Taurus Love Languages: How do they Show their Love?

The two Taurus love languages are gift giving and physical touch.

Taurus people are the most sensual zodiacal personalities. They are hard-working, stubborn, practical, and oriented towards ensuring a comforting future for themselves.

Therefore, it is not hard to guess that the preferred love language of these people is offering gifts, especially when the gifts are well suited for their preferences.

Because they are very sensual beings, they also adore physical touch.

It is tremendously important for them to be held and caressed by their dear ones to feel safe and loved. Last, but not least, they adore if you show them your love by acts of service.

Taurus Love Languages

What are the Five Love Languages?

According to Gary Chapman, the five common love languages are physical touch, gifts, quality time, acts of service, and words of affirmation.

If you are into physical touch, you express and receive love by touching, kissing, hugging, holding hands, and other physical contact.

If your love language is offering gifts, your heart is won when receiving a meaningful present which tells you how much the other knows about you.

When your love language is acts of service, you need your partner to pay attention to your daily chores and voluntarily give you a hand to lessen a bit your life.

If you are the more active type or the kind who enjoys experiencing new things with your loved one, then your love language is expressed by sharing quality time.

When your love language is words of affirmation, words of kindness, praising, talking softly, speaking about feelings is what makes you feel loved.

Taurus Man Love Language

The most specific love language for this sign is physical touch. Taurus people can be the clingiest astrological sign when it comes to physical connection needs.

When their heart is stollen by someone, they will feel the need to touch their hand often to showthem their interest.

In numerous ways, a Taurus guy shall put a woman to the test in love. But among them, honesty, trust, but mostly a willingness to support others are the top three.

Therefore, he will want to know if you are oriented towards acts of service because this type of generosity is really treasured by these men. Taurus males tend to value commitment over flings.

How to Tell a Taurus Man is in Love with You

1. They will want to spoil you with gifts                                                       

Taurus men are very generous with the master of their hearts.

They will pay attention to your preferences, and they will surprise you with those glamorous earrings you shown him last time when you went to the mall together.

However, these men are also stubborn and, even if they know you enjoy their gifts, they will ask you to wear them during your date. This way, he will feel more confident about being able to please you.

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2. They will grab your hand when they speak to you

This love language is the most characteristic expression of Taurus people. For this reason, it makes them unable to resist touching their lover, which they do very often.

If they are shy, they might make physical contact seem accidental or spontaneous. However, this is a sign that is incredibly tactile and sensual.

They adore the kissing and touching even without any other intimate contactand be sure they make excellent lovers, as well.

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3. They will be curious about your favorite foods and restaurants.

Taurus people are the gourmands of the zodiac and when they start asking questions about your allergies and your favorite drinks, be sure they have already planned a fancy night out at the place of your dreams.

They have very good taste and go only after the finer things.Therefore, have no doubts that they will choose the best place in town to have a romantic candle dinner with an unforgettable feast.

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Taurus Female Love Language

Female Tauruswill be head over heels for you if you offer them quality gifts.

Expensive perfumes, luxurious jewelry, or quality cosmetics shall win without cure the heart of these ladies.

This happens because Taurus women are very sensual beings and adore whatever stimulates their senses, whether by means of quality scents or with the help of a visually enchanting necklace.

Taurus women shall be delighted also by a tasty dinner somewhere at a fancy restaurant and an old bottle of their preferred wine.

If you also help her with the choresaround the house one can already bet, she already chose you for her forever husband.

How to Tell a Taurus Woman is in Love with You

1. They will become possessive about you around other women

Taurus women are well known for their possessiveness when they get their eyes on a guy they like.

They have trouble being discreet from this point of view. Therefore, when they are around a man they feel attracted to, they will try to keep all his attention on them.

They will also mark their territory in front of other potential partners by touching him often and sometimes they will express their interest even verbally.

2. They willask questions about your “senses’” preferences

They might change their shampoo to make their hair softer and even start wearing your favorite female perfume.

Taurus women put a lot of emphasis on whatever stimulates the senses and are very well attuned to their seduction skills.

They will pay even more attention to the fabrics they wear to make sure that you feel pleased when touching their outfits.

Nevertheless, the sensual experiences with these ladies will be without any doubt catchy,distinctive and striking.

3. They willlook for ways to touch you often

The preferred language of Taurus people is physical touch. Offering a truly excellent hug or simply grabbing thehand ofsomeone they love isan obvious sign that these women are into you.

When they are in love, they can barely help themselves keeping their hands off the guy they like.

If they are unable to do so, they will softly touch themselves in a flirtatious manner, until the guy they want to seduce is caught in their net.

How to Show a Taurus you Love Them

1. Invite them to dinner

Invite them to a tasty gourmet dinner and stimulate their senses. Taurus people adore fine dining and quality beverages.

Ask them out to their favorite place in town and talk to the restaurant to reservethe nicest table around the place.

Surprise your partner by putting on his favorite perfume and grab an outfit with a fine texture. Also, make sure your hands are soft because your Taurus partner will have trouble keeping his hands off you.

2. Surprise them with gifts

Offer them gifts as a surprise. Pay notice to their wish list and start saving money because the tastes of these people are not cheap at all.

They despise cheap products, but not in terms of prices, but in matters of quality. It is better if you grab them a tasty French croissant than a low-quality jewel.

They also appreciate a clean look for their partner, so when you buy something for them, make sure you grab something for yourself, as well.

3. Help them out

Give them a helping hand when needed. Taurus people are very hard-working, ambitious, and stubborn.

However, they tend to overload themselves with matters to do. For this reason, you can win their hearts by paying attention to the many chores they have to solve and voluntarily offer to help.

Most likely, they will refuse at first because of their stubbornness and willingness to do everything by themselves.

However, if you offer to take out the garbage in their place and give them a cup of coco, they will most likely give in and relax.

Which Other Signs Have This Love Language? (Love Language Compatibility)

Along with Taurus, Virgos, Capricorns, Cancers, and Pisces people enjoy physical touch as their love language.

Earth signs deeply enjoy cuddling, caressing, and holding hands with their partners, along with Cancers and Pisces.

These people feel more secure when feeling the other physically next to them, so they will not avoid grabbing your hand when you are around.

When it comes to receiving gifts, Taurus people share this love language with the other two earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, but also with Aquarius.

However, for Taurus the quality of the gifts is more important than for the water bearer, because for the later the originality of the gift is more important than its price.

Finally, because they are very helpful people, Taurus enjoys acts of service as much as Virgos and Capricorns do.


The most sensual sign of the zodiac is also one of the most charming one when being in love. Because Taurus is Venusian ruled, these people really do know how to spoil someone they care for.

Great food, sensual touch, mesmerizing odors are the secrets of seduction practiced by Taurus people. If your zodiacal sign is compatible with them do not avoid giving them a chance.

They are loyal partners and, even if they can become possessive sometimes, they are reliable, generous, and very loving.

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