5 Reasons Pisces are so Annoying

5 Reasons Pisces are so Annoying

If you are a Pisces, you share the same zodiac sign with Albert Einstein, Rihanna, and Osama Bin Laden.

Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces occasionally displays a streak of defiance. It is often difficult to categorize them.

They are Jesus Christ-level compassionate, but they have a dark side that can drive you up the wall.

Why are Pisces so Annoying?

1. They live in their heads

The problem with these people is their tendency to dwell in their make-believe world instead of facing their demons. They avoid difficult conversations. Ignore reality.

The world can be a brutal place, Pisces, but you must understand that your problems won’t simply vanish when you look the other way.

Pisces embodies the element of water and symbolizes dreams, spirituality, and imagination. There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s go back to the fish symbolism. Pisces is the only sign with a symbol that lives fully submerged in water.

It represents another world, where you are allowed to dream and feel and be at your intuitive best. This explains the emotional and uber-sensitive nature of Pisces.

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2. They can be real downers

Pisces are vulnerable and easily hurt, so it’s no surprise that they are prone to pessimism.

Astrologers believe that people who are highly intuitive, self-critical, and overly emotional are more likely to be depressed.

While anyone can feel sad and anxious from time to time, the characteristics mentioned are typical of water signs.

Some Pisces natives hide what they feel for fear of rejection. Others require constant support which could throw some people off. This sign must tap into their mutable nature to avoid sinking into the dark depths of despair.

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3. They are highly sensitive

Pisceans are the ultimate empaths. Intuition is their superpower. All water signs are essentially more intuitive than the rest of the zodiac. But Pisces is arguably the most psychic sign.

As empaths, they can sense the feelings and emotions of those around them, taking in the pain and suffering of others at their own expense.

This is both a blessing and a curse for they can get overwhelmed by someone else’s pain. When this happens, they look for an escape route.

Many of them turn to video games and other destructive behaviors. But the vast majority will use their grief for creative pursuits. That’s why many Pisces are successful artists, writers, musicians, and innovators.

4. They are scatter-brained with a dash of laziness

On a scale of 1 to Leo, how ambitious is Pisces? Perhaps a three. Pisces is actually one of the least ambitious zodiac signs.

Pisces are not hungry for fame or success. Quite frankly, they have a strong tendency to procrastinate. 

For the dreamy fish, life is meant to be lived. Their favorite way to escape the busy world is to spend time alone, or go on vacation, and indulge in romantic getaways. But they can be rather lazy. They go with the flow, letting things happen to them without showing a bit of resistance.

Given the duality of their nature as symbolized by the twin fish, Pisces can think of two different subjects at the same time. Good luck following their train of thought. Our little grasshopper will jump from one topic to the next just like a Gemini but minus the wit and eloquence.

5. Beware the messiah complex

These people are the most compassionate according to astrology, so much so that Jesus from Nazareth is widely considered an archetype of Pisces. 

No one knows the exact birth date of Jesus. What we do know is that the Christian savior bears many characteristics and temperaments of a Pisces.

So how do compassion and kindness become a weakness? Well, this sign’s tendency towards martyrdom is actually self-destructive. Many are inclined to be gullible and can be deceived by people who see them as lenient.

It can do more harm than good. The savior complex damages the caregiver psychologically and hinders the growth of the receiver, making them unable to function independently.

Which Zodiac Signs Find Pisces Most Annoying? (Incompatibility)

1. Aries            

Aries is a fire sign, while Pisces is a water sign. The two have extremely different temperaments that may cause disagreements.

Finding a common ground can be frustrating if you don’t share the same interests.

Aries is annoyed by Pisces’ unpredictable moods and impractical nature. The soft-spoken Pisces will struggle to open up and communicate with the hot-headed Aries.

Because Pisces is not the type to take charge, they will let Aries be the boss. But this may not be enough to make the relationship work.

2. Gemini

Both Pisces and Gemini are mutable and dual-natured, so they oftentimes live chaotic lives, taking on too many hobbies and saying yes to every engagement.

But the fish is not the best multitasker around and can never keep up with the Gemini’s neverending search for novelty.

Don’t expect fireworks here. Pisces is too sentimental for the impulsive Gemini. Their differences of opinion will have them disagree on almost everything.

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius, an air sign, enjoys socializing and meeting new people. Pisces are friendly but moody and are more likely to spend their evening at home.

Water sign Pisces tend to view relationships in an idealistic manner while Sags are often unsure about their feelings.

A long-term relationship is rocky at best because the fish is clingy and overly possessive, and the archer will resist whatever restrictions are imposed on them.

4. Aquarius

This is an unconventional partnership that could work with some compromise. Pisces admires the radical views of Aquarius and doesn’t mind the slight eccentricity that comes with it.

Both are visionaries who want to help people and change the world. But the emotionally-needy Pisces won’t get much support from the cerebral Aquarius.

Pisces has a more traditional attitude to love, in contrast to the free-spirited nature of Aquarius. This may lead to a successful friendship at the very least if both are willing to bend a little.

Which Zodiac Signs Get Along with Pisces? (Compatibility)

1. Taurus

Taurus-Pisces is a passive but stable pairing. Water sign + Earth sign is generally compatible.

Taurus has a more rational outlook on life and is less susceptible to mood swings than Pisces.

The fish, on the other hand, can pull the home buddy Taurus out of their comfort zone. Its mutable nature can help the bull break out of an otherwise drudging routine.

The sensitivity of Taurus is enhanced by the Piscean understanding of the world. As a couple, they rarely fight for they both respect each other’s point of view. This pair is non-judgmental which makes them popular among their friends.

2. Cancer

Cancer is deeply emotional. They think with their hearts instead of their heads, so to speak.

When paired with a similarly emotional sign, they respond fully to each other. Fights don’t last long because they are both quick to admit their mistakes.

Like two peas in a pod, they have similar dispositions. Both signs are committed and extremely loyal. Words and romantic gestures mean more to them. They just have to be careful not to drown each other with their love.

3. Scorpio

This match is destined for success. Two water signs share the same strengths. The obvious problem is that they also share the same weaknesses.

It may sound cliche but you two are soulmates. You have a natural psychic bond. Pisces need a strong partner to encourage them to become practical and decisive. Scorpio fits the bill.

Both place a premium on emotional honesty which allows them to reveal their true nature. 

Although Scorpio is more possessive than Pisces, they choose their battles carefully.

4. Capricorn

Pisces and Capricorn do seem to have a shaky start, as they have different personalities.

If Pisces is the most psychic sun sign, Capricorn is the least likely to believe in astrology or any form of divination. But opposites intrigue, isn’t it?

Don’t let their hard exterior fool you, most Capricorns have a depth of emotion that they struggle to express. Pisces is the best person to help them release these bottled-up feelings.

This is a comfortable pair to be around. Not flashy or extravagant, but honest, loyal, and respectful of each other’s interests.


How can the world survive without Pisces? Who will be your shoulder to cry on? Who will send a healing crystal on your birthday? Pisces people are otherwordly and sappy. They can be the helper or they can play the victim. They are the ideal friend you hate to love. It can take years to decipher these old souls for they refuse to be put in a box.

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