Venus in Taurus Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Venus in Taurus Woman

Being around the Venus in Taurus woman is fun as she is always full of energy. She comes across as a very confident woman, but that can also occasionally cross the line to being overly proud of herself.

Below are some examples of the stereotypical Venus in Taurus woman. Don’t forget that these are stereotypes only, and to get a more detailed and holistic understanding of how the stars impact you, you need to consult an astrologer who can look at your full natal chart.

Venus in Taurus Woman Personality

Commonly, a woman born with her Venus in Taurus has a spontaneous spirit.

The characteristics she possesses makes her distinctive and highly attractive. She’s often instantly noticed when she walks into a room. Below are her natural characteristics.

Venus in Taurus Woman Strengths

1. She’s very confident

When other women are reluctant to step out of their comfort zones, the woman born with her Venus in Taurus wil stride boldly into the unknown.

This confidence also makes her very attractive to the people around her. She will have men swooning for her because she appears to be floating above them, able to walk around without the self-doubt that so many of the rest of us feel.

Her confidence also means that she will often do things that the rest of us are too afraid to do. This might include applying for that dream job, approaching someone to ask them out on a date, or heading on a backpacking trip all on her own.

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2. She’s authentic

It’s rare that you will find a Venus in Taurus woman who isn’t true to herself. More commonly, she will be a woman who is trying to present the truest version of herself at all times.

This means that she might have quirky fashion sense. This is because she doesn’t care for following the latest trends. Rather, she will dress how she wants and how she feels matches her personality best.

Similarly, it also means that she will not let her parents or friends sway her on big decisions. If she wants to be an artist, that’s what she’ll do (even if her parents want her to be a doctor!). Pursuing anything but her passions, for her, would be going against her authentic self.

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Venus in Taurus Woman Weaknesses

1. She’s Egoistical

Some Venus in Taurus women regard themselves as always right, which frequently gets her into arguments with other people.

If you talk to her ex, he will tell you that she never thought she was wrong in any argument. Whenever they had a different opinion to her, they would end up getting into an altercation.

She runs the risk of coming across as self-righteous and having a superiority complex.

People who know her character will walk on eggshells and avoid saying something that might trigger an argument.

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2. She’s Overly Proud

Pride in yourself can be a good thing, and many women with Venus in Taurus have a good level of self-pride. It is, in moderation, simply confidence!

But too much pride can come across as arrogance. At her most extreme, this is the case with the Venus in Taurus woman.

She might speak well of herself, thinking it’s confidence. But people around her might privately think she is super arrogant and thinks more of herself than she really should.

Even when she is objectively better than other people at something, she should be humble. She should remember not to boast about her achievements and instead put her focus on praising the people around her.

Venus in Taurus Woman Ideal Careers

1. Business Executive

The Venus in Taurus woman is well-suited to being an executive in a business.

Her confidence can carry her a long way in business. She can rise to the top of a business to become the CEO. She will be able to make important decisions with self-confidence while also connecting well with the people around her due to her authenticity.

She will also be able to give great speeches to her staff. She has that charismatic nature ad self-belief that is needed to motivate others.

2. Sales and Marketing

The Venus in Taurus woman would be a great salesperson because she has the boldness to approach people and convince them to buy things!

Her confidence to walk up to someone and try to convince them of her viewpoint serves well in this job. Whereas her ex might say “she always thinks best, and it’s annoying”, in a sales situation, it’s often highly convincing.

Simultaneously, that self-pride will mean that she can walk up to someone and sell her products with the belief that the products she provides are the best on the market.

Venus in Taurus Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible: Venus in Cancer

The Venus in Taurus woman is most compatible with the man who has his Venus in cancer. This is due to their common values.

They both value authenticity and try to be true to themselves. He will respect that she doesn’t try to be anyone but herself; while she will respect that he’s forging his own path in his life.

He will love her confidence and it will make him even more attracted to her.

Their relationship will be like a blazing fire that others admire and wish to be involved in.

2. Least Compatible: Venus in Leo

The Venus in Taurus woman is less compatible with the Venus in Leo man.

He is quiet and peaceful while the Venus in Taurus woman is very talkative.

She loves to argue. But since he is a calm guy, he tends to retreat from arguments. When he avoids a fight by walking out, it triggers her more. They will end up fighting even more, which is not healthy for a relationship.

Furthermore, her confidence comes across to him as ego.


The energy a Venus in Taurus woman spreads is infectious. She is confident to walk into a room and entertain people around her

However, she needs to refrain from being over-confident, which can come across as pridefulness and ego.