Venus in Pisces Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Venus in Pisces Woman

A Venus in Pisces is an ideal example of a superwoman. She is unrelenting in the way she governs her life which makes her a hero.

But she has a few fatal flaws, including stubbornness and a sense of supriority over others.

Below are some examples of the stereotypical Venus in Pisces woman. Don’t forget that these are stereotypes only, and to get a more detailed and holistic understanding of how the stars impact you, you need to consult an astrologer who can look at your full natal chart.

Venus in Pisces Woman Personality

A woman born with her Venus in Pisces exhibits strengths that help her attain success.

However, she has flaws that deny her the opportunity to have more. Below are some of these strengths and weaknesses.

Venus in Pisces Woman Strengths

1. She’s insightful

The Venus in Pisces woman is determined to understand something before she comes to a conclusion.

She does not resolve things thoughtlessly without first getting a comprehensive understanding.

For example, she will not dismiss an employee without looking on grounds as to why they did contrary to what is expected.

She is sentimental and thoughtful of how they would feel if sacked over doing something that was unavoidable, thus needing her to first have an insightful understanding. 

If she wants to take action, she first reflects on whether it will have a positive or negative effect on her life.

Along with being insightful, she listens to her intuition. She will never rush to make a decision to it but instead will first scrutinize it and check her gut to really know whether she’s making the right decision.

2. She’s Charismatic

The woman born with her Venus in Pisces is likeable and charasmatic. She is accommodating of everyone, will overlook their flaws, and be kind to them. As a result, people are naturally attracted to her.

She will surely accomplish every goal she has set herself. Her success motivates others to put in more effort themselves so as to reach the high bar she has set for them.

Everything about the woman born with her Venus in Pisces is admirable. She is beautiful and the opposite gender can’t seem to resist her.

With ease, the Venus in Pisces woman draws other people to her. She is an extrovert who loves to spend her time with people from all backgrounds.

Venus in Pisces Woman Weaknesses

These are extreme stereotype cases – there may be nuance depending on other positions on the woman’s natal chart.

1. She’s manipulative

The Venus in Pisces woman is artful in influencing others to carry out her wishes.

For example, she can make people do her dirty work for her with little or no pay.

Others will be manipulated to work under her terms. They may be overworked, and some will be compelled to go past their own principles for her.

She sometimes comes across as if she doesn’t care about anything or anyone. In the most extreme cases, she may feel superior to everyone else.

Even when in a relationship, she may manipulate her partner to do as she wants.

Before she reaches a point where she’ll use force to make someone do something, she will use nice words to allure them to carry out her mission.

She will use all means possible to ensure her prey falls into her charismatic trap.

2. She’s stubborn

The Venus in Pisces woman is stubborn and does not like to be corrected.

She at all times perceives herself as being in the right. She does not put much time into thinking about any other person’s opinion, even if it is the opinion of an immediate family member or friend.

She likes things to be done her way.

Even when her idea is set to bring a negative result, it has to be implemented her way.

Be careful correcting her. She feels belittled when she is corrected. She may not cooperate well with her workmates and is not great at compromise.

She is not the most accommodating type of personality. If you are in a room with her and she considers you to be unimportant, she will mind her business and may not talk to you at all. But when she does, it will come across as condescending.

Venus in Pisces Woman Ideal Careers

1. Entrepreneur

The Venus in Pisces woman would be a good entrepreneur. She tends to want to be the boss and struggles to be in teams where she has to be subservient.

As a result, entrepreneurship plays to her strengths.

Furthermore, her ability to charm people when she needs to means she’ll be good as a businesswoman. She will be good at making business deals or acting as a saleswoman.

Her risk in this role will be her stubbornness. It’s a good idea to get a mentor, no matter how much you think you know, because you will need to listen and learn as your business progresses.

Another possible downside is your lack of stamina when times get tough, causing you to want to quit your business.

2. Musician or Artist

The Venus in Pisces woman is a good fit for being a painter, musician, or other type of artist.

From how she naturally allures people toward her, being an artist will be a good deal for her.

She will win people to listen to her songs. She will attract a large audience with her charisma.

Being an artist requires consistency so as to remain relevant in the game. So for her to maintain her means of livelihood throughout her career, she ought to be conformable to writing, painting, and producing regularly.

She ought to be open to other people’s opinions with awareness that her natural talents can only take her so far. She’s not great at listening, though, so she must take extra care to compensate for this weakness. If she opts to remain stubborn, she may experience social shame.

Venus in Pisces Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible: Venus in Scorpio

The Venus in Pisces woman is most compatible with the Venus in Scorpio man.

The Venus in Scorpio man is attracted to the charisma of this woman just like anybody else. He loves the way she is motivated and insightful.

He is also often amazed by the caution she takes in ensuring the decisions she makes do not impact others negatively. He loves how pretty she is and her smile keeps him lively all day.

The Venus in Pisces woman is charmed by the Venus in Scorpio man because of his ambition. She loves how the man is seemingly unaffected by failure compared to her.

The Venus in Scoprio man is passionate about making the most of an opportunity placed in front of him. She is fascinated with his looks and cannot wait to call him her lover!

2. Least Compatible: Venus in Gemini

The Venus in Pisces woman is least compatible with the man who has his Venus in Gemini.

This man cannot stand being manipulated by a woman and asked to do whatever she likes. He stands by his principles and is not willing to break them for any reason.

The Venus in Pisces woman, on the other hand, is stubborn and does not like to hear the opinions of others.


The Venus in Pisces woman has great charisma, but she needs to be aware that developing feelings of superiority may become her downfall. Practice humility while maintaining your charming persona and you will be on track for success. If you can be a little more consistent in your pusuits, you can be assured of more success in your life.