Sagittarius vs Gemini Fight: Who would win?

In an argument between Sagittarius and Gemini, they can easily surprise each other. Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite signs so they do have a fair share of differences, but they both have qualities that the other person lacks and admires when seeing them in someone else.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign so they are passionate but unpredictable. They have an easygoing approach to life and are generally avoidant of conflict.

Gemini is a mutable air sign so they can be quite verbal in arguments and enjoy bickering with people just for entertainment. They like intellectual challenges.

Sagittarius vs Gemini Fight

Sagittarius vs Gemini Personalities

Sagittarius Personality and Fighting Style

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter so they have a very easygoing and optimistic approach to life. Despite being a fire sign, Sagittarius could be avoidant of conflict as they prefer doing things that bring them joy and pleasure.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign so in arguments they can be quite impulsive and you never know what to expect from them. They might enjoy provoking the other person with their words and actions.

When angry, Sagittarius can be passionate and expressive of their anger first, but they are unlikely to hold onto it for a long time.

They aren’t vengeful and they prefer to keep a good relationship with the people around them. They deal with fights in a mature manner and prioritize communication.

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Gemini Personality and Fighting Style     

Gemini is a mutable air sign so they are quick thinkers. They easily change their mind and they value rationality above all else.

They have a very curious nature and they can be agreeable. They change their mind often so they are unlikely to hold onto a mindset or a specific idea for a long period of time.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury the planet of communication. Gemini is a smart sign that does very well in arguments due to their ability to observe and communicate their thoughts to others.

People can rarely outsmart them in a conflict. They can be impatient but they aren’t impulsive and they do not act on their emotions.

In arguments they can be cool and collected. They easily find out their opponent’s weakness and they manage to attack it with ease.

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Gemini vs Sagittarius Fight: How They Argue

Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite signs so even though they bring qualities the other person may lack into the relationship, conflict is sometimes inevitable.

Gemini is a mutable air sign so in arguments they are unpredictable and enjoy provoking their opponent. They like to verbally attack their opponent. They are observant of people’s weaknesses and often try to use them against them. They enjoy playing mind games.

Sagittarius on the other hand is more rational even if they are expressive of their anger. They value communication and can deal with fights in a very mature manner. On the negative side, they can be very impulsive and difficult to control during fights.

An argument between the two is unlikely to get serious unless one of them is truly hurt by the other person. A fight between the two can have an unpredictable outcome as they both know how to challenge the other person and bring out their worst side.

Although Sagittarius has a more mature approach to arguments, when they are truly affected they can use their wisdom and experience and will try to win the argument.

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How to Handle Sagittarius when they’re Angry

Sagittarius is a mutable sign therefore you never know what to expect from them. They can be impulsive and unpredictable with their actions. They can get angry quickly, but they also forgive quickly and make peace with others.

Sagittarius isn’t easily angered because they tend to have a very positive attitude and they are very patient with those around them.

In a fight they can be quite direct and may say things to provoke the other person. However they aren’t mean spirited and are unlikely to hold onto past issues and bring up any old arguments. They prefer to keep their relationships with others good.

How to Handle Gemini when they’re Angry

Gemini is a mutable air sign so they can become angry or irritated very quickly, but they are likely to move on just as fast.

They aren’t the type to hold onto grudges and they aren’t emotionally affected by conflict.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury so they are very smart when they get in a fight. They know how to defend themselves in an argument and can quickly figure out their opponent’s weakness.

In order to handle Gemini in an argument one must stay very calm and should try to hide their emotions in order to avoid giving Gemini reasons to attack them. Gemini is an opponent that is hard to handle in an argument due to their smart nature and good ability to communicate.

Sagittarius and Gemini Love Relationship Compatibility

Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite signs so they are naturally drawn to each other and there is a lot of chemistry between them.

Sagittarius is attracted to Gemini’s curiosity and lighthearted attitude. Gemini on the other hand is drawn to Sagittarius’ wisdom and experience, as well as their adventurous nature.

Both are mutable signs so commitment for them can be very difficult. On the positive side, both will provide each other with the excitement and adventure they desire. The two can have a lot of fun together.

A relationship will require some effort but their chemistry will make this something both of them are willing to work on. They are likely to have a lasting connection and can bring a lot of happiness into each other’s lives.

Gemini and SagittariusFriendship Compatibility

In a friendship between the two, both Sagittarius and Gemini will look up to each other. The two can have a lot of fun together and their friendship will be filled with adventures and exciting moments.

The two will inspire each other and will teach each other valuable lessons. Gemini can help Sagittarius gain a more child-like attitude to life. They will help them view the world in a more lighthearted manner. Sagittarius on the other hand will provide valuable advice to Gemini. They will be there to guide them and teach them.

The friendship between the two will have large impact on both of their lives and the two will create a lasting connection. They will admire each other and will have a lot of respect for each other.


In a romantic relationship the two are highly compatible as they are opposite signs and they bring into the other person’s life qualities that they may lack.

The two can have a very adventurous and happy friendship. The two can learn a lot from each other. Sagittarius will share their life experience and wisdom with Gemini, while Gemini will help Sagittarius gain a more easygoing and lighthearted approach to life despite their past experiences.

Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite signs so they are likely to face conflict sooner or later. Any small problem can be easily resolved as both signs aren’t the type to hold onto grudges. A serious fight however can bring out a very different side of both of them.

While Sagittarius has a more easygoing approach in arguments, Gemini can be more verbally active and they will try their best to win the argument. A fight between the two is more likely to be won by Gemini as they are likely to put more effort into winning the fight.