What does a Flock of Blackbirds Symbolize?

A flock of blackbirds is symbolic of major changes. You may find that something changes in your personal or professional life that you need to transition into.

Follow the blackbirds’ lead and lean into those changes and accept that you are on the right path. Work on your healing and know that you are being protected by those around you and the universe.

Remember to work on your adaptability and resilience and be sure to practice gratitude and be thankful for your life. The blackbirds are a reminder that life is fleeting, and we need to enjoy each day as it happens.

What does a Flock of Blackbirds Symbolize?

Flock of Blackbirds Symbolism

1. Major Change

If you find yourself dreaming of a flock of blackbirds, it is a positive omen that some major changes will be happening in your life.

This could be something in your personal life, or something in your professional life and career. The blackbirds are there to let you know that you can handle any changes that you may encounter.

They are there as a group to let you know you have the support of those around you.

You need to remember to embrace these changes, and that whilst change can be scary and confronting at first, it is important to accept them with open arms.

Change can be the catalyst for great new things that happen in our life, so be sure to go into new situations with an open mind to learn and grow.

You might have some reservations or issues adapting to the transition, but the blackbirds have appeared to you to let you know to trust the process. Whilst things may feel hard at first, you have the strength and skills required to get through the transition process and enjoy the new change in all of its glory.

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2. Healing

The blackbird’s song has been considered by some to have healing properties and powers. If you see a flock of blackbirds, it may be a sign that you need to allow yourself some time to heal.

You may have experienced something traumatic or upsetting recently but not given yourself the appropriate time needed to process and heal from the trauma. Give yourself a break from the stress of everyday life and allow yourself some time to work through any emotions or feelings you may be having.

Speak to those around you who you trust, take some time off work if you are able and do the things you enjoy. Be in nature, speak to a therapist, relax without worrying about work or personal stressors.

Allow yourself all the time that you need to get through the struggles you are facing. Once you have allowed yourself to heal from trauma, you will find yourself a more resilient and emotionally capable person and will likely be better adapted to heal from anything that life throws at you in the future.

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3. Protection

Blackbirds are fiercely loyal creatures who will defend their young and their flock from predators.

If you have been feeling scared or anxious and come across a flock of blackbirds either in a dream or in person, it is a sign from the universe that you are being protected.

If you have been feeling particularly vulnerable, or like you are constantly under attack, the blackbird is a powerful ally to have. It is loyal and strong and values connections and family.

Lean into your support network and know that you have people who are rooting for your success. Trust in a loved one and explain your feelings to them. Know that you are being looked out for by those in your circle as well as the universe.

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4. Life is fragile

Many people consider a flock of blackbirds to be a dark omen that death or destruction is coming.

This is not always the case however, and a flock of blackbirds may be there to remind you that life is fleeting and not guaranteed. Instead of viewing this as a negative omen symbolizing death, view it as a message to not take anything for granted.

Honor the life you were given and do what makes you happy.

Remember to take joy from the little things in everyday life, do not spend your days waiting for the weekend or a holiday – instead, find things that make you happy each day.

Start going for walks on an evening and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature, get a coffee each morning to start your day with some human interaction and a small amount of joy, give a compliment to a stranger to spread happiness and light.

Take the time to think about what you are grateful for and remember that living a life in a healthy body is a great privilege. Honor yourself and honor your body and be thankful for the life that you lead.

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5. Adaptability

Blackbirds are sturdy and adaptable animals; they can handle almost anything that they are given and manage to make it work.

Humans are less adaptable and are always wishing for more than they have. A flock of blackbirds is a reminder to be thankful for what you have, utilize your support network and be adaptable to what life has given you.

Make sure you give 100% to everything you do and be open to trying new things.

Whilst life may not feel easy, you can always give it your all and work hard to improve your situation.

Try practicing gratitude and feeling content with what you have. It is easy to compare your life to those around you but know that you have abundance and can be resilient and adaptable to any challenges or situations.


A flock of blackbirds is a symbol that you need to focus on your adaptability and resilience, try being thankful for what you have and work on giving 100% in all that you do.

Remember that life is fleeting and try to feel gratitude for your life. Find joy in smaller everyday things and remember that you are in charge of your happiness.  

You may be in need of some protective energy, and the blackbirds are there to let you know you are protected and safe to make the decisions you need to make. 

You might be undergoing a period of major change, try to lean into that change and accept things as they happen. Work on healing and becoming more accepting of what life hands you.