Scorpio Obsessed with Aquarius: Read Why

Scorpio Obsessed with Aquarius

Scorpio is smitten with Aquarius’ independent and revolutionary spirit, a refreshing change from Scorpio’s need for control and sometimes toxic intensity.

Aquarius’s rebellious nature and unconventional approach to life can intoxicate Scorpio, but they can’t help but be captivated by the water bearer’s frankness and unflinching individuality.

This fixed air sign offers Scorpio a new perspective on life that breaks free from stale traditions and routines.

Like Scorpio, airy Aquarius enjoys intellectual conversations, learning, and exploring new ideas. Aquarius is the breath of fresh air that Scorpio never knew they needed.

What Makes Aquarius Attractive?

They have strong convictions

They may not be your typical heartthrobs, but their unshakeable convictions make them so damn attractive.

They’re willing to take risks and speak out against injustices others may be too afraid to challenge.

It takes a lot of bravery to stick to your guns and stand firm in your principles, and Aquarians have that kind of courage in spades. We could all use a bit more of that passionate conviction!

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They are open minded quick-thinkers

The open-minded Aquarius defies the mundane and turns each moment into something extraordinary.

 Innovative and curious, these eccentric water bearers refuse to simply accept life at face value.

Unconstrained by society’s conventions, they choose to express themselves with originality and style. Endlessly creative, the zodiac’s quick-thinkers provide the world with a different perspective of the universe – one full of enthusiasm, exploration, and admiration.

For Aquarians, standing out is more than just a passing whim; it’s an obligation to make their mark on this world.

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They are bold and rebellious

Aquarius is a bit of a rebel.

Their refusal to play by the rules is a breath of fresh air in a world that can be predictable and conformist. Aquarians are the champions of social progress, never afraid to challenge the status quo regarding issues of race, gender, sexuality, and religion.

Their unconventional views allow them to think creatively and generate original ideas, but it can also sometimes make them appear out of touch to others. Still, there’s no denying that their progressive attitudes make them one-of-a-kind.

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Are Scorpio and Aquarius Compatible? (Why / Why Not?)

The romantic compatibility of Scorpio and Aquarius is intriguing but can be difficult to maintain. Still, the relationship has great potential for growth and evolution if both partners are willing to accept each other’s differences.

possessive nature may feel too restrictive to the independent-minded Aquarian. At the same time, the water bearer’s need for change and novelty can cause restlessness and detachment, making it hard for them to create an emotional bond.

Nevertheless, there is much that these two signs can learn from each other. The powerful emotions of Scorpio can be balanced by Aquarius’ rationality, while Scorpio’s secure and steady approach could nurture the creative freedom of Aquarius.

What Challenges would Scorpio and Aquarius Face in a Relationship?

Distrust or jealousy issues

Scorpio’s burning passion runs deeper than most, yet is frequently marred by doubt.

The scorpion tends to be intensely private and distrustful. They naturally project a vibe that says, “stay away.” This wariness can make it difficult for Aquarius to feel connected in the relationship.

The jealous tendencies of Scorpio is amplified if they sense their partner isn’t fully present or is overly friendly with others. They may struggle to bridge the gap between them and take their time to decide if the relationship is worth preserving.

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Freedom and intimacy

The difficult combination of Scorpio and Aquarius can cause trouble regarding the need for freedom and intimacy.

Scorpio tends to be a sign of intense emotions, seeking close bonds with people, while Aquarius is an air sign that desires space, independence, and detachment.

These two energies create conflicts when they are forced to exist in harmony. For example, Scorpio’s craving for connection and devotion may leave Aquarius trapped or suffocated.

In contrast, Aquarius’ sense of freedom may be perceived by Scorpio as an insult to the bond between them.

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Social needs and communication styles

Scorpio and Aquarius may find that even their most earnest attempts to communicate with each other often lead to misunderstandings.

As the introspective, emotion-driven Scorpio finds contentment in smaller, intimate circles, the fiercely independent Aquarius seeks adventure in larger, more diverse social circles.

Scorpio’s need for deep connections may leave Aquarius feeling stifled. Conversely, Aquarius’ independent streak can be draining for Scorpio. Such contrasts may require extra care and communication to overcome any discord.

How to Attract a Aquarius

Appreciate their quirks

Aquarians may be independent, but they still crave recognition and appreciation for their unique qualities.

Embrace their quirks and let them know that you value their individuality. Don’t try to tame or stifle that free spirit. Aquarians value liberty, and holding them back will only turn them off.

Instead, encourage them to explore their interests and share their brilliant ideas. They’ll be over the moon if you show that you appreciate their innovative minds.

Stimulate their mind

For Aquarius, the mind is paramount. Anything that challenges or stimulates this realm will pique their interest.

Be sure to have stimulating conversations with them. They love talking about the future and discussing the weirdest and strangest concepts—so don’t be afraid to initiate unusual topics.

They love to learn and expand their knowledge. To attract an Aquarius, you must be willing to go on a mental journey with them.

Support their independence

A relationship with this unique soul requires understanding and trust.

Make sure that you are not overly prescriptive or controlling when interacting with your Aquarian flame.

They need time away from you as much as with you, especially if they are interested in something that requires undivided attention, such as creative pursuits or spiritual quests.

Allow them these moments away from you without feeling threatened. Be secure in the knowledge that your bond is strong enough to sustain distance without negative repercussions.


Aquarius isn’t looking for someone to tie them down. They want someone to share an extraordinary journey with. The key to getting close to an Aquarius is developing a strong friendship first.

You won’t catch them in the ‘dating game’ or fawning over trends. Aquarius wants someone special by their side, someone who doesn’t play by society’s games.

Taking it slow and earning their trust is essential, as is showing respect for their need for freedom and independence. With an Aquarius, don’t be clingy. They crave connection but not one that suffocates.