Cancer vs Aries Fight: Who Would Win?

In an argument between Cancer and Aries things will get out of control. Cancer is a water sign which makes them very sensitive and emotional in arguments.

They are easily hurt by the words and actions of others, which makes Aries the impulsive and aggressive fire sign, their worst enemy in a fight.

The two signs aren’t very compatible so arguments are bound to happen. A fight between the two will be very dramatic and both signs may end up being truly hurt by the words and actions of the other.

A Note: This discussion is based on the archetypal and stereotypical versions of these sun signs only. These are broad strokes only. They should only be read for entertainment purposes and not as factual, professional, or scientific information or advice to you.

Cancer vs Aries Fight

Cancer vs Aries Personalities

Cancer Personality and Fighting Style

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which makes them emotional and expressive of their feelings.

They can be quite moody, so different situations and people may bring out a different side of them. They can be kind and compassionate with one person and bitter and pessimistic with another.

They are easily hurt so when someone says something they don’t like, they are likely to hide and avoid that person for a long time.

They don’t seek conflict and can be quite fearful of it. They are likely to get into an argument when someone has hurt or offended someone they love. They are protective of the people close to them.

In fights they can be quite emotional and uncontrollable. They are likely to say a lot of things, even if they later regret them. They can be primal because of their emotions which can give them a disadvantage in an argument.

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Aries Personality and Fighting Style

Aries is a cardinal fire sign so naturally they have a dominant and courageous nature. Aries is ruled by Mars so they are energetic and competitive.

They enjoy winning in all areas of their life and they can be very difficult to deal with.

They attract conflict and can experience a lot of turmoil in their relationships with others. They have a stubborn nature and they always try to defend themselves regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

In arguments they are bold and they aren’t afraid to be direct. They easily scare other people off due to their passion and inability to stay calm. They are often perceived as very aggressive opponents in fights.

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Cancer vs Aries Fight: How They Argue

Cancer is a cardinal water sign so they are bold in arguments. As a water sign they are extremely sensitive and protective of themselves.

They are more likely to attack the other person even if they are in the wrong – they have a hard time admitting their faults. Cancers can be very mean-spirited when they are truly hurt.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign so in arguments they are impulsive and uncontrollable.

They are extremely passionate when they fight so winning an argument against them is difficult. They can have a hard time giving up, even if they are in the wrong.

A fight between Cancer and Aries may go in any direction as no one knows what to expect from either of them.

Cancer is very sensitive, but they know how to defend themselves and attack the other person, make them feel bad about themselves.

Aries is more impulsive and their actions in a fight are unexpected but they can be predictable and for them a fight is a form of competition, rather than something that allows them to get revenge.

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How to Handle Cancer when they’re Angry

When Cancer is angry their emotions will be uncontrollable. They may yell and cry, do anything in order to express their feelings.

Cancer is quite irrational when they are hurt, so don’t expect them to act in a calm manner or stay patient with you. They are likely to say a lot of things they do not mean and will end up regretting.

In order to deal with an angry Cancer, you must wait for them to express all of their feelings they try to provide them with reassurance and comfort.

They are likely to seek forgiveness immediately after an argument and will do anything to fix the damage they have done. Don’t take their words too seriously and wait until they have calmed down.

How to Handle Aries when they’re Angry

Aries can be extremely difficult to handle when they are angry due to their inability to control their anger.

They have a passionate nature and find it hard to stay calm and collected if they are affected by another person.

Aries is ruled by Mars so they are naturally very aggressive and domineering. The people around them may find it impossible to calm them down.

Even though they aren’t vengeful and aren’t the type to hold onto grudges, they can still be very bold and mean in an argument.

On the positive side, their anger comes and goes very suddenly so they have the ability to move on from an argument fairly quickly, as long as they are the one who won it.

Cancer and Aries Love Relationship Compatibility

Cancer and Aries are both cardinal signs so in love they are bold and they know what they want.  Despite that, the two aren’t very compatible.

Cancer is a water sign and it is ruled by the Moon so in love they require a strong emotional bond, a partner who nurtures them and knows how to take care of them.

Aries on the other hand is a fire sign ruled by Mars so passion and excitement is what matters to them in love.

Both Cancer and Aries are extremely protective of the people they love and they enjoy taking care of others.

Despite that, Cancer may be too sensitive for Aries, which at times might be too inconsiderate of others. Aries on the other hand may be too bold and impulsive for Cancer.

The two can have a fun time together and they will help the other person uncover a new side of themselves, but there can be a lot of conflict and drama surrounding the relationship.

Cancer and Aries Friendship Compatibility

Cancer and Aries are cardinal signs so they are both very driven and ambitious. They prefer to take action rather than sit and wait.

The two can have a lot of support for each other in a friendship. They will help the other get out of their comfort zone and do new things with their life.

Cancer will provide Aries with nurture and support while Aries will help Cancer gain courage and confidence.

Despite this, they are likely to have conflicts. The two have very different personalities with Aries being very bold and impulsive and Cancer being the type to be more conscious, one to prefer staying in their comfort zone.

As long as they learn to respect each other and be patient with each other they can easily manage their differences.


Cancer and Aries are cardinal signs so they have some things in common. Despite that theirmany differences make them extremely incompatible.

Cancer is a water sign so they have a very sensitive nature, they prefer to stay in their comfort zone and they seek a lot of support and nurture in their friendships and relationships.

Aries on the other hand is a fire sign ruled by Mars so they are more aggressive in their approach to life and they are quite domineering in their relationships.

An argument between the two is bound to happen. Although Cancer is very manipulative and uses their sensitivity to make others feel bad for them, Aries can be extremely careless and inconsiderate and even if they feel bad for Cancer, they will still do their best to win the fight.