10th House Scorpio: 5 Ways It Can Affect You


When Scorpio is in your 10th House, you are known to be mysterious and many people may never really get to find out the real you. In your career, you are ambitious and determined to gain power. People either love you or hate you. You may have a very black and white approach to your goals and accomplishments.

To understand what it means when a sign lands in a house on your natal chart, you need to look at the meaning of the house, meaning of the sign, and how they interact:

  • The 10th House represents our career, our long-term goals and ambitions in life, how committed we are to our plans in life, marriage as an institution. It also shows our reputation and other people’s perception of us.
  • Scorpio is a fixed water sign. It brings emotional intensity, curiosity and a need to understand everything on a deeper level, it brings change and transformation.
  • When Scorpio is in the 10th House, you are very ambitious and driven. You are willing to put in all of the effort needed in order to achieve your goals in life. You may experience a lot of challenges and ups and downs in your professional life.

What Does it Mean with Scorpio is in the 10th House?

10th House Meaning

The 10th house tells us about our career and professional life. It may show what kind of career and field we might be drawn to – whether it’s arts, journalism, medicine or law. It shows us how ambitious we are and how likely we are to be committed to our professional plans. It shows us how we approach our life and what our long-term plans for it are.

The 10th house also represents our reputation – how we are perceived by others, what other people think of us. It can show whether we are likely to be a popular person or an outcast. It shows our relationship with authority – whether we respect it or rebel against it.

The house also represents marriage as an institution. It shows our views of marriage, what kind of partner we must have in order to feel supported and succeed in life.

Scorpio Traits

As a water sign, Scorpio gives us emotional intensity and a great need to understand everything on a very deep level. Scorpio is the sign connected to curiosity – it investigates and obsesses over anything they come upon.

We use our emotions and desire for change as a motivation to go through life and experience it fully. Scorpio can have a very all-or-nothing mentality – have everything at once or be satisfied with having nothing at all.

As s fixed sign, Scorpio can be very persistent and persuasive. They are passionate about the things they desire – they are unlikely to give up no matter how hard it might be. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which is the planet of transformation and change. Therefore, they are likely to experience big shifts throughout their life that might be uncomfortable at first, but will help them reach their full potential and gain power later.

This can show that Scorpio is likely to passionate about their career and ambitions. They aren’t one to wait – they are willing to go out there and put in all of the work needed. People may love them or hate them – their reputation may experience a lot of ups and downs. They come off as someone mysterious whose next step isn’t predictable.

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10th House Scorpio: Key Takeaways

1. People either love you or hate you

Having Scorpio on the 10th house cusp or Midheaven may show that people can have a very mixed reaction to you. They either love you or hate you – it is rare that someone feels apathetic towards you.

You are mysterious and you may always keep others wondering about your next step and plans. This can make people very wary of you and many of them may fear you. You might be seen as someone unpredictable.

You might be well-respected, but there could be many people who are jealous of you and may try to sabotage your success.

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2. You are determined to succeed

You might be very ambitious and goal-oriented. You are likely to have very big aims in life and you will always find a way to fulfill them. You aren’t afraid of going after the things you want no matter how much time and effort they may require.

You are always ready to take action when it comes to your ambitions. You are not the type to sit around and wait for things to happen.

You seek power in life – you want to grow and transform into your best self. You are likely to achieve that but it may come after a lot of hardships, ups and downs.

3. You are very competitive

Scorpio on the 10th house cusp may show that you can be very competitive with others. As a fixed sign, Scorpio is very stubborn and persistent when it comes to the things they want, so they can be unstoppable once they set their eyes on something.

They can be dangerous for their competition as they are willing to fight and do anything in order to be number one and reach their desired success.

They can be very strategic and ruthless. They aren’t afraid of using or manipulating people if they know they will get to their wanted result.

4. Your past may motivate you

You might be very influenced by the past and it is likely to impact your goals and desires in life. You may seek ways to prove yourself to those who have questioned you or hurt you. You view your success and accomplishments as a form of revenge – a way to show off to others and protect your dignity.

Any negative past situations may still impact you and at times you may question your own worth and abilities due to these negative situations.

On the positive side, any bad experience can be used as a great motivation to achieve more and get to the place where you have always wanted to be in.

5. You may face problems with authority

Having Scorpio on the 10th house cusp may show that you attract danger in your professional life and you may encounter problems with authority.

You may have problems with people who have more power and control than you, so you have to be cautious of the things you do in your career – any legal issues have the potential to turn into something bigger and destructive.


With Scorpio in the 10th House of your natal chart, you might be either well-liked by many or very disliked by many – it’s unlikely that you will have a stable reputation. Your life might be a mystery and you never let people know your next step. You are determined to succeed into the field you pursue. 

Remember that you need to look at the rest of your natal chart to make a better prediciton of your natural personality traits. Other elements on your natal chart may override some of these points (and I’ve tried to note that a few times in this article).