Virgo Obsessed with Pisces: Read Why

Virgo Obsessed with Pisces

Virgo represents the firm, steadfast energy of the earth, while Pisces embodies the mysterious depths of water. While they are as different as night and day, Virgo is obsessed with Pisces.

The mysterious beauty of Pisces is irresistible to the sign that is always in pursuit of perfection. Virgo loves that Pisces can think in abstract and practical terms and appreciate the little details that tend to get overlooked.

The combination of mystery and comfort keeps Virgo attracted to Pisces – a fascination that will likely last a lifetime.

What Makes Pisces Attractive?

They have a romantic side

Their innate intuition often means they know exactly how you feel before you do and what you need, even when you can’t articulate it yourself.

They’re the kind who will go out of their way to surprise you with thoughtful gifts and sweet gestures or take you on a romantic date night.

They love to express their affection in all kinds of ways, from writing you love letters to taking you on long walks. Pisces natives are committed and are not afraid to show their emotions.

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They can see beauty in everything                                            

You can’t help but be mesmerized by people who can find beauty and wonder in the world.

Their eyes hold a gentleness, searching for the extraordinary in even the most ordinary places.

The optimism of this water sign is infinite, as they are always finding something to marvel at –  it could be a vibrant sunset, an intricate flower, or just the sound of someone’s voice in a conversation. They’re always looking on the bright side, and that kind of positivity is inspiring.

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They are incredibly compassionate and generous

Pisces are known to be incredibly caring and compassionate people.

They understand the struggles and pain of others and will always lend a helping hand. Pisces embody selflessness, often volunteering at local shelters and donating to charitable causes.

As friends, they stand by those they love through good times and bad. They show their dedication to making a positive impact on the world through their genuine commitment to these causes.

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Are Virgo and Pisces Compatible? (Why / Why Not?)

When Virgo meets Pisces, an enchanting connection is possible.They may look like they have nothing in common, but somehow these two signs just click.

As Virgo brings rational, logical energy to the relationship, Pisces brings a mysterious and dreamy touch.

How about the emotional aspect of the relationship? Virgo’s practicality can help balance Pisces’ more emotional approach to things, and Pisces’ intuitive understanding of emotions can help soften Virgo’s sometimes critical nature.

Virgos also tend to be highly loyal and devoted to their relationships, which makes them well-suited for Pisces’ need for emotional stability and security.

What Challenges would Virgo and Pisces Face in a Relationship?

Lack of communication

Virgo is highly analytical and prefers order and structure, whereas Pisces is emotional and free-flowing.

While they are both sensitive individuals, Virgos keep their feelings to themselves.

And when they fail to communicate effectively, their shared vulnerability can become a source of conflict. If these two do not learn how to express themselves openly to each other, the distance between them will only widen.

Eventually, this disconnect can create feelings of loneliness and mistrust, damaging the relationship beyond repair.

Different priorities

Virgo and Pisces can have different priorities in life, and this can lead to tension and arguments between them.

 Virgo is an earth sign, so they prioritize practical things such as stability, structure, logic, and routine.

On the other hand, Pisces is a water sign that values emotions, creativity, and dreams. So while Virgo might strive to meet their deadlines or reach financial goals, Pisces might prefer more creative pursuits such as writing or music.

They must learn how to tolerate their differences instead of criticizing the other person’s choices.

Unrealistic expectations

Virgo and Pisces both tend to set themselves up for disappointment by setting unrealistic expectations.

They believe life should be perfect and filled with bliss, so when things don’t go as planned, they quickly feel down and disillusioned.

The problem with this is that life is never fair nor perfect and can never be without pain or struggle. When Virgo or Pisces don’t accept this fact and instead hold onto their expectations of an idealistic existence, they become stuck in a cycle of frustration and disappointment.

How to Attract a Pisces

Strive to make a positive impact in the world

Pisces individuals are attracted to those who are involved in charitable work or who are dedicated to a cause they believe in.

They are often drawn to people passionate about making the world a better place.

You’ll find that Pisces is far more likely to take an interest in your pursuits. The fish will judge you based on your selflessness and sense of altruism in others. Showing that you have these values can be an excellent way to attract this complex sign.

Love with abandon

When you love with abandon, you allow yourself to be vulnerable and express your innermost feelings.

Don’t equate this to emotional recklessness that can lead to disappointment and sorrow. Rather, it is a conscious choice to open your heart honestly and unconditionally.

Your affection must be absolute. This is not an act of self-sacrifice but an act of self-expression which communicates to Pisces that you are genuine and trustworthy. It speaks of a willingness to commit to the relationship without hesitation.

Be creative and open minded

Pisces is a romantic and imaginative soul who longs for an equally creative and open-minded partner.

To attract the fish, it is essential to nurture the dreamy side of your nature. Invite them on a journey of discovery, both within themselves and within the world around them.

Encourage their creativity by suggesting interesting books or music to explore or even planning unique outings to places that may not be obvious tourist destinations. Show your sensitive side by allowing yourself to experience life in all its colors and listen to your intuition.


Virgo’s subtle and understated aura can capture the imagination of Pisces. Their practical

and discerning nature can unmask Pisces’ creative and sensitive side, helping them feel secure enough to express their feelings.

To attract a Pisces, you must be prepared to open your heart and give love with all the enthusiasm, sincerity, and generosity that resides within you.

Speak your truth honestly but gently, and show them through your actions that they are the center of your world.

Keep the focus on what you can share rather than on what they may not provide. With this loving abandon, the intuitive nature of Pisces will find a home in your heart.