White Iris Meaning and Symbolism (Purity & Compassion)

White Iris Meaning and Symbolism

The white iris symbolizes purity, a new beginning, compassion, faith, hope and optimism, wisdom, and change.

The white iris is a beautiful, unique type of iris that is perfect as a gift for someone you love. The symbolism comes from a range of traditions worldwide.

It’s often gifted as:

  • A flower for a bride
  • A flower to young girls
  • A flower to people starting a new phase in their lives
  • A religious symbol

What does the White Iris Symbolize?

1. Purity

White Iris

White has been a symbol of purity for most of human history. Priestesses wore it in ancient Egypt and Rome, and white marble covered the ancient temples.

Since 1566, the Pope has worn white as a sign of purity and sacrifice, and pilgrims in Islam and the Shinto religion of Japan wear it for the same reason.

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2. A New Beginning

White Iris

When we see the color white, it reminds us of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. This subliminal reminder that new beginnings are guaranteed instills faith when life is unpredictable.

White is like a blank canvas, waiting for us to fill it with our untapped potential.

White, in essence, inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. White, without a doubt, sends a powerful message: it supports us even when we don’t realize it. All white demands of us are that we reach our full potential.

3. Compassion

White Iris

White irises are very kind flowers. They represent sympathy and compassion in the case of loss or extreme sadness following the death of a loved one. For that reason, they are a lovely gift for someone who is mourning.

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4. Faith

White Iris

The iris flower is a perfect gift to send the message of faith and good things in life to your loved ones.

These flowers remind you to be optimistic, have faith in yourself, and trust your instincts when life offers you obstacles and you need emotional support to get through them.

The pure colors of this flower remind you to have faith and bravery in the face of adversity. It represents good things to come and a brighter day ahead; all you have to do is be optimistic and look forward to a fantastic future.

5. Hope and Optimism

White Iris

Irises are often associated with optimism and hope. It serves as a reminder to keep calm and optimistic. Good things in life may take longer to obtain. But if you work hard and stay focused on your goals, you will succeed with ease and elegance.

You can overcome obstacles if you are optimistic and confident in your talents. Irises remind you to never give up and pursue your dreams until they materialize.

There are so many positive things in our environment, and the flower shows you that you should be grateful for them. In the middle of adversity, it is up to you to find the lighter side of life.

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6. Wisdom

White Iris

The iris is a flower that represents wisdom and intelligence. It advises you to have a strong desire to learn more, to be eager about new experiences.

It’s the ideal present for a family member, a loved one, or a friend who needs emotional support and affection to get through difficult circumstances.

Irises are symbols of eternal knowledge, truth, and ethical behavior. It’s the ideal flower for everyone who wants to have a better understanding of themselves and believes in intuitive learning.

7. Change

White Iris

Irises represent change and a shift from anything horrible or wicked to something nice, as well as fresh beginnings in life.

Iris blossoms are enchanting and lovely. They provide the idea that you should let your innermost secrets out and start thinking beyond the box.

If you’re feeling trapped and monotonous, the flowers can help you broaden your mind and modify your perspective. As a result, this flower is a natural healer who also aids in the development of psychic powers.

Myths and Stories about the Iris Flower

Iris flowers have a long history as symbols of good fortune and pleasant beauty in numerous civilizations. The following are a handful of them:

1. Greece

Iris means “Goddess of the Rainbow“. The Greek goddess Iris was the gods’ messenger and the conduit for communication between heaven and Earth. Iris’s symbolism dates back to ancient Greece. According to the myths, Iris was the messenger of Zeus and Hera.

Also, ancient Greeks believed that Iris accompanied female spirits on their eternal trip. They gave these flowers their names to celebrate the goddess’s magnificence and to bring good luck to the Earth.

The Greeks traditionally put them over women’s graves to invoke the goddess and ask her assistance because the flower represents purity.  As a result, white irises are an excellent option for a funeral flower since they symbolize purity, virtue, and morality.

2. France

Irises have a long history in France. This floral emblem existed in the French monarchy’s royal family for generations. ‘Fleur-de-lis’ is the name given to it.

The three petals of the iris flower represent the ‘trinity’ in French culture. It is a symbol of trust, bravery, and knowledge. Iris blossoms also represented purity, brightness, optimism, solemnity, and independence, according to the French culture.

3. Egypt

In ancient Egypt, the iris flower symbolized the authority, power, and purity of human spirits. As a result, they used them as funeral flowers to embellish and reverence the tombs of the pharaohs. They believed the flowers would safeguard the pharaohs’ powers in the afterlife.

Irises are a symbol of protection and rebirth in Egyptian culture. The majesty of these towering blooms enthralled Egyptian rulers, and beautiful depictions of them may still be discovered in old Egyptian palaces. It was a sign of bravery and admiration.

4. Japan

Japanese tradition associates the iris flower with purity and clarity. They considered it a therapeutic flower used to dissipate negative energy.

Purple iris flowers convey messages of love, friendliness, and praises in Japan. The blue iris is a sign of trust and optimism.

5. China

Chinese culture considers the Iris flower as a “purple butterfly” because it blooms in the spring and signals the advent of summer.

The flower represents metamorphosis and change. The petals of the flower flutter like a butterfly in the warm breezes, adding beauty to its surroundings.

In ancient China, they placed Irises inside the home to dispel negative spirits. It is a natural healer capable of destroying harmful forces and purifying the environment. It ensures purity and cleansing.

6. North America

The iris flower has the name of ‘blue flag’ in North America.

This flower is popular in the eastern United States and Canada. In the United States, this flower is known as Iris versicolor. The iris is the flower of the state of Tennessee. It’s also Quebec’s provincial flower.

More Iris Symbolism:


Irises are a symbol of strong feelings and emotional commitment. It’s also a symbol of faith, conviction, and knowledge.

The color of the iris sends forth certain messages and has deeper meanings. That is why irises are appropriate for a variety of situations, including business gifts, appreciation gestures, and even condolence and “get well” messages.

The white iris sends messages of purity, cleanliness, and innocence because of the color psychology of white. Like other irises, it symbolizes the concept of hope and wisdom.

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