Virgo Love Languages: How do they Show their Love?

The love languages of a Virgo are acts of service, physical touch, and quality time.

Virgo people have a wonderful capacity to serve others effectively due to their willingness to help and their aptitude to solve problems.

Even though both Gemini and Virgo are mercury ruled, Virgos are a little more aware of their emotions on a deeper level.

They are fixated on keeping everything in order and tidy, and, also, very peaky with how they spend their time off.For this reason, you can win a Virgo’s heart by acts of service, physical touch, and quality time.

Virgo Love Languages

What are the Five Love Languages?

The five languages of love are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.

When the preferred love language are words of affirmation, verbal encouragement, gratitude, compliments, and frequently repeated digital interactions like texting and social media satisfy these people’s needs.

If someone prefers acts of service, then, for those who feel that deeds speak louder than words, this is their love language. People on this list want to be shown how much they are valued, as opposed to those who prefer to hear it. These folks strongly value anyone who performs tasks big and small to improve their quality of life.

Gifts that aremeaningful are appreciated by people for whom receiving gifts is their preferred form of love expression. The secret is to offer them thoughtful gifts that reflect their values that are important to them.

People who prefer quality time adore it especially when the partnership prioritizes active listening, eye contact, and total presence. People who use the language of physical touch to express their gratitude feel valued when they are hugged, kissed, or snuggled.

Virgo Man Love Language

A Virgo man appreciates looks in women but tends to fall for their intelligence.

Theycrave for mental stimulation and may get easily bored if they cannot find a partner to challenge them intellectually.

If your Virgo man pays attention to your viewpoints, then it means he respects your mind.

He will also engage in constant communication with you if you know how to turn on his mind.

These people are also loyal, caring, and possessive when they’re in love. They will do everything you need in order to feel loved and safe.

Even if their intentions are good, they can become exhausting with the care they want to prove. Also, even if they are very serious and reserved, when they get a crush on someone they tend to open up about their feelings.

Last, but not least, they make sure they have enough free time to spend with you. Virgo men are very careful with their schedule, so if they make themselves available for you, it means that you really caught their attention.

How to Tell a Virgo Man is in Love with You

1. They will give a helping hand

They will give a helping hand without you even knowing you needed that help.

Most likely, they will tidy up the place before you come back from work, wash the clothes, and check out three times that everything is in order when you get home.

Virgo provides help very naturally and appreciates being helped as well.

For this reason, it will come very natural for this man to be there for you with the chores around the house, including grocery shopping, doing the dishes, and taking out the garbage.

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2. They will prepare a nice dinner

They will only prepare this dinner after making sure you are not allergic to any of the chosen ingredients.

Health is very important for Virgos, so they will make sure your dinner is both tasty and diet safe. On this purpose, they will prepare the feast with care, but also chose a clean and neat plate for the meal.

They pay a lot of attention to the details, so they will make sure they will create an impeccable environment for you to enjoy after a long day at work.

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3. They will talk to you about intellectual topics

They will wait for you with many intellectually stimulating questions about how your day was.

Virgo men are very intelligent and appreciate the feminine intellect, as well. They will be very curious about your job, how the day went by, what challenges did you meet along the way and how did you solve them.

Virgo men are very hardworking, smart, and responsible, so, consequently, they pay a lot of interest to what their partner’s professional role is about and how they face difficult situations in order to improve their performance.

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Virgo Woman Love Language

When in love, Virgo women seem natural that since they devote so much of their life to serving others, this would also affect your love relationships.

They give their heart and soul to someone when that person dedicates to them, as well.

Even if, initially, she will feel shy and reserved around you, eventually she will engage in long and interesting conversations.

She will take note of every little detail about you, and she will modify her work schedule to make more time for you.

Virgo women are very thoughtful about others, so, when they are in love, they will make sure to provide a lot of acts of service for their loved to ease them in life.

How to Tell a Virgo Woman is in Love with You

1. They will be reliable

They will always show up for their lover and will invest effort in understanding their expectations.

They will take care of small duties which might concern her lover. They will clean up their room, schedule their program, put some books in order and take care of other unresolved issues.

Virgo women pay a lot of attention to small details both in their own life and others. When a Virgo is in love, she will know exactly what to do in order for their loved one to feel more relaxed.

2. They will make time for you

Virgo women are usually very preoccupied with their professional life.

They are well known over-achievers and invest most of their time and energy towards professional duties.

The little free time Virgo women have for themselves is usually spent resting for recovering their energy. Therefore, if a Virgo woman offers her spare time to spend it with someone, it means she is really into that person. 

3. They will open up

They will open up to you and speak about how you make them feel. Virgo women are introverted and usually very private when it comes to their inner world.

A Virgo takes longer to build relationships and trust since they are naturally skeptic.

They are also less likely to open out or be vulnerable with others since they tend to conceal their emotions.

Virgo women are very self-conscious and, if she opens up, then this damsel caught a thing there for you.

How to Show a Virgo you Love Them

1. Respect them                      

Pay very careful attention to their habits and treat them with respect.

They treat their work with high attention to detail and responsibility, therefore, they will dedicate most of their time towards their job.

For this reason, they enjoy quality time as a love language, because this shows them the due respect towards the low amount of free time, they usually have for enjoying life as it is.

Attending a both fun and intellectually stimulating activity, such as a challenging board game, shall win their hearts for sure.

2. Listen and observe

Pay attention to their preferences. Virgo appreciates the process of getting to know someone.

By choosing a location that requires a reservation, particularly if it’s a popular restaurant, you can demonstrate to them that you pay attention to detail.

Be aware that they will check out every inch of the place and will analyze the interior design, the plating, the service, the toilets etc.

The more impeccable the place is, the more impressed she will be. Just be careful not to pick a place that’s too crowded, as Virgo women’s social energy can be quickly depleted.

3. Help them out

Provide a helping hand when needed and, in the case of these people, it’s often needed.

Virgos are the most helpful astrological sign there is. Consequently, they tend to exhaust themselves for other people and appreciate the most when they receive a lending hand, as well.

Offer to wash their dishes or ask them to let you help them with the shopping bags. They will be highly receptive to your willingness and might get a crush on you just because you are being nice and caring.

Which Other Signs Have This Love Language? (Love Language Compatibility)

Virgo people share the love language of acts of service with the other two earth signs, meaning Taurus and Capricorn.

When it comes to quality time, they enjoy receiving attention as well as Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Gemini people do.

These three signs need constant intellectual stimulation, and, therefore, they get bored very easy. For this reason, quality time shall mean for them different things than for Virgo people.

If fire signs need action in their spare time, Virgo needs intellectual stimulation and a soothing environment. So, for this reason, they get better with air signs in love compatibility than they do with fire signs.

Virgos also appreciate offering gifts to their lover as much as Capricorn, Taurus and Aquarius do. If Aquarius is a bit quirky for Virgo’s preferences, the other two earth signs appreciate the quality and good taste invested in the choices made by Virgo people when choosing their presents.


Virgoscan come across as completely mysterious since they are reserved, quiet, and little introverted. Although you are aware of your attraction to them, you can barely know how they feel about you. This happens because they are very self-conscious, contained and closed-off. However, once you follow the signs above, you will know when your Virgo crush shares the same feelings for you, and you will gain some hints what to do in order for them to fall in love with you back at the same level.

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