10th House Aquarius: 5 Traits it Gives You

10th House Aquarius

Aquarius in the 10th Housetends to give people the sense that they want to change the world for better. You may be concerned about technological advancement, human rights, and individual freedom.

To understand what it means when a sign lands in a house on your natal chart, you need to look at the meaning of the house, meaning of the sign, and how they interact:

  • The 10th House is recognized as the house of our professional effect upon the world as well as of the way we manifest ourselves within the community in a public manner. Reputation, social position, our occupation, our relationship with our father, and our inner authority are few examples of what it encompasses.
  • Aquariussymbolizes humanitarianism at its best. It is the astrological expression of human rights, freedom and being of help for all humankind. It talks about being authentic and acceptant of the differences in others, as well as being loving towards the self-expression of each and every one of us.
  • When Aquarius is in the 10th House, it means that your reputation is built around your willingness and aspirations to change the world for the better. Successis construed for these people around a progressive vision of the future, improved in terms of technological advancement and human rights and freedom. Professional choices revolve around a humanitarian mission which has the purpose of making the world a better place for humankind.

What Does it Mean when Aquarius is in the 10th House?

10thHouse Meaning

The tenth house in astrology indicates our reputation-building strategies. It describes how we attain our reputation, our status quo, and our professional vocation.

This House is ruled by Capricorn, which indicates that the emphasis is on serious, weighty issues around things which should be built to last.

The House of Public Reputation or Social Status is a common name of the tenth house. Itspeaks about planning for the long term and for things that will last.

It includes any promotions we receive, whatever professional notoriety we may already have or later achieve, and the types of professional and social activities we partake in. In terms of accomplishments and efforts, this house stresses how we view ourselves and how the community views us.

Because this house has to do with the social standing one has inherited or with a desire to advance in some way, it is sometimes referred to as governing the area of ancestry, roots, and family history from a reputational perspective. From an inner world, emotional perspective, legacy, ancestry, and roots are governed by the fourth house.

To better understand how an astrological house functions, we need to analyze the astrological sign the house falls in, but also the ruler of the sign and any planets activating the house.    

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Aquarius Traits

Together with Gemini and Libra, Aquarius is one of the three air signs. They are a fixed sign, which makes them self-assured and in take charge of their own decisions.

These people cannot be persuaded to change their minds about their beliefs in the absence of compelling material evidence.

They have an idealistic perspective on life and actively participate in the activism and social-justice movements required to bring about change. They practice a lot of generosity and are true humanitarians. They don’t get along with people in positions of authority and will never give up their struggle against unfair and outmoded regulations.

Aquarians like to spend a lot of time alone with their thoughts. They are analytical, creative, and competitive on an intellectual level. They learn information in an odd way, and they also share it to others in an odd way.

They can come up with concepts that are avant-garde and inventive. They stay true to who they are despite any opposition they meet from part of the community.

10th House Aquarius: Key Takeaways

1. You’re a GreatPhilanthropistand Humanitarian

People with the tenth house in the sign of Aquariusare often involved in charity or other types of philanthropic activities.

They are generous people, and they find themselves in their professional life on a mission to serve humanity.

They often occupy jobs as managers or activists of NGOs, always on the lookout for finding new ways of improving the lives of the ones who are less fortunate.They enjoy sharing their brilliant ideas and working in teamshave a reputation for working assiduously to attain their goals.

They are also excellent in jobs that demand them to communicate with the public. However, they will get involved only in communication jobs where they can preach about purposes which serve the higher good.They are very generous people which avoidthe spotlight after getting involved in helping others.

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2. You’re a Natural Innovator

When the tenth house is in Aquarius, these people are almost always full of unusual ideas. They have an original vision of whatever professional project they get involved in.

They can often spot perspectives of a certain problem which most people cannot conceive. For this reason, many times they are perceived as strange or even absurd.

Their way of thinking is ahead of their times and usually their ideas face rejection. However, after they materialize their original vision, they usually revolutionize the field they are working in.

The focus of this people is to grow their mind within their professional field. They can receive enlightening information in the domain the are working in. Theirconsciousness is wider than of other people and the insights they gather are original, innovative and progressive for the professional field they perform in.

The tenth house corresponds to the Saturnian energy. Aquarius is Ruled by both Uranus and Saturn. Therefore, when the tenth house falls in the sign of the water bearer, these people have strong discipline to materialize their insightful and innovative ideas.

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3. You’re a Great Team Player

When having this aspect in their natal chart, such a person places a lot of value on the quality of the colleagues they work with.

It happens sometimes for their public and professional identity to be closely tied to their social life and the professional associations they have developed.

They appreciate being involved in big teams and organizations. Due to their preference for teamwork, they will orient their professional choices towards companies and community related activities.

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4. In Need of Constant Intellectual Stimulation at Work

People born with Aquarius in the tenth house are open-minded and capable of comprehending the value of duties.

However, they need to be constantly challenged from an intellectual perspective.

If the work they must undertake is not thought provocative, these people shall experience boredom and high levels of frustration.

They need to have the boundaries of their mind pushed beyond their limits.They aspire to have a solid reputation and to be recognized as reliable, odd, and intelligent.

For people with this placement, scientists, researchers, programmers, or inventors are several professional pathways to be pursued with success.

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5. You’re Idealistic

These people usually undertake uncommon tasks, such as conducting a peculiar experiment or apreviously under-researched subject.

They don’t pay much attention to what other people think about their jobs or about the way they approach their tasks. It often happens for them to be perceived as idealistic or unrealistic. Nevertheless, they are very confident with their vision, well-disciplined and will put all the effort to prove everyone theirpoint of view.

When someone has an aquarian tenth house, he or she always makes plans and has a long-term perspective.Even if they trust their insight, they areaware that they need to put in a lot of effort to prove everyone that they propose a strange, but viable solution.


People with a tenth house in the sign of Aquarius are natural humanitarians and innovators. They love working with big teams and around people who are smart and open-minded. They put in a lot of effort and discipline for achieving their professional vision. Whatever they put their mind on, it must have a benefic collective purpose for their motivation to be stimulated. Nevertheless, it is necessary to study the complete natal chart, including the planets and their positions in signs and houses, to fully comprehend someone’s personality from an astrological perspective.

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