11 Beauty Metaphors, Similes & Analogies

Beauty metaphors can be used to add flair to your descriptions of people you find amazing, like:

  • She is a rare jewel.
  • She is a rose.
  • She is an angel.

Others can be used to describe how their beauty makes you feel, such as:

  • Her beauty is intoxicating.
  • She blew me away.
  • She set off a fire in my heart.

In this article, I’ll outline some of my favorite metaphors for beauty.

Beauty Metaphors


A List of Beauty Metaphors

Below is a list and explanation of 11 beauty metaphors.

1. Her Beauty is Intoxicating

The phrase ‘intoxicating’ is often used to indicate that you are doing things you wouldn’t normally do because you’re under the influence of something – usually alcohol. But in this situation, it means you are heavily influenced by someone because they’re so beautiful.

This metaphor can be used for someone who might stumble over their words or say something silly when they’re around someone they’re attracted to. The attraction consumes them so much that their decisions are blurred.

2. Her Eyes were an Ocean of Wonder

This metaphor from our metaphors for eyes article would work really well when describing someone who is beautiful. It implies that someone’s eyes are so beautiful you could stare into them forever. This concept of the eyes being an ‘ocean’ can often be used to say that the eyes have ‘depth’, which is complemented by many other eye metaphors like “eyes are a window into the soul”.

3. Her Beauty led me off the Cliff

This one might be used when a beautiful person is also evil or deceptive. Their beauty might make you make bad decisions, or make you follow them and do something with them that’s not ethical. Before you know it, you’ve gone to far and made a dreadful decision because you couldn’t look past that person’s beauty.

4. Her Beauty Blew me Away

Imagine being caught in a storm – a hurricane – which literally lifts you up and blows you into the sky. This storm was something that was so powerful that it was out of your control.

The use of beauty in this metaphor gives us the sense that the person’s beauty is as powerful as a hurricane. It’s a force of nature. You saw her and – like you were caught in a storm – it felt like you were “knocked off your feet” by her powerful good looks.

5. Beauty is a Light in the Heart

This is a metaphor that implies there’s a direct link between love and looks. You look at someone and they’re so beautiful you feel love in your heart. This metaphor has many layers because you also need to know that the heart is a symbol of love, and that light is considered ‘good’ in our culture.

Overall, you’d want to use this metaphor perhaps when telling someone you love that their beauty is amazing and it melts your heart – it makes you feel deep love for them.

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6. She was a Beautiful Butterfly Floating By

There are certain animals that move with a certain elegance that is considered beautiful. Perhaps most among them is butterflies, which ‘flutter’ as the fly from leaf to leaf.

You might use this metaphor when talking about someone in a gown at a ball who walks with such elegance that it feels like they float.

This metaphor is also invoking the idea that butterflies have beautiful patterns on their wings. So drawing the analogy to a person, the person might have analogous beautiful features that make you attracted to them.

7. Her Beauty Radiates

Things that radiate ‘push’ out light or heat (usually in the form of waves and rays). For example, a fire radiates. You can feel its presence without having to touch it. Its light is cast around your campfire and its heat makes you feel cozy.

So, a person who radiates beauty may also have an effect on everyone around them seemingly without effort or needing to touch them directly. Everyone in the room might be aware of their presence at all times and people around them might get a bit flustered when talking to them.

8. Beauty is a Feast for the Eyes

This metaphor creates an analogy between beauty and food. Imagine a tasty feast in front of you. It might be delicious. It might also smell and look delicious.

To draw the analogy over to someone who is beautiful, their looks could metaphorically be called ‘delicious’ if it’s something that’s aesthetically pleasing. You could also consider beauty to be a feast for other senses, too, like a beautiful flower smelling amazing or beautiful soft skin feeling amazing.

9. She is a Rare Jewel

To call a woman a rare jewel is to say that there are not many women as beautiful or lovely as she is. It’s a way of differentiating the woman from others around her to show her that she’s someone to who you’re uniquely attracted to. It might also be a saying you would use if you were talking about a woman who it took you a long time to find. Just like you look for a long time to find a rare jewel, you may have taken a long time to find a person with such beauty.

10. She is a Rose

A rose is considered one of the most beautiful flowers, so the analogy to a beautiful woman is obvious on the surface. But there are other reasons why you might draw this analogy. One might be that roses are only in bloom for part of the year. So, there’s impermanence about the beauty that makes it particularly special. You might therefore say this about a younger woman.

11. She’s an Angel

An angel is something that you might admire. She’s also someone who is so beautiful that she’s not even from this world. So, there are some obvious analogies you can draw here between angels and beauty.

This metaphor is often used to describe your daughter who you want to tell is beautiful. That’s because angels can also represent innocence, which is associated with young people.


This list of beauty metaphors is by no means exhaustive. But it provides some useful starting points for thinking about how to make your own metaphor to describe someone who is beautiful. Consider creating metaphors that either emphasize the person (‘they’re a rose’, ‘they’re a jewel’) or the effect the person has on you (‘they’re intoxicating’, ‘they blew me away’).