Stargazer Lily Meaning and Symbolism (Perfection & Success)

Because of its tendency to hibernate in winter, the stargazer lily has become associated with beauty, innocence, rebirth, hope, perfection, and prosperity. 

The meanings and symbolism of the flower vary depending on the color of its petals, and it has become a common sight in major celebrations like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

As a “true lily”, it shrivels and goes to sleep in winter, then pops back up from the ground when springtime arrives.

However, compared to most lilies that are characterized by drooping flowers, the Stargazer instead faces up towards the sky, and this is how it got its name.

They are also easy to grow as they have strong stems and do not need to be supported. The plant grows up to 4 feet, though some variations can grow as high as 6 feet.

Flowers of the Stargazer Lily bloom earlier than other species, and they appear in different shades of white, red, or pink.

Stargazer Lily Meaning and Symbolism

Remember that symbolism is subjective. The below are examples of possible interpretations only, and may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

Stargazer Lily Dream Meanings

Since Stargazer Lilies have a short history, they are not in legends or folklore.  But as part of the lily family, they share many of the symbolism and meanings of the species. 

1. Faith (Receiving a Lily)

Receiving a lily in your dream may represent a return of faith or getting your innocence back. 

There is a memorable story in the bible about the annunciation of Mary. It is said that the angel Gabriel gifted her with a lily to symbolize her role in the coming of Christ to the world. 

2. Insecurity (Looking at a Lily)

If you dream about looking at a lily from afar, it may indicate a level of insecurity and hesitation.

You might be at a crossroads in your life and unable to move forward because you are not sure which way to turn.

3. Success (Bouquet of Lilies)

A dream about a bouquet of lilies may represent success in something you are currently working on, or the possibility of receiving a small fortune in the coming days.

4. New Love (Seeing Lilies)

Seeing white lilies in your dream may indicate that you will soon encounter a new love, or that you will find renewed joy in the presence of an old lover.

Meaning And Symbolism of The Stargazer Lily 

Owing to the unique behavior of its pretty and fragrant flowers, its breeding origin, and the mysterious process of its development, the Stargazer Lily has been used to communicate several meanings in different occasions. 

1. Symbol of Mystery and Perfection

As a cross-breed of Oriental and Asiatic lily plants, two of the most beautiful flowering plants, the Stargazer Lily is considered a perfect specimen and often symbolizes perfection.

It carries the best features of both species and could be said to represent the best of two worlds. 

Though considerably younger than most flowers, It is the ideal plant to grow and cultivate as it is easy to care for, it carries the best characteristics of each mother plant, it smells divine, and the petals look gorgeous. 

When it was developed in 1978 by independent breeder Leslie Woodruff, he did not document the cross-pollination process.

As there is no exact information on how the plant was developed, how it came to be, and the exact percentages taken from each plant, the Stargazer a mystery among plant breeders and plant lovers across the world.

2. Symbol of Innocence, Beauty, and Everlasting Love

With its pretty and fragrant flowers, it is not surprising to note that the Stargazer Lily has become associated with beauty.

As such, it is a popular choice for gifting to lovers during anniversaries and special occasions, used in wedding bouquets, or to simply let someone know that you find them attractive. 

The white Stargazer Lily is particularly suited for portraying innocence and pure love. As it sits quietly in a vase or in your garden, it gives off a soothing and relaxing feeling.

In terms of gifting, it is ideal for celebrating the birth of newborn babies or to mark the start of a new romance.  It can also be used to express familial piety, friendship, or fondness for another person. 

3. Symbol of Success and Evolution

Owing to the hybrid nature of the Stargazer Lily, it has been used to symbolize the value of hard work and the sweet taste of success.

It is a living sample of what humans can accomplish through willpower, effort, and a little bit of imagination.

The pink Stargazer Lily, as the most popular variation of the flower, is more strongly associated with prosperity, wealth, and good fortune in business and finance. 

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As a crossbreed of two different species, it also symbolizes the nature of evolution and the fulfillment of a dream.

It means that deviating from the norms and looking beyond what is already there can lead to the creation of something even better.

Do not restrain yourself from growing and developing because of what you think society expects you to be. You just never know how much you can learn and what you could become by simply stepping out of your comfort zone.

4. Symbol of Hope, Faith, and New Beginnings

The Stargazer Lily goes through a natural cycle of rest during winter and rebirth in spring and is often associated with hope, faith, and new beginnings.

Due to this behavior, it has been used to symbolize the value of time, of knowing when to stop and take a break from the mad race of life, and of giving yourself time to recover and recharge so you come back in full swing, ready to face the world again.

The orange Stargazer is perfect for this symbolism.

When the plant starts to wither and shrivel as winter approaches, the breeder knows that it is not a cause for alarm. Just let it stay dormant and watch the bulbs pop back up when spring comes around.

The flowers also give inspiration and hope as they are always looking up to the sky, with their head held high despite changes in the direction of the wind or the moodiness of the weather. 

It reminds people to not lose faith in themselves no matter the circumstances, to leave everything up to a higher power, and to not let themselves be bogged down by temporary troubles, because there will always be a better tomorrow.


Compared to other plants and flowers that have been around for centuries, the Stargazer lily can be considered a baby with not much experience and history.  It is barely 30 years since its development.

But despite this, it can be said that the flower is rich in meaning and symbolism.  The strongest imagery of a Stargazer Lily is how it keeps looking up at the sky, always full of hope, and always ready to embrace whatever nature may bring.