What is the Symbolism of the Bull?

The bull is most commonly known to be a symbol of stamina, stability, strength, determination, confidence, and helpfulness. The bull is also known to symbolize a willingness to learn new things and a strong work ethic. Patient and hardworking are two of the main characteristics associated with the bull.

The bull is also known to symbolize masculinity and power in both spiritual and physical presence. Bulls are generally unpredictable and have random rage fits if an unlucky person stumbles across one in the wild.

Symbolism of the Bull

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Symbolism of the Bull

1. Fertility

Bulls are valued across several cultures. The bull, also known as Taurus in constellation form, is associated with abundance and replenishment due to the calendar link with the spring blooming season. This is one reason that bulls symbolize fertility, especially in men.

Toads also symbolize fertility.

2. Determination and Perseverance

The bull symbolizes determination because once they have their sights set on something, they don’t give up until they have it. They will continue to carry on and won’t stop trying until they are satisfied, no matter what it is they are trying to do.

They also show perseverance by completing any task they are presented with, no matter how difficult it might be. Perseverance and determination go hand and hand, and they are both good traits to have.

This is one reason why bull-taming is so popular. Bull-taming itself is a symbolism, meaning if you have enough determination you can overpower sheer strength and obstacles in your path.

3. Stubbornness

Bulls are known to be stubborn because if they do not want to do something, they won’t. They will dig their feet into the ground and resist with everything in them. Stubbornness can be a positive trait, especially when it comes to decision making.

Leopards also symbolize stubbornness.

4. Strength

The bull is seen as a symbol of strength across many cultures. Symbolizing strength, the bull was an extremely popular subject for ancient religions, and they are commonly seen in ancient literature and art, as well as astronomy and astrology.

Bulls were also used as a type of protection and were commonly placed in front of temples to guard from any negativities.

Bull Symbolism as a Spirit Animal

If your spirit animal is a bull, you are patient and hardworking. You understand the importance of having a strong work ethic and working together with a team. You will be less likely to give up on anything before you finish, no matter how difficult the problem may be. You show persistence, modesty, and you protect yourself from negative energies.

1. Stubborn

The bull is also known for being stubborn, so you likely are as well. However, this energy will push you towards helping others and help you refrain from being selfish. This will provide you with the feeling of appreciation that you feel you constantly long for.

2. Strength

If you are facing some difficulties in your life that make it difficult to stay strong, the bull energy will propel you forward and help you regain your strength. Visualize the energy of the bull and you will be able to discover the power and humbleness behind such a strong creature.

With the energy of the bull as your spirit animal, you will be able to feel powerful, kind, generous, and you will live your life with immense determination.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Bull?

If you dream about taking a bull by the horns, this means you need to get better control of your life. You should take a positive, but aggressive, stand on issues that you are currently dealing with. This dream means that you are the only thing standing between you and what you are after, so you need to literally take life by the horns.

  • Dreaming about a bull in a farm or field symbolizes that you are feeling natural and at peace. You might need to take a step back, get back to your roots, if you are feeling that you are being more aggressive than normal in your life. It is also important to rest if you want to be productive.
  • If you are seeing a bull fight in your dream, it can mean a few different things. If you are the matador of this bull fight, it could mean that you are dodging responsibilities. This could mean you are ignoring something or someone that you need to pay attention to.
  • If you are the bull in a bull fight, this could mean that you are trying to reach something and you are having a hard time. Are you making your projects achievable? Are your projects actually worth the amount of time and effort you are putting in?
  • If you are just an observer watching the bull fight, this could be your subconscious way of telling yourself you need something more exciting and fun in your life. You are looking for an adventure, something out of the ordinary that you aren’t used to doing. Life is short, take the time to embrace it while you can.
  • Are you seeing ancient bull statues? This could mean that you need to take some time to consider how you have been doing with your religious efforts. It is even said that dreams consisting of ancient items are messages from the Gods.
  • A bull that is sad or crying most likely symbolizes that you are feeling lonely and that you aren’t getting the attention you are looking for. You feel like the people in your life are not giving you the same effort you are giving them. If you are seeing a baby bull in your dreams, it is a symbol that you need to create new ideas.

Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning of the Bull Across Cultures

The Bible

The bull has several different symbolisms in the Christian Bible. They were referred to as aggressive and difficult to domesticate. Proverbs 14:4 refers to the strength of the bull. God has been compared to an ox by Balaam, who was a diviner in the Old Testament. Bulls were considered necessary for breeding purposes in the Bible, but just one bull was able to reproduce several dozen.


The bull plays a super important role in Hindu philosophy and mysticism and has been mentioned so many times in texts and scriptures that it is impossible to count. The celestial bull, also known as Nandi, guards the three major Gods of Hinduism. Still to this day, Nandi sits and guards the gates of every Shiva temple.

Celtic Culture

The bull is viewed as the power of procreation. They were considered to be a luxury because they played a vital role in their society. The Druids most commonly associated the bull with the solar system, and believed it to be a symbol of wealth, money, and riches.

Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, the bull is a symbol of perseverance, strong will, and motivation. this creature is most commonly associated with people who are strong headed, hard-working, and have materialistic wants. Sculpted bulls are popular in China because of what they symbolize.

Sumerian Culture

The Sumerians saw the bull as a symbol of protection. They often installed this animal at the entrance of their temples as a means of protection and strength. The bull is also a symbol of divinity and power for early Sumerians. Their chief Gods, Enlil and Enki, are also honored as the “Great Bull” in songs and rituals.

Hebrew Culture

The bull stands for harmony and the ability to protect and care for one’s self and their family members in the Hebrew culture. This is another culture that will use bull statues placed in front of buildings for protection. The bull is also viewed as sacred in the Hebrew culture.


Taurus is the bull constellation and is one of the 12 zodiac signs. The sign faces the sun during the spring equinox between May 14 and June 19. This is also known as the time of renewal for our planet. People born under this sign are said to be strong and have extreme willpower.

If you are born in the month of the Taurus, you will resemble a bull in the way that you are able to stay calm in tense situations, you will have peaceful thoughts most of the time. However, when something makes a Taurus angry, they have a very rough temper.


Bulls are most commonly considered headstrong, determined animals. They symbolize strength, power, stubbornness, and so many more traits. The spirit and symbolism of the bull make it easy for those who identify with the bull to stay strong and positive in times where it may seem impossible.

The spirit of the bull can also help you find dedication and perseverance in the toughest times. You will be able to stay on track to get what you want by combining outer strength with inner strength and will power. This will allow you to get through everything that is thrown your way.