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What is the Symbolism of Turtles? (8 Surprising Meanings)

Turtles are unique species that have been with us for millions of years. Due to their appearance, behavior, and overall calm demeanor, they’ve earned their status as one of the most symbolic animals on Earth. Nowadays and throughout human history, turtles have been described as symbols of longevity and the ability to survive. And because …

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Symbolism of Moths

Moths are interesting animals. They are most active at night when it’s dark, but they still tend to gravitate to where the light is. This is a slightly contradictory behavior, but it has meaning behind it. As moths are always drawn to light, they represent a positive approach to life, and they always look on …

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The Symbolism of Purple

Purple is a symbol of: Royalty Luxury Power Fantasy Spirituality Playfulness and Youth Diversity and Love Extravagance and Arrogance Mourning Immaturity Impracticality Purple is a relatively rare and powerful color. Ever since the Middle Ages, it has been the color of the aristocracy. It combines the fire of the red color and the royalty of …

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