3rd House Pisces: 5 Traits it Gives You

3rd House Pisces

Pisces in the 3rd house means that you communicate in a mesmerizing poetic way, and you manage to express your personal charm and imagination through writing and speaking.

To understand what it means when a sign lands in a house on your natal chart, you need to look at the meaning of the house, meaning of the sign, and how they interact:

  • The 3rdHouse indicates social interaction, interests and hobbies, short trips, networking, communication, intelligence, and cognitive processes. It also depicts your preferred ways of transaction and sharing with others.
  • Piscessymbolizesthe artist. It is the most imaginative sign and represents the energy of the poet, the mistic, the musician, as well as the soul seeker. It is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac, but also the one who gets easily lost in a fantasy world.  
  • When Pisces is in the 3rdHouse, it means the way you process intellectually, and the way youcommunicateispoetic and someone otherworldly.When these people speak, they leave the impression of reciting a poem instead of having a simple chat. They have a magical way of expressing verbally and can draw the instant attention of everyone with their mesmerizing visual descriptions.   

Note that the placement of signs in your house is just one facet of your natal chart. Other elements of your natal chart can overpower or contradict with the below points. To get an accurate reading, get a holistic reading of your full natal chart from an astrologer.

What Does it Mean when Pisces is in the 3rdHouse?

3rdHouse Meaning

Astrology’s third house is frequently referred to as “The House of Communication.” The way we interact with one another, how we approach learning new things, and how we interact with our siblings are all governed by this house.

It also discusses how we build our social networks and interact with those in our immediate surroundings.

Mercury and the third house in the natal chart will both be examined in order to understand better about how a person develops their critical thinking abilities.

The energy of this house affects our mental and cognitive processes, as well as the way we speak and the subjects we choose to discuss.Therefore, a person’s decision to pursue a career in teaching or learn a foreign language will be influenced by the energy of this house.

Other personal aspects covered by the third house include telling stories, presenting ideas, and participating in business operations including selling, marketing, and public speaking.

To better understand how an astrological house functions, we need to analyze the astrological sign the house falls in, but also the ruler of the sign and any planets activating the house.    

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Pisces Traits

This astrological sign exudes a peaceful, almost ethereal aura that makes them pleasant to be around, and their adaptable nature allows them to easily fit in with both situations and people.

Pisces enjoys spending time alone as well as being around a wide variety of individuals. However, the social energy of a Pisces can drain rather rapidly and needs a little recharging. They might need to spend a few days or longer alone if they spend a lot of time with people.

This is because being alone enables these individuals to reset and balance their energies. They need time alone to think about how they feel about others and how they feel about themselves in relation with other people.

These people have also an excessive amount of patience. Unfortunately, this provides them with several opportunities to be exploited. They are frequently viewed as naive since they are so trusting of others.

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3rd House Pisces: Key Takeaways

1. You’re aSoft Speaker

When the third house falls in the sign of the archetypal empath, these people have a very kind and soft way of speaking.

Pisces are known for their high sensitivity when it comes to reading other people’s emotions. For this reason, they are very aware of the impact their own words can have on other people’s energy.

Therefore, people having the house of communication in the sign of Pisces exchange information in a very gentle manner.

Even if others might think of them as being shy, the only reason they speak soft, and low voice is because they are highly empathic and want everyone to feel safe around them.

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2. You Communicate in an Artistic and PoeticManner

People born with a third house in the sign of Pisces have a very poetic way of expressing themselves.

They read a lot of fantasy stories, as well as romance novels and poetry. Their language is highly influenced by their lectures, and, for this reason, they use a lot of artistic expressions when they talk.

They usually speak in a rather vague way and often use metaphors and poetic expressions when discussing with their peers. It even happens for them to use lyrics or lines from the movies when they want to transmit a certain feeling about a topic which is discussed.

Even if for some people they may seem odd, the poetic language they use is a reflection of their inner sensitivity which cannot be otherwise expressed.

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3. You Think with your Emotions

When the third house falls in the sign of Pisces, these peopleoften make decisions based mostly on emotions and instincts, and your memories of events tend to involve remembering how you felt.

They might not have great general knowledge, such as in the case of Gemini people, but they have a way of anticipating your emotions.

Although they might not be able to recall the precise details of an event, they can recall the mood they were experiencing at the time. Sometimes their illogical intelligence is taken for psychic ability, but, in Pisces’ people case, this is not necessarily a paranormal manifestation.

What is actually happening is that they have a keen sensitivity to the emotional information that persists outside of most people’s field of perception.

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4. Your Memory is often Foggy

People with Pisces in the 3rd house can come off as foggy-headed or forgetful. This isn’t because they are mindless; rather, it’s because of the way their consciousness is focused.

They have learned to deal by withdrawing inside because they are easily overstimulated. They are detached from the outside world, which is why they lose their keys or get lost.

It is very well known that our society places a greater reliance on structured brains with the capacity to mechanically process facts and transmit information. In this context, people born with the third house in the sign of Pisces absorb and sort through sentiments, and, for this reason, many natives may have doubts about their intelligence.

Pisces genius is actually built on feelings. Most of the time their intuition does not fail them.

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5. You Are Able to Translate Emotions Into Words

When the House of Thinking finds itself in the sign of feeling, you might frequently be prone to concentrate in conversations on what the other person feels or thinks but isn’t stating out loud.

You might be skilled in “reading between the lines” when people are speaking, which enables you to make more sense of what they are saying than most people can.

Because the third house is found in a water sign, these people can enable exceptional depths of emotion.In a way that many other individuals are unable to, Pisces in the third house may be able to discern the true emotions of others.


With Pisces in the 3rdHouse of your natal chart, youarethe poetic thinker, the romantic narrator,a storyteller of an alternative fantasy world. Yourrich imaginationis expressed though a poetic and gentle way of speaking, which sometimes may have a hypnotizing effect on other people.

You are able to put into words both your emotions and the ones of other people, sometimes even better then themselves. Your way of speaking has a therapeutic effect upon your peers. Even though you are aware of some characteristics of your personality, if you are interested in a complete natal chart analysis, then you should contact a professional astrologer.