an argument the two are unlikely to take the argument seriously unless the other does or says something with the intention to hurt the other person. Leo can be very stubborn and is unlikely to give up. Cancer on the other hand might be more aggressive but they are also more reactive and irrational.

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How to Handle Leo when they’re Angry

When Leo is angry they will be dramatic and they are likely to create a scene. They may enjoy public fights or involve other people in their arguments.

Although they are passionate, they aren’t impulsive and can control their actions. Even if they are loud and express their emotions during a fight, they are unlikely to be unnecessarily mean and say hurtful things to the other person, unless it’s something serious.

They may create fights to get attention from the other person, so a fight with them can be easily resolved as long as the other person caters to their needs. Although they are very stubborn, if they truly love and value the person they will make compromise for them.

How to Handle Cancer when they’re Angry

When Cancer is angry their emotions will be uncontrollable. They may yell and cry, do anything in order to express their feelings.

Cancer is quite irrational when they are hurt, so don’t expect them to act in a calm manner or stay patient with you. They are likely to say a lot of things they do not mean and will end up regretting.

In order to deal with an angry Cancer, you must wait for them to express all of their feelings they try to provide them with reassurance and comfort.

They are likely to seek forgiveness immediately after an argument and will do anything to fix the damage they have done. Don’t take their words too seriously and wait until they have calmed down.

Leo and Cancer Love Relationship Compatibility

Leo and Cancer are two very different signs but surprisingly their needs and wants in love are pretty similar.

Both signs are very affectionate and loving. They are needy of attention and reassurance, so a relationship between the two can be quite fulfilling.

Leo is a fixed sign so it values commitment and loyalty. Cancer on the other hand is a cardinal sign so they seek a partner with whom they can create something. Both signs require a lot of support from their partner.

In a relationship between the two they can form a very strong bond and they will take good care of each other. Leo enjoys being the center of attention and Cancer will do their best to make them feel special. Cancer is needy of emotional support and reassurance so Leo will try their hardest to uplift them.

On the negative side, Leo may find it difficult to deal with Cancer’s emotions, while Cancer will have a hard time staying patient with Leo’s occasional selfish behavior.

Leo and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Leo and Cancer are likely to have a great friendship despite their initial differences. Both seek support and reassurance in a friendship and together they are likely to form a strong bond that will help both people receive what they want.

Leo values loyalty in friendship and Cancer will do their best to stay devoted to them and cater to their needs. Cancer seeks emotional support and Leo will do their best do lift up their spirit and help them feel more confident.

Arguments are likely to happen as both share very different priorities in life but as long as they stay patient with each other they are likely to create a lasting bond and a valuable friendship.


Leo and Cancer are very different from each other which can cause some difficulties in their relationship. Leo is prideful and self-centered and Cancer is sensitive and irrational. They may find it difficult to stay patient with each other and in arguments things can quickly get dramatic.

Leo may be very stubborn and will refuse to be considerate to Cancer and their needs in a fight. Cancer on the other hand can be very aggressive and mean in an argument which can quickly hurt Leo’s pride and ego. Although both can bring out each other’s worst side in a fight, Leo is more likely to win due to their stubbornness and ability to control their emotions, especially if they take the argument seriously.

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