Symbolism Of Blindness (7 Meanings)

Blindness is often associated with a lack of insight and understanding, as well as a sense of vulnerability and helplessness. Blindness also reflects an inability to open oneself up to others, resulting in isolation and loneliness.

In a spiritual context, blindness can represent being spiritually blind or unable to see the truth. It may also signify a lack of enlightenment and self-realization.

Symbolism Of Blindness

Remember that symbolism is subjective. The below are examples of possible interpretations only, and may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

Blindness Symbolism and Meanings

1. A Refusal to See Reality

Blindness not only symbolizes an inability to see the physical world, but it can also represent a refusal to accept certain truths.

Some people may be so overcome by fear or despair or pride that they choose to keep their eyes shut even when confronting challenging but potentially life-changing facts or events.

By blocking out the information that could upend their worldview and accepted beliefs, they will remain in spiritual darkness and unable to face the truth of reality.

The way out of this kind of blindness is often difficult and uncomfortable since it requires facing adversity and changing one’s perspective on life.

2. A Loss of Faith or Innocence

Blindness often symbolizes a loss of faith or innocence due to its inability to experience the physical world.

We are led to believe that physical sight is strongly connected with our ability to interpret and make sense of the things around us. As a result, when someone loses their sight, there is an implication that they have lost the ability to truly interpret the world in which they live, leading them to become less trusting and naïve about it.

Additionally, this blindness can represent an inability for characters in literature or film to see beyond certain obligations or ideals, freeing them from having to continue following rigid structures and beliefs.

The use of blindness as a symbol of the loss of faith or innocence allows readers and audiences further insight into how characters struggle with their own moral dilemmas while navigating difficult ethical guidelines.

3. Facing Challenges and Hardships

Blindness is a silent metaphor for the challenges and hardships a person may face in life.

It is an encompassing physical symbol of loss, difficulties, and trying circumstances. People who suffer from blindness, irrespective of the cause, must learn to adjust and cope with the obstacles they are presented with on a day-to-day basis.

Whether it be finding ways to navigate around their environment or learning new ways to self-express through alternative forms of communication, blindness serves as an ever-present reminder of what it takes to prevail against the odds.

Considering these difficulties can give insight into how much inspiration and courage it takes to overcome daily struggles as an individual or within a larger social context.

4. Ignorance and Unawareness

Blindness is often a symbol of ignorance and unawareness because it literally means the inability to see and therefore, the lack of understanding or knowledge.

In literature and allegory, those who are blind represent characters who cannot wholly comprehend their reality due to a lack of connection with life around them.

To be blind, in this sense, is to have all of the elements to create a beautiful image but are unable to come together due to an absence of sight.

On an emotional level, being unable to “see” what is happening around us can lead us down roads we may not otherwise have traveled; roads that challenge our understanding of ourselves and our place in society.

5. Denial of the Truth

Blindness has long been thought of as a representation of people unwilling or unable to face the truth.

In particular, it symbolizes people whose pride and hubris prevent them from seeing facts about themselves and the world around them.

Symbols of blindness occur in literature, mythology, and popular culture.

6. Loneliness and Isolation

Blindness can be a powerful symbol of loneliness and isolation because it robs a person of their sense of sight–which is often one of the most essential qualities to connect with other people.

In addition, it limits the social interactions that can be had and thus leads to feelings of separation from society at large.

Furthermore, those living with blindness face unique challenges and disadvantages in activities like education, employment, and daily life that many people with sight take for granted.

Even navigation can become almost impossible without the ability to perceive one’s environment visually.

7. Disorientation and Lack of Direction

Blindness has often been used in literature and other works of art to represent disorientation and lack of direction.

The act of being blind represents the mental anguish that a character experiences when they feel lost in life, whether literally or metaphorically.

To be without sight implies confusion because, without light and visual information, one must rely solely on their other senses which can often lead down many paths with no definite sense of the way.

As a result, blindness symbolizes vast disorientation since it prevents the individual from plotting out their life’s journey and making progress toward reaching their goals.

Dream Meaning Of Blindness

Blindness can also be interpreted as a dream symbolism for people who are struggling to make sense of their lives.

Dreams about blindness are usually associated with a lack of clarity and understanding – indicating that the person cannot view things accurately or objectively.

In some cases, it could also represent denial and refusal, suggesting that the dreamer is deliberately blinding themselves to the truth. Blindness in dreams could also be related to a feeling of helplessness or lack of control, suggesting that the dreamer may feel overwhelmed by their circumstances and unable to find an answer or solution.


Blindness, in literature and popular culture, is a powerful symbol of ignorance, unawareness, denial of the truth, loneliness and isolation, disorientation, and lack of direction. As a dream symbolism, it can suggest confusion and helplessness. However, even though it may seem like an insurmountable obstacle when explored metaphorically, blindness can be seen as a gift of self-reflection and growth.