Fly Symbolism and Meaning (You need to Move Quickly…)

A vision of a fly in a dream or having the same fly pester you regularly might be a sign from the universe. The fly is said to symbolize abrupt changes that are coming in your life, the need to move quickly, the idea that you’re too busy, or the idea that you’re highly distracted.

Often, spiritual people believe that these signs come to you to help you identify blindspots in your thinking. They’re trying to tell you to pay attention to something.

Our job is to try to find the best interpretation for our lives. Some of these fly symbols (listed below) may resonate with you more than others. They might be the message you need (whether you want it or not!) at this moment in your life. But remember, spiritual meanings are deeply personal, subjective, and hard to interpret, so keep an open mind to multiple possibilities (or none at all!). It’s impossible to truly know what message you’re being sent.

Fly Symbolism and Meaning


The Spiritual Meaning of a Fly

#Fly SymbolismMeaning
1.Expect Abrupt ChangesThere are sudden changes coming. Keep an eye out and make sure you’re ready for them.
2.Move QuicklyYou need to move fast to make the most of an upcoming opportunity.
3.You’re Too BusyYou work too hard. Consider taking a rest.
4.You Need to be TenaciousDon’t let go of your dreams and aspirations.
5.You’re DistractedDon’t allow nagging, buzzing distractions to get in the way of your goals.
6.Be AdaptableFind ways to adapt to your new situations.
7.Beware of EvilYou may cross paths with people with bad intentions. Be careful of people you don’t trust.
8.Be CourageousYou have courage and you might need to use it in the near future.

1. Expect Abrupt Changes

Flies are creatures that change direction abruptly. One minute the fly will be buzzing in one direction, then it darts to the next, seemingly with great speed.

They’ll often do this when it’s time to evade potential dangers.

Similarly, this could be a sign that you may need to change course abruptly if new information comes to light. This may be a sign from the universe that you need to be aware of the importance of changing direction to protect yourself and your family.

Keep an eye out for potential changes in direction, or abrupt changes in your life. If it makes sense to you to change path, this sign is telling you that it’s okay to do so. Keep yourself ready for these changes so you can quickly react when it’s time.

2. Be Prepared to Move Quickly

Flies are quick. They fly very quickly and, as above, also change directions very quickly. You can read a fly in a dream as a sign that you, too, may need to move quickly soon.

This sign leaves open the reasons why you might want to move quickly. It might be a need to make a quick change (as with Point 1), or, it may be highlighting that an opportunity will be coming up that you need to quickly leap on before it’s too late.

This could be a sign to people who are being slow at making an important decision right now or who are taking too long to complete something in your life. Follow the way of the fly and move quickly to make decisions.

3. You’re Too Busy

Like bees, flies are industrious creatures that never stop working. People who have the fly as their spirit animal are said to be very industrious people who can’t rest.

But unlike the bee, the fly can’t even hover in one place. It’s always flying around and moving forward.

Often, I see the vision of the fly as a sign that you’re currently a very busy person, especially if the fly is actively flying and buzzing around.

You are endlessly working, perhaps even to your own detriment. Even in your sleep, you’re having visions that represent a busy state of mind. You can’t even find relaxation and recreation in your sleep!

If you’re having a vision of a dead fly, there’s a similar message here: it’s time to rest.

4. You need to be Tenacious

Tenacity is the ability to grab onto something and not let go. Flies are often tenacious. They buzz around our heads. We brush them away and they fly straight back and continue to annoy you. Nothing, it seems, will stop them!

Following the example of the fly, perhaps it’s time to be more tenacious. Identify your goals and go for them. With tenacity, persistence and focus, you’ll be able to get there.

This vision might be one that appears to you at a time when you’re feeling flat and as if you don’t have the wind in your sails. Often, when you’re at your lowest, you need a reminder to be tenacious.

5. You’re Distracted

Flies are insects that will often distract you. If you’re trying to focus on reading and there’s a fly buzzing around your head, it’s super hard to concentrate!

A fly may be a sign from the universe of your own distraction. If the fly is buzzing around your head in your dreams, it may be the case that the universe it showing you, through the dream, that you’ve been annoyingly distracted lately.

We can use this as a message that we should find a way to remove these distractions so we can find inner peace. Perhaps it’s time to identify those distractions in our environments or our minds and find ways to banish them.

6. Be Adaptable

You can find flies all around the world. They will pop up in any continent, so long as the conditions are right. And they seem happy to live in all sorts of different environments.

Like the fly who can adapt to different environments, perhaps it’s time for you to be a little more adaptable to your situation.

This vision often occurs when someone has been stubborn about refusing to change in light of new information. Maybe someone is wanting you to do something differently and you’ve been resistant. Or perhaps your workplace has changed and you’re not happy about it.

This simple message is that it’s time to make personal changes so you can adapt to the reality around you.

7. Beware of Evil

Christians have long associated flies with evil. In the Bible, the Devil was considered the “lord of the flies”, with the flies being his minions.

So, for some Christians, a vision of a fly in a dream is often associated with nearby evil. It might be a sign to be aware of people you cross in your daily life. Perhaps you will come across someone soon who you should be weary of.

These sorts of signs are often simply warnings. Be careful about who to trust, and rely on those you trust for protection from potential negative forces around you.

8. Be Courageous

Ancient Egyptians associated flies with Valor. So, for people who embrace ancient interpretations of contemporary signs, you might see the fly as a sign that you should act with courage.

This sign might resonate with people who feel they need to do something that is making them anxious or nervous. The message is that you need to embrace the courage inside of you and proceed with confidence.

Interestingly, this message of the importance of being courageous can be linked to the earlier message of the importance of acting quickly. Taking quick action and being decisive often require a person to have courage.

The Fly as a Spirit Animal

If the fly is your spirit animal, you’re tenacious, determined, adaptable, and industrious. You are able to act quickly and make changes when needed.

People who have the fly spirit animal are usually very good at finding projects to work on and seeing them through. Many entrepreneurs, for example, resemble the fly.

But, beware of the fact you can be annoying to people around you! Your tenacity and determination can be a distraction to others, and sometimes you talk too much. You could be so obsessed with your job or career that you forget to relax at times.

Interpreting Fly Symbolism

Interpreting symbols, visions, dreams, and other messages from the universe is very difficult.

For one thing, there is no science behind it. Spirituality is subjective and deeply personal.

Furthermore, it’s hard to know which message is the one that is being sent to you. The best thing you can do is reflect on each message and see which one is most resonant with your life.

That’s not to say you should choose the one that you like the most, but think about which message is the right one to hear for you right now (and that’s often the most difficult one to listen to!)

I like to use visions as a way to think and reflect on my own situation, but not as a definitive message that I’ll use as the basis for important personal decisions. Rather, I keep an open mind to all possibilities, and proceed rationally using my logic and intuition. Even people who don’t believe in visions can take something from reflecting on how different messages relate to their current life circumstance.


Fly symbolism often relates to the need to change quickly, act fast, be tenacious, and not be distracted. Christians associate flies with evil, while Egyptians associate them with valor – in other words, you need to be courageous.

Only you can know which message is relevant to your life. Reflect on which is the message you think you need right now. In my opinion, the universe sends you a message that you need, and also tries to reinforce messages that you haven’t been paying attention to of late.