White Bird Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings

white bird symbolic meaning

White birds are the most symbolic of all birds and have been for centuries. The white bird holds a special place in many religions and cultures as a spiritual symbol.

Generally, a white bird symbolizes peace, both personal peace and global peace.

Some people also say that a white bird is a sign of hope for what is to come. This is based on biblical tradition. More recently, it’s been a symbol of purity, getting in touch with your femininity, and becoming an overall gentler and more nurturing individual.

What do White Birds Symbolize?

white bird spiritual meaning

Remember that symbolism is subjective and always open to interpretation. These are examples of possible interpretations only.

1. Peace

Almost since the beginning of time, the white bird has been symbolic of peace.

Peace for many symbolizes the end of wars, famines, conflicts, or national struggles. However if you are seeing a white bird it may also be a sign of peace within yourself.

One of the earliest symbols of peace is the white dove on Noah’s ark. The dove brought a palm leaf to Noah as a message of peace from God. The message stated that the great flood was over and Noah was safe to head to land.

If you have been facing conflict with a close friend, or even feeling an inner conflict in making a decision or working out your values the white bird might have appeared to let you know peace is coming.

Finding peace in your relationships as well as in yourself is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and wellbeing.

By being at peace with yourself you will allow yourself to simply live the life you want, without fear of judgment or conflict.

white bird meaning

If you have been dreaming of a white bird and have been experiencing conflicts in your life take the time to reflect on how you could seek peace.

For example, you could make a journal entry outlining the experience and what you have learned from it. This may help you to work out what your next steps should be.

Perhaps you need to swallow your pride and apologize, or maybe you need to take the plunge and leave a toxic situation to find inner peace.

Whatever it may be, know that by resolving that conflict and finding that peace you may begin to feel at ease.

white bird dream meaning

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2. Femininity

White birds are a symbol of elegance and femininity. If you see a white bird it could be a sign that you are tuning in to your feminine energy.

Femininity is not exclusively for females. It simply means being nurturing, loving, supportive, and gentle. By becoming more in tune with your feminine side you will find that you may be an overall more rounded and introspective person.

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3. Hope

White birds (in particular, doves) are symbols of hope. Many people report dreaming of white birds after a traumatic or trying time in their lives and take the sighting as a beacon of hope that better things are to come.

If you have been struggling with life events recently, you may find that you see a white bird in your dreams. This could be interpreted as a positive sign and one that you should feel thankful for.

The vision of a white bird may mean that you can take a breath and feel some calm, as it serves as a reminder that life is not always hard.

white bird

If you have been feeling lost or disheartened, know that you need to always maintain a sense of hope and faith in order to get through trying times.

If you have been dreaming of two white birds and find that you are not needing hope yourself, it may be a sign to reach out to a friend or loved one.

Two white birds are a symbol that you may need to spread your wings and reach out to someone close to you as they may be silently struggling.

Be sure to remain positive and motivating to those closest to you in their trying times. Be a voice of reason and a shoulder to cry on but try to maintain hope and positivity to inspire them to keep pushing forward.

white bird symbolism

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4. Purity

White birds are an emblem of purity. This relates to whiteness (which represents purity) and also weddings where white birds are released.

They are symbolic of purity and innocence, of the mind, body, and spirit. If you are seeing a white bird in your dreams it may be a sign that you are connecting with your purest and most kind self.

The symbolism of purity is often misinterpreted to mean the purity of a child; however, that is not always the case. The meaning of purity in this symbolic context is that you have found your highest self and in doing so become pure of spirit and mind.

If you see a white bird, you may find it beneficial to spend some time considering what your values are, as well as why they are important to you. Focus on the purest version of yourself and how you can reach that vision in your life.

In doing so you will be able to see where you have strayed and what the right path is to reach your purse self. It is not uncommon to have a shift in values as you grow up or go through different life experiences.

symbolism of white birds

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Cultural Symbolism of White Birds

White birds are very significant in many different cultures and religions.

Multiple different cultures utilize the white bird in ceremonies celebrating life or death. The releasing of white doves in particular is commonly seen at funerals or weddings as a sign of new beginnings and a safe journey.

For example, white doves are connected to Christianity and are often used as a symbol for peace and the Holy Spirit. This interpretation is upheld to this day, and many doves and other white birds are used in religious ceremonies for Christians.

This is due to white bird’s symbolic connection to purity, peace and hope. By seeing the white bird as a true symbol of God’s word, Christians are able to consider it a truly sacred animal worthy of respect, protection and gratitude.

Similarly, white birds are released at weddings as a sign of the purity of the union. The husband and wife have been brought together by god and their relationship has been blessed by hum.

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White birds are generally very positive symbols. They tend to symbolize peace, hope, and joy. This is closely associated with the white dove specifically.

But a vision, encounter, or dream of a white bird could symbolize a range of different things depending on the context. Symbolism is inherently subjective. So don’t forget to journal about it, meditate, and seek a spiritual advisor to figure out the meaning relevant to your life.

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