Venus in Capricorn Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Venus in Capricorn Woman

The Venus in Capricorn woman is often misunderstood by the people in her circle. She’s responsible and keeps secrets well, but sometimes her brashness comes across as very rude and condescending.

Below are some examples of the stereotypical Venus in Capricorn woman.

Don’t forget that these are stereotypes only, and to get a more detailed and holistic understanding of how the stars impact you, you need to consult an astrologer who can look at your full natal chart.

Venus in Capricorn Woman Personality

A Venus in Capricorn has strengths that accelerate her towards accomplishing but also weaknesses that drag her progress. They are as follows.

Venus in Capricorn Woman Strengths

1. She’s prudent and responsible

The Venus in Capricorn woman is ready to be held responsible for her actions because she lives an open and honest life.

She uses the authenticity and honesty that is at her core as her secret strength. She knows these are valued traits that gain her respect from people around her.

She often finds herself looking within for wisdom to help her make the right decisions. All the things she does are legitimate in her mind because she only makes decisions that are true to herself.

2. She keeps secrets

The Venus in Capricorn woman is careful with her words as well as her deeds. She is the type to entrust your secret as she commits to not disclose them to anyone even when coerced to do so.

She vigilantly chooses her words right and executes her actions so as to keep your secrets close.

However, she also keeps her own secrets very close to her chest.

She covers her tracks and will only share information with trusted people. She has a highly organized mind, knowing what information she has shared (and to whom).

Venus in Capricorn Woman Weaknesses

1. She’s materialistic

The Venus in Capricorn woman values material things. She often find people’s worth in the material wealth they own as cars, houses, and money.

As a result, she often finds herself getting into a relationship with a man because they have money, own multiple businesses, or are famous. Before long, she realizes she loves his belongings rather than him, and may feel regret in the long run.

It’s also possible that she doesn’t care about people who have nothing material to offer her. She is hypocritical when she wants something and when she gets it off you, you are no longer of value to her.

She may also be thirsty for success that she did not work for. She wants to use others to achieve luxurious homes, cars, or money. Some recognize her materialistic character while others do not since she conceals it well (remember, she’s the master of secrets).

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2. She’s seen as disrespectful

The Venus in Capricorn woman is seen as having no respect for other people. This is reflected in the above point, where she cares more for material belongings than people’s hearts.

It is at times difficult to get into a relationship with her because when in a relationship, she appears to lack respect for her partner. She rudely talks to him without putting into consideration how it makes him feel.

She needs to be careful about this brashness and learn from her mistakes in past relationships.

Venus in Capricorn Woman Ideal Careers

1. Detective

The Venus in Capricorn woman can make a good detective since she is tactful and efficient. The nature of being a detective requires a discreet person and she fits it best.

When investigating something, the suspects will think they left non clue; but she will figure it out. She will ensure that all the possible avenues are examined and do it very quietly, not playing her cards until the last moment.

One flaw she may have in this job is her brashness. She will not be able to get information from someone if she approaches them disrespectfully. To enable ease while working, she will have to change her attitude towards others by being respectful.

2. Freelancer

She is suited to being a freelancer due to her brash way of interacting with people. In her workplace, she talks over people and wants to be the only one being listened to even when she is not the boss.

If she is the head of her team at work, she does not respect the consensus made of the terms and conditions of one being an employee in the organization.

As a result, a career in freelancing enables her to break free of teams and bosses and forge her own path.

Venus in Capricorn Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible: Venus in Scorpio

The Venus in Capricorn woman is most compatible with the man who has his Venus in Scorpio.

This man admires how she is takes responsibility for herself. He loves the vigilance the woman shows in ensuring her life flows on a successful path.

With her, he will change how he perceives life and start to be positive that he will achieve good things. He is convinced he was brought to earth to have a life with the Venus in Capricorn woman and he will stop at nothing until he makes their relationship work.

Similarly, she is charmed by how the Venus in Scorpio man is determined to win him over. She is attracted to his physique and wants to be next to him for the rest of her life.

She likes how he is calm and friendly with everyone, and it offsets her brashness well. Her obsession with him makes her commit to being a better person, put materialism behind her, and try to make their relationship work.

2. Least Compatible: Venus in Leo

The Venus in Capricorn woman is least compatible with the Venus in Leo man.

He is disinterested in a woman who values material things to people. He has plenty but is willing to share with someone who will reciprocate it with true love from day one.

The man is a champion of honoring other people’s boundaries and it will get messy since he has no patience for people who are disrespectful.


The Venus in Capricorn woman is a winner who will not quit despite any challenges that arise. To ensure that success, she needs to be aware that sometimes she can come across as rude. She will not get where she wants to go if she gives in to her desire to be disrespectful to others.

Good luck does not come to those who cause pain to others. She will not create meaningful relationships if she is driven by her materialistic desires.