Sagittarius Love Languages: How do they Show their Love?

The preferred love languages of a Sagittarius are quality time, words of affirmation, and meaningful gifts which describe their exploratory personality.

Because they are upbeat, adventurous, ambitious, and free-spirited, Sagittarians detest being bound by obligations. These people treasure authenticity and their freedom the most.

You’ll have to get used to the bluntness, flightiness, and no-strings-attached attitude of a Sagittarius if you fall in love with them.

They tend to be very social and friendly and enjoy life to the full. They also tend to get attached to certain ways of thinking andlove to explore new surroundings.

Nevertheless, if their partner is persuasive and intelligent, they can be open to change, in general.

Sagittarius Love Languages

What are the Five Love Languages?

The five common love languages are physical touch, gifts, quality time, acts of service, and words of affirmation, according to Gary Chapman.

If you enjoy physical contact, touching, kissing, embracing, holding hands, and other forms of physical contact are ways to show and receive love.

If giving gifts is your love language, receiving a thoughtful gift that reveals how much the other person knows about you will win your heart.

When your partner shows you love by acts of service, you need them to take an interest in your everyday tasks and offer to help you so that your life can be a little easier.

Your love language is demonstrated if you are an adventurous or active person who enjoys trying new things with the people you care about.

So, if you prefer to be more active or enjoy doing new things with your partner, then spending quality time together is how you display your love.

You might also feel loved when someone uses your love language, which may be words of affirmation.

When this language is your type, kindness, praise, or talking softly and about feelings are the way for you to know you are cherished.

Sagittarius Man Love Language

The best love language of the Sagittarius men is to words of affirmation which will pique both their pretentious ego and their curiosity.

They seek constant stimulation in order to broaden their perspectives. Therefore, deep discussions and words of appreciation for their deep insight shall make them lose their mind over you.

When they have a chance to be still, Sag men appreciate the love language of quality time as well.While Sagittarius, the explorer of the zodiac, may appear restless, these people genuinely value quality time spent with their significant other.

So, if you manage to get a Sagittarius man’s attention, be sure they will want to share with you whatever new experiences they find out about, as well as newcultures to explore.

How to Tell a Sagittarius Man is in Love with You

1. They will invite you to travel abroadtogether

Sagittarius is the architype of the traveler, the gipsy and teacher.

Jupiter ruled people, they love to explore new territories, either mentally or physically. Therefore, because they are always into discovering new things, if they are in love, they will ask you to join them during their trips.

They will want to share with you the same curiosity and enthusiasm about their travel and about exploring life, in general.

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2. They willmake many compliments

Sagittarius men do not usually open up about their feelings except when someone really catches their attention.

When this happens, they tend to make a lot of compliments to the lady they like. They will speak appreciative words about your sense of humor and sense of adventure.

One of their main love languages is words of affirmation, therefore be sure that, if you decide to enter a relationship with these people, they will expect you to praise them as often as they do with you.

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3. They will pay attention to what you speak about

Sagittarius tend to be lost in their heads very often, like their opposing sign, Gemini.

This happens because they are always on the lookout for new ways of having fun and exploring life. The life span of their attention is usually very short.

They tend to change their minds quickly and to have trouble paying attention to what others around them have to say.

Therefore, if it happens for a Sagittarian man to listen carefully to what you say, it means that he is really interested in you.

Sagittarius Woman Love Language

Sagittarius women are spontaneous, unpredictable, and full of life. These women show their love being even more enthusiastic about life than they already are.

 When they get a crush on someone, they tend to speak louder, love a lot and to flirt by being playful and charismatic.

If you want to show your love to these ladies, make sure you can find some place to visit together where she has never been before.

Next to spending quality time together, these ladies need to hear you express your love for them.

Therefore, words of affirmation which speaks about your appreciation for their knowledge shall sweep them off their feet.

How to Tell a Sagittarius Woman is in Love with You

1. They will open up

They will open themselves to you by expressing their most intimate thoughts.

Sagittarius women are intense and are usually very closed off and are well known for their secretive tendencies.

This happens because they are very sensitive people and, therefore, avoid showing any vulnerability to avoid getting hurt.

When they suffer, they suffer deeply so it’s best for them to protect their feelings. If they do open up it means they have an interest in you.  

2. They willslow down when they are around you

Sagittarius women are very energetic, enthusiastic about life and always on the move.

When someone sparks their heart, they will start moving slower around them.

This happens because they want to pay a lot of attention to the person they like and, always because they are aware that their energy can become overwhelming for others.

Therefore, if a Sagittarian lady turns off her motors around a guy, it means that she will want to know more about him.

3. They willwant you to meet all her friends

Sagittarius women are very social and usually have a broad network of people they meet on a regular basis.

 They are very loyal to their group; therefore, they will want you to know about all their awesome buddies.

She will also want to be a part of your life; therefore she will show willingness to get to know your friends, too.

Invite her to your upcoming gathering or plan a trip with the group. She’ll feel more connected to you after getting to know the meaningful friends in your life.

How to Show a Sagittarius you Love Them

1. Take them on adventures

Invite them for an extreme sports game, or just for an adventure of any kind.

If you ask them to go on a road trip with you on short notice or just spontaneously suit up to take them out for a soda in the middle of the night.

When dating a Sagittarius, you must always be prepared for the unexpected and, also, be available to surprise him often.

Them anticipates that his spouse will share his enthusiasm for the idea of constantly trying something new.

2. Give them space

Avoid being clingy and give them plenty of personal space.

Sagittarius people treasure their independence, and they seek a partner who is the same. They need a lot of time for themselves to check out whatever new adventures they are up to.

Letting them know about your own hobbies, friends and self-care time shall make you seem even more attractive to them.

On the other hand, it will help you both enjoy even more the time spend together because you give each other room to miss one another.

3. Learn together                     

Sagittarius people enjoy learning about everything – including their lovers.

The focus of these Jupiter-ruled signs is exploration, both intellectually and geographically.

These people were born to travel the world in search of the truth and fresh knowledge. When in love, archers will want to find out your childhood fantasies, your worst fears, and all your life goals.

Also, allow your Sagittarius partner to decide when to divulge information about themselves without answering their inquiries. They will value your consideration for their freedom and privacy.

Which Other Signs Have This Love Language? (Love Language Compatibility)

Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, and Leos are astrological signs who enjoy spending quality time together with the owner of their hearts as much as Sagittarius do.

All these signs are fully into new experiences and none of them will hesitate to ask their partner on a road trip, an amusement park or simply a new sports activity.

When it comes to words of affirmation, Sagittarius enjoys bragging about their feelings to their loved one the same way as Aries, Gemini, Cancers, and Libras.

They will often want to hear you say how much you appreciate their personality, their freedom of thought and, usually, whatever you consider is special in their way of going through life.

When it comes to sharing the love language of offering gifts, these people love to show their appreciation the same way earth signs, Aquarius and Gemini people do.

Presents which speak about the personality of their loved one shall be a frequent prove of love in their relationships.


Sagittarius people are fascinating beings, born with a never-ending curiosity to broaden their views. They are also well-known for the high importance they place on their world views, therefore they have quite a preeminent sense of self. For this reason, one can win their heart by words of affirmation which shows them how much you appreciate their thirst for knowledge and exploration. Offering them quality time by traveling together shall also turn them head over heels for you, while you both have fun, enjoy life and expand your horizons.

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