Virgo vs Cancer Fight: Who would win?

In an argument between Virgo and Cancer both signs can be very patient with each other unless it’s a very serious fight. In an argument between Virgo and Cancer, Virgo will try their best to deal with Cancer’s sensitivity and impulsivity through patience and a major focus on good communication.

Virgo is very quiet and reserved in a fight unless they are seriously provoked. Cancer on the other hand finds it hard to control their emotions. They can be blunt and mean and could act irrationally.

Virgo vs Cancer Fight

Virgo vs Cancer Personalities

Virgo Personality and Fighting Style

Virgo is a mutable earth sign known for their ability to look for details, their organized and practical nature. They are great at improving everything they touch. They are hardworking and responsible.

On the negative side, they are quite pessimistic and always look for the flaws in everyone. They are critical of other people and may find it hard to show their appreciation for others. They enjoy helping others and can be great at giving advice, but that is not always perceived well by the people around them.

In arguments Virgo can be mean with words. They are critical of others and are able to say the worst things to the other person when they are angry. As a mutable sign their actions in a fight can be unpredictable and in arguments they are likely to bring out their worst side.

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Cancer Personality and Fighting Style      

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which makes them emotional and expressive of their feelings. They can be quite moody, so different situations and people may bring out a different side of them. They can be kind and compassionate with one person and bitter and pessimistic with another.

They are easily hurt so when someone says something they don’t like, they are likely to hide and avoid that person for a long time. They don’t seek conflict and can be quite fearful of it. They are likely to get into an argument when someone has hurt or offended someone they love. They are protective of the people close to them.

In fights they can be quite emotional and uncontrollable. They are likely to say a lot of things, even if they later regret them. They can be primal because of their emotions which can give them a disadvantage in an argument.

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Virgo vs Cancer Fight: How They Argue

Virgo and Cancer are naturally compatible but their slight differences can be the cause of conflict between the two of them.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign so they can be rational and logical but could get irritated at the most unpredictable things. Cancer is a cardinal water sign so they have a direct and sensitive nature.

In an argument between the two things can get heated. At first Virgo can be very patient and calm. They are good at communication so they will try their best to resolve the argument without things getting out of hand. However they can get irritated as Cancer’s sensitivity and irrationality.

Both signs can be very mean when they are angry which can lead to big verbal arguments between the two of them. Virgo can easily snap while Cancer can be very mean-spirited in a fight.

As long as the two are patient with each other, any argument can be easily dealt with due to their natural compatibility.

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How to Handle Virgo when they’re Angry

Virgo can be very mean and direct when they are angry. They are ready to say all of the things they dislike in the other person and point out their flaws.

They find it hard to control themselves, even though their rationality tells them to.

Although they are not a passionate fighter, Virgo can be very focused on winning the argument with their words and observations.

They know how to nit-pick the other person and make them feel bad. In order to handle conflict with a Virgo one must be very communicative and patient. Virgo is willing to hear out the other person and try to understand them and stubbornness will not be a problem.

How to Handle Cancer when they’re Angry

When Cancer is angry their emotions will be uncontrollable. They may yell and cry, do anything in order to express their feelings.

Cancer is quite irrational when they are hurt, so don’t expect them to act in a calm manner or stay patient with you. They are likely to say a lot of things they do not mean and will end up regretting.

In order to deal with an angry Cancer, you must wait for them to express all of their feelings they try to provide them with reassurance and comfort. They are likely to seek forgiveness immediately after an argument and will do anything to fix the damage they have done. Don’t take their words too seriously and wait until they have calmed down.

Virgo and Cancer Love Relationship Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer are naturally compatible and the two can be drawn to each other. Virgo seeks security in a relationship.

When they are in love they are truly devoted to their partner and are willing to do everything to cater to their needs.

Cancer is emotional and protective in love. They seek someone they can love with all their heart, someone who will support the expression of their emotions. In a relationship between the two, they are likely to take good care of each other. They tend to have similar values in love.

On the negative side, Virgo may find Cancer too emotionally overwhelming and irrational at times. Cancer may feel insecure because of Virgo’s high standards and many expectations.

Although there could be some struggles the pair has natural chemistry and any issues in the relationship can be resolved as long as they are willing to try.

Virgo and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer can creative a very strong bond and can have a lasting friendship.

In a friendship between the two of them both are willing to make compromise for the other person. Virgo will be very considerate of Cancer’s needs and will do their best to cater to them.

Cancer on the other hand will provide Virgo with a lot of support and are going to take care of them in times of need. They are very affectionate and emotionally tuned in with Virgo.

The two will always have each other’s back. They may experience some struggles but any arguments will likely be resolved as long as both have patience and are willing to work on their friendship.

They have natural chemistry and share a lot of similar values in life which can create a good connection between the two of them.


Virgo and Cancer do share their differences but they tend to have very similar approach to life. The two can be very patient with each other and will do their best to take care of each other’s needs in both a friendship and a romantic relationship.

Arguments are likely to occur. While Virgo values rationality, Cancer has a sensitive nature that is easily irritable. In a conflict between the two they can be very patient with each other unless the fight is serious. In that case, things can quickly get very ugly. Both signs tend to be very mean when angry and they may say things to each other they will later regret. In a fight between Virgo and Cancer, Virgo is more likely to win the argument due to their rationality.