Gemini vs Aries Fight: Who Would Win?

Gemini and Aries are two signs that naturally get along despite their differences. The two share similar passions and a strong desire for adventure and excitement in life.

In a relationship or friendship between the two, fights may not occur that often, but when they do they can be dramatic.

Both signs are quite impulsive and have a hard time holding themselves back.

Aries is energetic and passionate, they are stubborn and uncontrollable. Gemini has a hard time staying quiet and they are prone to attacking their opponent verbally.

A fight between the two will most likely end with someone being truly hurt and offended by the other person.

A Note: This discussion is based on the archetypal and stereotypical versions of these sun signs only. These are broad strokes only. They should only be read for entertainment purposes and not as factual, professional, or scientific information or advice to you.

Gemini vs Aries Fight

Gemini vs Aries Personalities

Gemini Personality and Fighting Style

Gemini is a mutable air sign so they are quick thinkers. They easily change their mind and they value rationality above all else.

They have a very curious nature and they can be agreeable. They change their mind often so they are unlikely to hold onto a mindset or a specific idea for a long period of time.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. Gemini is a smart sign that does very well in arguments due to their ability to observe and communicate their thoughts to others.

People can rarely outsmart them in a conflict. They can be impatient but they aren’t impulsive and they do not act on their emotions.

In arguments they can be cool and collected. They easily find out their opponent’s weakness and they manage to attack it with ease.

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Aries Personality and Fighting Style

Aries is a cardinal fire sign so naturally they have a dominant and courageous nature. Aries is ruled by Mars so they are energetic and competitive.

They enjoy winning in all areas of their life and they can be very difficult to deal with.

They attract conflict and can experience a lot of turmoil in their relationships with others. They have a stubborn nature and they always try to defend themselves regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

In arguments they are bold and they aren’t afraid to be direct. They easily scare other people off due to their passion and inability to stay calm. They are often perceived as very aggressive opponents in fights.

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Gemini vs Aries Fight: How They Argue

Gemini is a mutable air sign so it requires a lot to truly make them angry.

They move on from fights fairly quickly, but in the actual fight they can be ruthless and very mean-spirited. They are observant and they know how exactly to attack their opponent.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign so in arguments they are impulsive and uncontrollable.

They are extremely passionate when they fight so winning an argument against them is difficult. They can have a hard time giving up, even if they are in the wrong.

An argument between the two will require a lot of energy from both signs. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so communication will be a priority for them in an argument.

Gemini is good at manipulation so they will do their best to change the direction of the argument and make Aries feel confused, even guilty.

Although the two are unlikely to get into arguments often, when they do things may quickly get out of hand as both signs are impulsive and have a hard time controlling themselves or being patient with the other.

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How to Handle Gemini when they’re Angry

Gemini is a mutable air sign so they can become angry or irritated very quickly, but they are likely to move on just as fast.

They aren’t the type to hold onto grudges and they aren’t emotionally affected by conflict.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury so they are very smart when they get in a fight. They know how to defend themselves in an argument and can quickly figure out their opponent’s weakness.

In order to handle Gemini in an argument one must stay very calm and should try to hide their emotions in order to avoid giving Gemini reasons to attack them.

Gemini is an opponent that is hard to handle in an argument due to their smart nature and good ability to communicate.

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How to Handle Aries when they’re Angry

Aries can be extremely difficult to handle when they are angry due to their inability to control their anger.

They have a passionate nature and find it hard to stay calm and collected if they are affected by another person.

Aries is ruled by Mars so they are naturally very aggressive and domineering. The people around them may find it impossible to calm them down.

Even though they aren’t vengeful and aren’t the type to hold onto grudges, they can still be very bold and mean in an argument.

On the positive side, their anger comes and goes very suddenly so they have the ability to move on from an argument fairly quickly, as long as they are the one who won it.

Gemini and Aries Love Relationship Compatibility

Aries and Gemini are naturally quite compatible. The two are some of the most energetic signs in the zodiac. They might immediately click and getting along is easy for them.

Gemini is a mutable air sign so in love they seek excitement and adventure, they can have a hard time committing due to their curiosity and fear of devotion.

They are scared of people who are clingy and try to hold them back from pursuing their passions.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign so they value passion and adventure. They want someone who supports them and someone who they can have fun with.

They dislike people who are controlling or boring, people who don’t make change in their life.

The two signs can have a very fun relationship. They may share a lot of favorite activities and they might do a lot of new things together.

At times, Aries may find Gemini a bit avoidant, while Gemini may find Aries overly focused on the emotional and physical connection rather than the intellectual one.

Gemini and Aries Friendship Compatibility

Gemini and Aries are naturally compatible and the two can have a great friendship that is filled with adventures and excitement.

The two may do things that are new to both of them and are likely to expand their horizons together.

Aries may learn a lot from Gemini. They will value the information Gemini provides for them. Gemini on the other hand will be inspired by Aries’ courage and determination.

The two can pursue big things in life together, with the help of the other person.

Although they are likely to experience clashes, they may find it easy to resolve any problem. Gemini will be very patient with Aries and is unlikely to take any conflict seriously.


In a friendship and a relationship Gemini and Aries have a lot of chemistry. The two are likely to have a very fun and adventurous connection. They may do a lot of new things together and will open each other’s minds to new things.

Gemini and Aries are very compatible and easily get along, but in any relationship conflict is bound to happen sooner or later. Although the two are unlikely to have serious fights often, they can have regular arguments due to both signs’ impulsivity and inability to stay quiet.

Aries has a bold approach to arguments – they are direct and uncontrollable. Gemini is very communicative and they find it hard to keep quiet about the things they see. They are good at manipulation and even if they do not seem hurt by the argument, they can easily win it due to their ability to change the direction of the argument to their advantage.

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