Libra vs Aries Fight: Who Would Win?

In Astrology, Libra and Aries are opposite signs so despite their major differences, they do have their fair share of things in common.

Libra is a cardinal fire sign so they are sociable and communicative. Aries is a cardinal fire sign so they are passionate and courageous.

Although the two are drawn to each other, they are likely to face a lot of difficulties and there is a high chance of conflict.

Disagreements between the two are likely to happen, but Libra’s patient and peaceful nature will be able to easily handle and manage Aries’ anger and frustration.

Libra is diplomatic and knows how to handle conflict with ease, so they will be a great opponent to Aries in a fight.

A Note: This discussion is based on the archetypal and stereotypical versions of these sun signs only. These are broad strokes only. They should only be read for entertainment purposes and not as factual, professional, or scientific information or advice to you.

Libra vs Aries Fight

Libra vs Aries Personalities

Libra Personality and Fighting Style

Libra is a cardinal air sing so they are sociable and charismatic. They have good communication skills and are avoidant of conflict.

They like to keep good relations with everyone they meet. They seek peace and harmony in their life. They enjoy having balance.

In arguments Libra can be very defensive even if they are in the wrong. They are unlikely to admit their fault.

They are a good talker so they may sweet-talk the other person into believing them. They are good at resolving conflicts and difficult situations.

In a serious argument Libra can quickly become someone else and bring out a hidden side of them. They can be mean and direct with the other person with the intention of hurting them.

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Aries Personality and Fighting Style

Aries is a cardinal fire sign so naturally they have a dominant and courageous nature. Aries is ruled by Mars so they are energetic and competitive. They enjoy winning in all areas of their life and they can be very difficult to deal with.

They attract conflict and can experience a lot of turmoil in their relationships with others. They have a stubborn nature and they always try to defend themselves regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

In arguments they are bold and they aren’t afraid to be direct. They easily scare other people off due to their passion and inability to stay calm. They are often perceived as very aggressive opponents in fights.

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Libra vs Aries Fight: How They Argue

Libra is a cardinal air sign so they value communication and they have great social skills.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign so they can be quite primal and direct in their approach to conflict. Libra is ruled by Venus which makes them extremely patient and diplomatic with others.

Aries on the other hand is ruled by Mars, the planet of force and action, so in arguments they are very bold and aggressive. They have a hard time being patient with others and they are expressive of their frustrations.

Although the two are opposite signs and are highly likely to have their fair share of differences, conflict may be handled with ease due to Libra’s ability to deal with Aries’ tantrums and aggression.

A conflict between the two may not be very dramatic because Libra is likely to put a lot of focus on communication. They have the ability to calm Aries down and help them deal with their frustration.

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How to Handle Libra when they’re Angry

Libra is an air sign so they are likely to communicate their thoughts and opinions. They are unlikely to hide the reason for their anger.

They can be quite bold in arguments and they always make their point, even if it’s in a very gracious and calm manner.

Libra is good at debate and they are very persuasive. They know how to manipulative people. In order to deal with a Libra in an argument a person must stay very calm and hold onto their side in order to avoid allowing the Libra to manipulate them into agreeing with them.

A fight with a Libra may not be a dramatic one but it will be a confusing one as the other person may not understand when the conflict got resolved. Libra is a very charismatic talker and they know how to deal with people.

How to Handle Aries when they’re Angry

Aries can be extremely difficult to handle when they are angry due to their inability to control their anger.

They have a passionate nature and find it hard to stay calm and collected if they are affected by another person.

Aries is ruled by Mars so they are naturally very aggressive and domineering. The people around them may find it impossible to calm them down.

Even though they aren’t vengeful and aren’t the type to hold onto grudges, they can still be very bold and mean in an argument.

On the positive side, their anger comes and goes very suddenly so they have the ability to move on from an argument fairly quickly, as long as they are the one who won it.

Libra and Aries Love Relationship Compatibility

Libra and Aries are opposite signs therefore there is natural attraction between the two.

They may feel drawn to the other person as they have qualities which they do not have themselves. There is strong chemistry, but the two are likely to experience some clashes in their relationship.

Libra is ruled by Venus so they value romance. They seek a partner who is considerate of them and treats them as an equal. They are very patient with others and seek harmony and peace in their romantic relationships.

Aries on the other hand is ruled by Mars, so they can be quite bold and direct in love. They seek a partner who is adventurous and open-minded. They aren’t very patient or considerate of others and this can be a quality that Libra may find unattractive.

The relationship between the two may take some time to evolve and both of them have to be patient and considerate of each other. A lot of compromises must be made.

Libra and Aries Friendship Compatibility

Libra and Aries are two signs that are naturally drawn to each other. The two can have a great friendship, but it will require some time and hard work due to their major differences.

As a team Libra and Aries are likely to work out as both of them have qualities the other seeks. The two can create a powerful union and they will have a lot of support for each other in all of their endeavors.

There could be clashes because Libra may find Aries too inconsiderate and selfish at times. Aries on the other hand may think that Libra is overly nice to other people and isn’t true to themselves.

Despite that, the two can have a great friendship as long as they are willing to have patience with each other and make compromise for the other person.


Libra and Aries are opposite signs therefore they are naturally drawn to each other. Despite that they do share a large amount of differences which can create clashes in their relationship or friendship.

Libra is a cardinal air sign so they are social and talkative. They value peace and harmony and do their best to keep their relations with others good. Aries on the other hand is a cardinal fire sign so they are bold and aggressive in their approach to life.

In an argument between the two Libra is likely to be very patient with Aries and they will do their best to use their communication skills to their advantage. This may help Libra win the argument with Aries as they are one of the only signs that are able to deal with Aries’ attitude and aggression.

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