3rd House Aquarius: 5 Key Takeaways

3rd House Aquarius

Aquarius in the 3rd House means you are not the most conventional person. You think outside the box, you’re a humanitarian, and you’re regularly misunderstood.

To understand what it means when a sign lands in a house on your natal chart, you need to look at the meaning of the house, meaning of the sign, and how they interact:

  • The 3rdHouse represents communication, intelligence, cognitive processes, brief travel, networking, your preferred exchange methods, as well as the way you interact with other people when it comes to interests and hobbies.
  • Aquarius symbolizesthe rebel. It talks about freedom, confronting norms, being eccentric, against the system and its outdated rules, looking forward to the future. It is the progressiveenergy which pushes humanity forward in its evolution. Aquarius means, originality, creativity and out of the box thinking.  
  • When Aquarius is in the 3rdHouse, it means you are an intellectual,but the way youcommunicateisoriginal and eccentric.You are not the most conventional person when it comes to coming up with new ideasand your approach when thinking is humanitarian and futuristic. You are misunderstood by most people, but you manage to find your tribe who receives your ideas with ease and amazement.

What Does it Mean when Aquarius is in the 3rdHouse?

3rdHouse Meaning

If we want to find out more information about how a person develops their critical thinking skills, we will analyze both the planet mercury and the third house in the natal chart.

The third house in Astrology is popularly known as “The House of Communication”. This is the house which rules the way we communicate, the way we engage in learning new things, as well as our relationship with our siblings.

It also speaks about how we develop our networking life, as well as how we get along with people in your close surroundings.

Because this house is related to our mental and cognitive activities, a person’s decision to pursue a career in teaching or learning a foreign language would be influenced by the energy of this house.

Other activities addressed here include storytelling,presentation of ideas, as well as engaging in business activities including selling, marketing, public relations, and self-promotion.

The third house corresponds to the energy of the Gemini zodiacal sign. For this reason, the sign where the third house falls in provides us information about how we think and the mental processes that cause us to move in a particular direction.

To better understand how an astrological house functions, we need to analyze the astrological sign the house falls in, but also the ruler of the sign and any planets activating the house.    

Aquarius Traits

Aquarius is one of the three air signs, along with Gemini and Libra. People born under this energy don’t like to “go with the flow”.

They are assertive; they make their own decisions and then stick to them. Being a fixed sign, without a strong material proof, you cannot convince these people to reconsider their opinions.

They have an idealistic view of society and the world, and practice what they preach by actively taking part in the activism and social-justice movements needed to effect change. They are real humanitarians and engage in a lot of philanthropy.

They put their heart in working to improve the world and have an instinctive calling to help other people. They don’t get along well with authority figures and will never turn back from fighting against outdated and abusive regulations. 

Aquarians enjoy spending a lot of time in their own heads. They are analytical, imaginative, and intellectually combative. They have an eccentric way of learning information and, further, teaching it to others.

They are creative, original, and canimagine ideas ahead of their times. Additionally, they frequently have strange outfits and hairstyles. They remain true to their authenticity even if this means getting against social norms.

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3rd House Aquarius: Key Takeaways

1. You’re Ahead of your TIme

When the third house falls in the sign of the most progressive energy, then these people usually have ideas which are ahead of their time. It often happens for Aquarian third house people to be misinterpreted.

Other times, people might perceive them as having a conspirative outlook about the world. However, the passing of time proves that they were not crazy, but visionary. They have great foresight and an accurate sense of knowing how things are going to turn out in the end.

Such individuals are very creative and appreciate having everything new and high-tech in their home, including contemporary electric appliances, TVs, and stereo systems. If you can provide them with the latest technology gadgets, then you managed to win their hearts.

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2. You’re Misunderstood

Depending also on other aspects of the chart and of their personal Mercury planet, these people have a peculiar way of speaking. It often happens for Aquarian third house people to be misunderstood because of the way they chose to express their ideas.

These people have a very wide perceptive lens through which they are able todecipherthe world.

They have great intuition and deep insight when it comes to envisioning future processes.

Because their mind is very advanced, they have difficulties in expressing with understandable phrases how they interpret the world.

For this reason, many times they happen to appear as freaks to others, but only because other people have not such a broad insight to understand what they are speaking about.  

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3. You Think Out of the Box

The kind of individual that guides mankind into modern civilization is an Aquarius of the third house. Although it seems overstated, they are the original thinkers.

Their creative thinking fills the gap between what was previously nonexistent and an authentic material. Their brains are intricately designed, and whatever is born from them is always astonishing.

A person with a third house in Aquarius has a constantly active mind, which has its drawbacks.

Getting these people to stop over-thinking, over-processing, and thinking constantly is difficult since they produce ideas so quickly. They have an overactive mind, and, for this reason, it’s crucial for them to maintain regular grounding to prevent mental fatigue.

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4. You’re a Humanitarian

People with an optimistic outlook who strive to improve the world are those who have in their chart a third house in Aquarius.

Their sensitivity and keen sense of justice serve as a guide for their behavior and opinions. They also appreciate freedom and want to make sure that everyone can enjoy it.

They are concerned about earthly events and beyond. People with an aquarian third house possess a strong sense of justice, liberalism, and fairness when it comes to debating with their friends.

They cannot be forced to discuss anything which has no higher collective meaning. Because their mind functions this way,it often pushes people with this aspect towards alternative lifestyles, activism, charitable work, and green politics.

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5. You Value Intellect

Intellect is valued a lot by the Aquarius sign, whether it be in the areas of philosophy, science, or religion.

The Absolute Truth is something that those with this sign in their third house are constantly seeking. If they’re not philosophers or artists, they can lose touch with the physical world as they strive to become more cosmically smart.

More than this, they risk becoming overly focused on their progressive viewpoints. Being the sign of brotherhood, they should choose companions who share their abstract thinking since doing otherwise will prevent their minds from becoming more preoccupied with earthly problems.


With Aquarius in the 3rdHouse of your natal chart, youarethe original thinker, the eccentricnarrator, the visionary storyteller. Your mind is full of ideas which are hard to be understood by most people.

This happens because you can understand very thorough the way phenomena will happen on a large scale, as well as during a long period of time. Therefore, most of the people will not comprehend your way of thinking because they are not able to cover such a vast perspective on things.

Even though you are aware of certain aspects of your personality, you should request a thorough natal chart analysis if you are interested in a more detailed astrological explanation.

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