Scorpio Descendant: Personality Traits and Compatibility

Scorpio Descendant

If you have a Scorpio descendant in your natal chart, you will likely have an aura of mystery about you but also enjoy deep connections with others. You’re a generous friend.

The following discussion explains how to interpret your descendant sign. Note that this is a broad-brush explanation only and may not fully resonate with you. To get a personalized reading, you’ll need to talk to an astrologer who can look at your whole natal chart.

What Do Descendant Signs Represent?

The Descendant sign is often considered “the relationship sign”. It is found on the opposite side on the zodiac wheel to the Ascendant sign and is at the top of the seventh house.

Whilst the Ascendant sign is about self-image and representation, the Descendant is all about what you seek in relationships with others. It embodies the traits and characteristics that you want in a partner or friend.

The Descendant represents what qualities you admire in those around you and can show what part of yourself you wish to grow and evolve.

Many people use the Descendant sign to find out what kind of partner they need in their life to help them grow and evolve as a person and a couple.

5 Things Scorpio Descendant Means

1. Deep connections

Scorpio Descendant’s value deep connections with those around them. For a Scorpio Descendant having a surface level connection with someone is not enough – no matter who it is, you will always want to get to know them in a more intimate way.

As a Scorpio Descendant you ask questions others may be afraid to, and don’t shy away from personal details. You think it is important to feel close and bonded to those in your life. Your ideal friend or partner prompts you to think about life and relationships on a deeper level.

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2. Mystery

If there is one thing that Scorpio Descendants are not – it is boring. Scorpio Descendant’s love mystery and do not shy away from anything.

Many people may assume as a Scorpio Descendant that you are mysterious and have a long list of secrets, however it does not take much for you to open up to those you trust.

You enjoy learning more about the worlds mysteries and always want to expand your mind.

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3. Stability

As a Scorpio Descendant you are likely very grounded and secure in your life and relationships.

You most likely have not experienced any major traumas, or if you have, you have resolved these with assistance and support. You remain grounded and connected to your roots – family, home and friends, no matter what changes occur in your life.

You are a reliable and dependable friend and most likely keep the same people in your life for many years.

4. Excitement

Whilst you may be more grounded and calmer when alone, in social settings you crave and enjoy excitement.

It is likely that many of the people in your close circle are “life of the party” types, because for some reason that energy draws you in. You enjoy people who can let their hair down and probably join them on their adventures and sometimes thrive in the spontaneity.

Despite your nature it is not uncommon for crazy scenarios to involve you (usually indirectly).

5. Sharing                                                          

Finances and success are very important to a Scorpio Descendant;however, you are not at all selfish with your success. You value partnerships and will split any costs with your significant other in a relationship.

You will likely request that all resources be pooled together for joint use with the goal to grow and achieve goals as a couple. Scorpio Descendants have no issue being the primary breadwinner in a relationship and acknowledge that contributions do not have to be monetary.

You may find a power struggle in some relationships due to your drive for success and affinity for sharing – however when you find someone like minded you will thrive.

What Signs are Scorpio Descendants Attracted to?

Scorpio Descendants are attracted to exciting and adventurous signs. Whilst they themselves are stable and secure they enjoy being around spontaneity and bold energies.

They want someone who can open up on a deeper level and not hold back when sharing details about themselves.

Scorpio Descendant’s relationships are usually passionate and intense, however when the balance of energies is just right they will have fulfilling and long lasting partnerships. 

Scorpio Descendant Compatibility

Most Compatible Signs

1. Leo

Leos bring the excitement and bold energy to any relationship they are in – and with a Scorpio Descendant that makes the perfect storm. Together a Scorpio Descendant and Leo would enjoy an exciting and adventurous relationship.

They can balance each other’s energies almost perfectly and find a harmony amongst chaos and stability.

2. Scorpio

Whilst an overload of Scorpio energy may seem like a recipe for disaster, this pairing would actually be a powerful and confident partnership.

Whilst in the early stages of dating their may be a bit of a power struggle between the two, once they are able to work those out and come to an agreement they will thrive and be incredibly successful together.

3. Capricorn

Capricorns are incredibly driven and high achieving individuals who crave power and success. Despite their drive for success however, they make excellent partners to someone who appreciates their drive and motivation.

A Scorpio Descendant and Capricorn relationship would be incredibly compatible and see them both achieving their goals in record time.

Least Compatible Signs

1. Libra

Libras are too highly strung for a Scorpio Descendant. Whilst they may make great friends, as soon as the relationship became serious and involved goals and careers, they would likely be unable to come to any sort of compromise.

Libra’s enjoy structure and routine and do not leave too much room in their lives for excitement and adventures. This would have a Scorpio Descendant feeling stuck and bored.

2. Taurus

A Taurus and a Scorpio Descendant would likely be attracted to one another on first impressions; however, the relationship would be unlikely to last too long.

Whilst Taurus individuals are driven and motivated, they are also too alike to Scorpio Descendants in that they are secure and stable and do not include too much excitement or mystery in their lives. This relationship would end up being more like a housemate situation.

How to Attract a Scorpio Descendant

Scorpio Descendant’s want someone who is fun and adventurous. The best way to attract a Scorpio Descendant is to be your bold and funny self.

They are drawn to the person with the biggest energies in the room – whether its mysterious or adventurous.


Scorpio Descendant’s make excellent partners in that they value connection, sharing resources and building a happy life together with their spouse. They also want some excitement and thrill in their life and do not run away from a little bit of mystery.