8th House Pisces: 5 Ways it Affects You

8th House Pisces

Pisces in the 8th house means that you are a highly spiritual person which does not fear death and trusts that there is a higher plane of transcendence which we join through this process of transformation.

To understand what it means when a sign lands in a house on your natal chart, you need to look at the meaning of the house, meaning of the sign, and how they interact:

  • The 8th House represents the astrological house of inheritance, resource sharing, and the material riches built on loan and investment markets. It is linked to taboos, sexual activities, the occult, witchcraft, intimacy, trauma, and the underworld.
  • Pisces symbolizes imagination. It represents fantasy, creativity, arts, and romance. The vivid imaginative life of these people is doubled by a high level of spirituality, making them often seem that they have a deep understanding of metaphysical and transcendental processeswhich otherscannot comprehend.

When Pisces is in the 8th House, it means people with this placement enjoy fantasy and romantic sceneries when it comes to their intimate life.

When it comes to money matters, they are not the most organized with the resources they share with others. They are also very spiritual, with a thing for researching in-depth transcendental experiences.

Note that the placement of signs in your house is just one facet of your natal chart. Other elements of your natal chart can overpower or contradict with the below points. To get an accurate reading, get a holistic reading of your full natal chart from an astrologer.

What Does it Mean when Pisces is in the 8th House?

8th House Meaning

The eighth house in astrology provides information about subjects that are best kept out of public view and is considered one of the most mysterious houses. It stands for the underworld, the occult, and the afterlife, as well as fortaboos and our sexual life.

The eighth house also represents the house of shared resources. The second house tells us about the material values we may develop on our own and for which we invest effort, but this house speaks about the values we acquire through other people sharing them with us.

As examples of shared values, consider inheritance, joint income between spouses, investment returns, and gifts.

To better understand how an astrological house functions, we need to analyze the astrological sign the house falls in, but also the ruler of the sign and any planets activating the house.    

Pisces Traits

Pisces is a water sign, along with Scorpio and Cancer, however they are distinguished from the other water signs by their reputation for being more relaxed and amicable personalities.

However, all water signs are renowned for having strong emotions and occasionally acting indecisively.

Pisces personalities are noted for being compassionate and will go to any lengths to ensure the happiness of those around them.They frequently serve as the group’s “therapist” and assist any friend in need.

When things don’t go their way, these kind people might get cranky, and because of their generosity, less unselfish people can easily take advantage of them. Pisces may even grow emotionally distant if they have experienced additional trauma.

They are quite impressionable and imaginative. They tend to fantasize a lot and they are creative as well, being able to generate concepts that many people wouldn’t.Pisces people also often tend seek to escape reality and sometimes they are prone to substance abuse.

8thHouse Pisces: Key Takeaways

1. They Struggle to Recover from Emotional Wounds

People born with the eighthhouse in the sign of Pisces are kind, self-reliant, smart, and have a very deep level of empathy for others.

One of their flaws is that they might be extremely trusting, and they occasionally get too emotional.

Once they’ve been hurt, it may last a while to win back their trust. They are not aggressive, butthey have a sharp emotional memory when it comes to remembering what they’ve experienced.

For this reason, they have a hard time getting over their suffering because they experience it at a soul level so deep that most people are not capable of perceiving.

On the bright side, they are not vengeful, and they are forgiving if they can be certain they will not be hurt again. If they cannot invest their trust anymore, most likely they will disappear forever from the lives of whomever hurt them.

2. They may have been a Shaman in a Previous Life

People with the eighthhouse in the sign of Pisces embody very deep and spiritual personalities.

They are very old souls who were involved in spiritual activitiesin previous lifetimes.For this reason, most of them are naturally drawn to occult activities and even practice them in this lifetime, once again.

Whether it’s shamanism, witchcraft or even past life regression therapy, these people are natural connectors between the realm of the spirit and the material world.

Many of them have psychic abilities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, prophetic dreams and even out of body experiences.

They often seem quite mysterious and have an inherent magnetism which is hard to explain. They are highly skilled in reading other people’s souls and in identifying their wounds, as well as healing them.

3. They have Very Strong Intuition

Natives with Pisces in the 8th House have powerful intuition.Therefore, they should pay attention to what it has to say.

When these people see others are lying, they can be very judgmental and have strong beliefs because they are afraid of failing and wish to never be betrayed again. They frequently end relationships because they lack sufficient trust or feel let down.

Because the eight house governs shared resources, people with this aspect tend to have their resourced abused by their partners.

Those who believe their partner is overly invested in the joint finances should speak up. They should trust their intuition and make the right inquiries if they are being asked to make guarantees about how their partner is handling their money.

4. They Don’t Fear Death

People with this aspect tend to be less concerned about death because it is merely a part of the physical existence, and they don’t worry about it too much.

They can usually have a therapeutic effect on other people who are experiencing grief, because their perspective is able to provide hope for a future possible re-encounter with the mourned person.

These people have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the spiritual part of life and are also aware of the fact that death is not necessarily the end, but just the step in a greater soul transformation.

Pisces is known as the dividing line between the materialistic and spiritual worlds. For this reason, they can be more laid back if they choose to share this mindset with others.

5. Imaginative Life in the Bedroom

Deep, meaningful connectionsare the focus of a sexual life when the 8th house isin the sign of Pisces. These peopleindulge in their fantasies and employ their imagination to the full.

They have a variety of ways to express themselves naturally, which is what makes them captivating lovers.

For people with the eighth house in Pisces, routine in theirsexual life is a definitive turn off. They need change, romance, and a lot of fantasy to spice up intimacy.

They enjoy finding romantic places to enjoy with their lovers, as well as using flowers, candles, and special scents for creating a magical ambient for intimate moments.


If your eighth house falls in the sign of Pisces, you tend to confront matters of death in quite a relaxed manner. You trust that the separation of the soul from the body not only is necessary, but is also a part of a higher planeof our existence, which transcends the ordinary way we live in.

When it comes to the erotic part of life, you enjoy experiencing deep intimacy.Sex is not just another thing for you to do, you experience it as a type of transcendental experience, moving you beyond your senses, as well as beyond the ordinary way of perceiving life.

To get a complete image of someone’s nature, though, one must thoroughly examine their entire astrological chart.