Scorpio Rising Appearance & Traits (Man & Woman)

Scorpio Rising Appearance & Traits

The trademark of the Scorpio Ascendant is their hypnotic eyes and piercing gaze. They walk into a room and examine their surroundings, keeping their observations to themselves.

Ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and energy, they have a natural allure that sparks intrigue in others. They exude natural sex appeal. If Aries is directly seductive, Scorpio prefers to give theirs a sense of mystery.

Since Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, there is an undeniable sensuality in the way Scorpio Risings present themselves. This could be through clothing, makeup, or their movements and mannerisms.

Scorpio Risings appear to always be self-defensive. They have a ‘dark’ look to them, almost gothic.

Scorpio Rising Appearance

Scorpio Ascendants are known for their sharp bird-like features, particularly the nose, which is either straight or big. Their smiles are usually tighter or seem restrained.

As with all the water signs, there is a tendency to gain weight. Regardless of body type, however, these natives are typically agile and move decisively.

The height is average or slightly shorter. Scorpio Risings are known for their mysterious appearance and deep eyes.

Lacking facial expressions, you are good at keeping your emotions hidden behind a calm exterior. Like fellow Martians Aries Ascendants, it is common to have some visible scarring or skin problems.

You look mysterious and even fierce. You are naturally suspicious and difficult to read.


Scorpio Risings like to dress in dark clothing. They have hooded eyes and piercing and broody gazes, much like a scorpion. Their skin may be yellowish and the lips full.

Scorpio Rising Male Appearance

Scorpio Risings are vampiric. They want to appear seductive but also sturdy. They come off as someone quiet and even dark.

Scorpio Rising men have a brooding and intimidating aura. They’re naturally suspicious and can be very intense when you first meet them.

Famous Scorpio Rising men include Jaden Smith, Vin Diesel, Clint Eastwood, Prince, River Phoenix, Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, Ozzy Osbourne, Frank Ocean, and Justin Bieber.

Scorpio Rising Female Appearance

Scorpio Rising women, like Aries risings, appear mysterious and intimidating, as their ruling planets are Mars and Pluto.

With a piercing gaze, their eyes are intense and fierce which could even seem cruel. They appear ‘witch-like’ and they are drawn to gothic looks and wardrobes.

The brows may be high. Others find it difficult to read you as you likely have a resting poker face.

Famous Scorpio Rising women include Lily-Rose Depp, Grace Kelly, Naomi Watts, Aretha Franklin, Martha Stewart, Lana del Ray, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Margaret Thatcher, and Janet Jackson.

Scorpio Rising Traits

A Scorpio Ascendant’s first instinct is to investigate. When you meet new people or start new projects, there is an innate need for you to control. Although you are usually good at keeping this at bay, it can burn you when completely repressed.

You have Aquarius in the 4th House, meaning you like to take liberty in how you decorate your home. Eccentricity equals comfort for you.

Like Aries, these are warriors always ready to protect themselves or their loved ones in a moment of crisis.

When wronged, their initial reaction is to get revenge, but this highly depends on the rest of their chart. If they don’t particularly care for you, they have a tendency to hold on to grudges.

Below are some traits of Scorpio Rising people.

1. You Are Careful and Deliberate

Scorpio risings are slow to start, much like their sisters, the Taurus ascendants. However, they are consistent and deliberate about their actions once they’re able to find their footing.

Combined with their natural passion, the fixed modality of Scorpio Ascendants makes them persistent in pursuing their goals.

You are someone who prefers to understand people before you feel comfortable revealing yourself to them.

When starting new projects or meeting people, you proceed with research or investigation.

2. People Think You Are Secretive

Scorpio Risings have a talent for being hidden. Somehow, they always spot you in a room long before you see them.

You notice both everything in your physical environment and the energy field surrounding you. You prefer observing people rather than being seen or scrutinized.

You rarely let anyone see your true feelings. But sometimes your secretive nature can backfire, as people cannot read your expressions, and they may feel reluctant or even tiptoe around you.

You have a reputation for being secretive and there is always a part of your life that you prefer to keep hidden, even from those closest to you.

According to Joanna Martine Woolfolk, Scorpio Ascendants have a tendency for secret love affairs at least once in life. It is also common for this placement to marry more than once.

3. Learn to Be in the Spotlight

Being a Scorpio Rising means that there is always something in the background that remains hidden. So you may feel uncomfortable exposing yourself in any way.

With Leo in your Midheaven, you find you find success when you gather the courage to put yourself out there.

You don’t have to become a completely open book to doing so. Rather, this placement promises great satisfaction when you embrace openness and accept recognition from others.

4. You’re Not Afraid of Commitment

Because of your fear of losing control, you attract partners who are stable and loyal (7th House Taurus).

As a lover, you are humble and reliable. You are committed, even to a fault, and crave partnerships that are of equally devoted caliber.

But you are also someone who prefers to understand people before you feel comfortable in revealing yourself to them. This way, you can be certain that others know exactly who they’re dealing with and vice versa.

5. You’re All or Nothing

Your quiet demeanor can make it difficult for others to see what you are actually feeling or thinking about an issue, but once they do, they will be surprised at how intense your passion can be!

Your tendency to hide comes from the primal need to hold on to power and control everything you encounter. The perfect situation for you is when you can pull the strings from behind the scenes.

There is even a sense of aggression in your daily routines (Aries 6th House). You will benefit from regular exercise.

Deep inside, you are actually quite sensitive, typically hiding your true self behind this intimidating facade. You are sentimental and remember the smallest details about people, and may even have difficulty letting go.

Your rich imagination and inclination to deep study combined with your determination and persistence can make for someone who can be successful in new beginnings.


a) What does Scorpio Rising Mean?

If you are a Scorpio rising, it means that you have Scorpio in your 1st house.

The 1st House or the Ascendant is the sign rising over the eastern horizon at the time of birth. According to astrologer Liz Greene, during our time in the womb, the universe is simply the self.

As we take on a body, we become an individual and our unique charts are formed.

Thus, at the moment of birth, the ascendant sign appears as we are. As with the sign that was born, the individual reflects its qualities.

The Ascendant represents identity, instinct, first impressions, appearance, and our initial style of engagement or how we ‘get things started’. The ruling planet of your Ascendant sign is called the chart ruler.

The Ascendant tells us about the clothes we wear, how we relate to our bodies, the car we drive, and even how we style our hair.

To find out your Ascendant sign, you must know your exact birth time as the current sign changes roughly every two hours.

b) What are Common Scorpio Traits?

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the scorpion. Ruled by Pluto (Modern) and Mars (Traditional), it represents passion, intensity, inner willpower, and transformation and regeneration. As a water sign, Scorpio is sensitive, sentimental, empathetic, and intuitive.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, disliking change and upheaval. But they are also deliberate and constant. Combined with its water element, Scorpio is dedicated to embracing depth and intensity.

Scorpios pursue their passions with great fervor. Theirs is an unmatched resilience.


A Scorpio Ascendant’s first instinct is to investigate. These are mysterious individuals who appear alluring. They have sharp features and are confident in their intimidating nature. There is an effortless sensuality in their style and mannerisms.

Your focus on the physical world and your top-notch intuition makes you a great detective. You are someone who prefers to understand people before you feel comfortable revealing yourself to them. This way, you can know what they’re thinking or feeling before they do.

Your Ascendant sign is only one point in your chart. It is helpful to study the rest of your natal chart, especially the sign of your chart rulers, Mars and Pluto, to understand how your rising sign is affected by other placements.