Venus in Sagittarius Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Venus in Sagittarius Woman

The intensity of strength in the Venus in Sagittarius woman means she tends to meet any goals she sets her mind to. She is loving and polite, but sometimes lets her pride get in the way.

Below are some examples of the stereotypical Venus in Sagittarius woman.

Don’t forget that these are stereotypes only, and to get a more detailed and holistic understanding of how the stars impact you, you need to consult an astrologer who can look at your full natal chart.

Venus in Sagittarius Woman Personality

The Venus in Sagittarius woman has strengths and weaknesses in her personality.

Depending on your chart, you may naturally exhibit some of the below strengths and weaknesses. Be aware of them to help you be a more reflective and thoughtful person.

Venus in Sagittarius Woman Strengths

1. She’s Loving and Polite

It is on rare occasions you’ll find the Venus in Sagittarius woman rude to others. She is not easily angered.

However, she certainly dislikes being disrespected and that’s when she doesn’t care if she gets rude to others. She is cautious on her words and does not talk a lot, which helps her to avoid saying things that may sound offensive when she’s angered.

She is not rude to her juniors just because she is above them. She treats everyone humanely and is considerate of their feelings. When you wrong her, she will walk away until she cools down to face you in a level-headed way.

Her politeness allures people to her and makes people like her. She has many lifelong friends because she is polite and shows love towards them.

Her love for people is commendable. She sees good in all and loves people without needing something in return.

Her acts of love towards others include:

  • Showing them respect
  • Sharing her belongings or food

She might not have the courage to tell you that she loves you but through her actions, you can tell her true feelings.

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2. She’s Stoic

The Venus in Sagittarius woman does not complain when she’s experiencing difficulties in life. When hardships arise in her life, you will not hear of them.

This woman knows that difficulties are part of life and that she must live with things she cannot control.

She believe hardships are meant to toughen her as well as prepare her for her next journey. With this belief, she endures through tough times without drama or fanfare.

You will not see her cry just because she cannot get over a difficulty.  She proves to be dauntless and none of the challenges brings her down.

One might never find out that she is experiencing a financial difficulty, for instance, until after the fact.

The way she does not lament on her problems shows she is brave and self-sufficient.

Venus in Sagittarius Woman Weaknesses

1. She’s Selfish

Paradoxically, the Venus in Sagittarius woman is both loving and selfish.

She will help others and care for them, but at the same time, if she wants something, she’ll go out and get it without thinking about others’ needs.

When she pursues something she’s passionate about, her actions are meant to benefit her. Even if she recruits people to help her out, she doesn’t care about those who are helping her nearly as much as herself.

Similarly, sometimes she can get jealous when others achieve success and she doesn’t.

Sometimes, she wants to be the most successful person and wants everything to herself.

2. She’s Proud

The Venus in Sagittarius woman cannot swallow her pride. In her mind, she thinks that admitting weakness is admitting defeat.

From the outside, it comes across as if she thinks she is always correct. It looks as if she thinks she is someone who does not have any shortcomings.

Sometimes at work, she will proudly make decisions without involving everyone else.

It feels as if you can never correct her, even if she’s obviously incorrect, because she is too proud to admit her faults.

Her material possessions also make her proud. Sometimes, she will even flaunt her material possessions on social media and let everyone know of her achievements.

Venus in Sagittarius Woman Ideal Careers

1. Event Planner

The Venus in Sagittarius woman is best suited to be an effect planner due to her (usually) bubbly nature. She is creative and loves adventure.

A career in planning events gives her an opportunity to flaunt her creativity and skills. She is likely to gain more clients from this career due to excellence in her work.

In addition, the job will bring her happiness since she will strive to build her brand to gain pride in her work.

2. Salesperson

She is also fit for pursuing a career of being a salesperson.  She comes across as polite and even charasmatic to customers.

She’ll also be good at hiding her disappointment when her sales are down. She will put her head down and get on with the job.

She will keep pushing regardless of the challenges she encounters during her shift.

She best suits this career because being stoic is one of her greatest strengths which keeps her moving and she’ll use it on bad sales days.

Venus in Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible: Venus in Gemini

The Venus in Sagittarius woman is most compatible with the man who has his Venus in Gemini.

She is charmed by his selflessness which contrasts to her occasional selfish nature.

She is hoping that the man will be selfless in ensuring he supports their relationship through of any challenges along the way.

She loves his approach toward her and the spirit of spontaneity he has. She notices how he is intentional about his life and wants to achieve all his dreams.

At the same time, he is attracted to how she loves people from all backgrounds. He is also attrated to her because she can withstand difficulties and doesn’t complain.

The two can make their relationship work since they seem to get along well.

2. Least Compatible: Venus in Virgo

The Venus in Sagittarius woman is least compatible with the man who has his Venus in Virgo.

She is too selfish and he needs someone who focuses on him and his needs. He also often gets disinterested in someone who ignores his opinions.

At the same time, he is drawn to authenticity and thinks her materialism is too much for him. These differences make the two incompatible.


The Venus in Sagittarius woman is charasmatic and polite. She is capable of satisfying all her dreams. However, she needs to remember not to let her pride, stubbornness, and selfishness get in the way. She should continue to pursue her dreams while also remembering not to step on other people’s toes in the process.