Scorpio Obsessed with Pisces: Read Why

Scorpio Obsessed with Pisces

Scorpio is attracted by Pisces’ ability to provide an open mind and empathetic ear. To Scorpio, Pisces understands the complexities of human nature, a quality that appeals to the scorpion’s complex soul.

In Pisces, they can find acceptance and understanding. With them, it’s easy for Scorpio to feel safe to lay their cards.

Scorpio’s intense energy perfectly complements Pisces’ gentle nature, while Pisces finds solace in Scorpio’s strength and mysterious aura.

Seemingly existing in their own universe, they have developed a spiritual connection that can only be described as almost telepathic. They make a bond so strong it must have been written in the stars.

What Makes Pisces Attractive?

They have an aura of mystery and intrigue

Like the ocean’s depths,  an air of mystery surrounds these enigmatic fish, leaving those around them wondering what secrets they hide within.

Pisces symbolizes a beautiful blend of paradoxes – luminous yet shadowy, vibrant but sometimes elusive, visionary yet vulnerable.

Its captivating energy invites us to move beyond the boundaries of our everyday reality, encouraging us to allow ourselves to feel whatever our soul desires.

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They can read between the lines

Pisces is the sign of dreamers and mystics, those who live in their imaginations and can tap into the unconscious depths of the soul.

As such, Pisces are highly sensitive to subtle energies that extend beyond words or language.

They don’t merely hear what is being said but make sense of the hidden meanings in conversations. This is part of why Pisceans make such wonderful storytellers.

They can sense the unspoken questions or emotions that lurk beneath words and use them to create a vivid picture for others.

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They are passionate but carefree

Pisces possess a rare duality; their fiery passion and carefree attitude are exceptionally seductive for Scorpio.

The burning flames of Pisces’ passion ignite an unquenchable desire to explore the world, allowing them to immerse themselves in life’s greatest joys.

This perfect balance of determination and relaxed contentment gives Pisces the ability to truly live life to its fullest, never missing an opportunity for a meaningful experience.

With the ability to empathize and accept life’s struggles, this water sign moves forward with ambition and grace, making them ideal friends and romantic partners.

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Are Scorpio and Pisces Compatible? (Why / Why Not?)

Scorpio and Pisces make for a steamy and intense love match. As two water signs, they are highly intuitive and emotional. These shared qualities create an instant bond strong enough for a highly romantic and passionate relationship.

But the intensity of this pairing can also be problematic because of their anxious temperaments and propensity for mood swings. Luckily, they value loyalty and will work together as partners to help one another reach their highest potential.

This match is all about learning from each other’s strengths and weaknesses on a deep spiritual level.

What Challenges would Scorpio and Pisces Face in a Relationship?

Possessiveness and manipulation

With their gentle and sensitive nature, Pisces may feel overwhelmed by the intense and passionate intensity of Scorpio.

Although the scorpion’s possessiveness stems from a desire to maintain a strong connection with their loved ones, it can cause problems in their relationships.

Pisces, who often need time and space to dive into their inner world, may feel suffocated by Scorpio’s need to control. So, while Scorpios mean well, they might want to give their Piscean partners a little breathing room.


Scorpio and Pisces are bound together by a powerful and passionate force, an unyielding connection between two soulmates that often leads to dependence.

Because both signs are so attuned to feelings, this reliance often reveals itself through unconscious neediness.

To sustain their romance, these star-crossed lovers must nurture and protect their individuality. If Scorpio and Pisces give in to codependency, the flame of love will inevitably dwindle and become extinguished.

Heightened emotions

These two signs share an intense connection, but it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

When life throws a curveball, it may challenge the strength of their relationship. Scorpio’s fiery nature, coupled with Pisces’ dreamy disposition, can sometimes lead to an overload of emotions.

One or both partners may retreat into their shells or even sink into depression. And because they are no strangers to insecurity and fear, they are prone to jealousy and trust issues, further complicating the relationship.

How to Attract a Pisces

Tune into their emotions

This sensitive fish is compatible with someone who understands and empathizes with their emotional needs.

If you struggle to express your own emotions or are indifferent to the feelings of others, Pisces may not be the right match for you.

Your words of encouragement are important when doubt and insecurity threaten to engulf them. So, be a source of strength and support when they need it most.

Be spiritual and introspective

Seek the depths of the soul and delve into the mysteries of the mind — that’s one way to capture the attention of a Pisces.

These sensitive, thoughtful individuals are intrigued by those who are contemplative and looking for answers to life’s greatest questions.

People who only skim the surface do not hold their interest for long. Someone who lacks depth and sincerity makes them uncomfortable.

Embrace the unpredictable and unknown

To this sign, being flexible and adaptable represent an open mind and a willingness to change with life’s ever-shifting currents.

They require patience from their partner – someone who can keep up with their unpredictable moods.

They want your gentle guidance as they explore their creativity. Pisces also appreciate it when you are open to their crazy ideas. But you should be able to pull them down before they make a fool of themselves.


Pisces has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them stand out from the rest. Their elusive charm radiates from their artistic flair, intuitive nature, and ability to glide effortlessly through life’s ups and downs.

To this mutable water sign, life is a dream-like journey, full of hidden meanings and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Their personality resonates strongly with Scorpio, creating an irresistible attraction between them.

Scorpio and Pisces possess strong intuition and can communicate on a deep, unspoken level. Pisces knows exactly how to leave a lasting impression and appeal to the mysterious side of Scorpio’s soul.