Red Spider Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism (11 Omens)

The color red is associated with vitality, passion, and power. Red spiders gain their symbolic meaning from this association.

Furthermore, because spiders are feminine, we generally look at them as signs of feminine virality, feminine passion, and feminine power.

Red spiders have thus been associated with passionate love and romance where the woman is in control of the relationship. In some cultures, it is believed that if a woman dreams of a red spider, it means that she will be a matriarch in her future.

Red spiders have also been linked to abundance. Little red spiders are often colloquially called ‘money spiders’ because they are said to bring financial fortune.

Red Spider Spiritual Meaning

Red Spider Spiritual Meaning

1. Danger

One of the most popular symbols of danger is the red spider. This is common, for example, with the black widow whose red hourglass pattern signals danger.

The reason we use red as a sign of danger (e.g. on traffic lights and stop signs) is because this is what it means in nature. Many red animals and plants have developed that color to signify to predators that they’re poisonous.

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2. Caution

The red spider is a universal symbol of caution. Clearly, this is related to the danger symbolism noted above.

This creature has been associated with death, violence, and blood in many cultures throughout history. This creature is often considered to be poisonous, and its bright red color is thought to warn potential prey of its venomous nature.

Even people who see a money spider as a symbol of financial prosperity note that the red on the spider means you need to be careful when the money comes your way, or else you will lose it.

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3. Someone’s Being Sneaky

Often in dreams, it’s interpreted that a red spider means someone is being sneaky in your waking life.

Keep an eye on how the spider walks around in your dream. Is it sneaking? If so, this only serves to reinforce that symbolic meaning.

Spiders in general are often seen as sneaky and conniving creatures, which also fits well with this symbolic meaning.

Finally, spiders are also known for their ability to spin webs, which can be seen as a metaphor for the way that Predatorily catches its prey.

With all of these factors considered, it’s easy to see why the red spider is such an appropriate symbol for sneakiness.

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4. Sexual Attraction

The red spider has been used as a symbol of sexual attraction for centuries.

One theory is that the color red is associated with heat and passion, making it an ideal color to represent desire. Another theory is that the red spider is a representation of powerful and beautiful femininity.

Whatever the reason, the red spider has come to be synonymous with sexuality and is often used to represent concepts such as seduction and temptation.

You may dream of this spider, or even cross it in nature, at a time when you’re feeling particularly frisky!

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5. Fertility

In ancient China, the red spider was considered to be a symbol of fertility.

This is because spiders are creatures that have many, many babies in their lives.

If a pregnant woman dreams of a red spider, the spider is also seen as the guardian of the pregnant woman and her newborn babies.

The red spider is thought to be coming to you in your dream to provide protection against evil spirits and harmful influences.

In some cultures, it is also believed that the red spider can help to promote conception and encourage a safe and healthy pregnancy. As a result, for pregnant women, this is a positive sighting.

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6. Protection

The feminine and maternal nature of a spider means that it is often seen as a sign of protection. Clearly, this contradicts earlier meanings of ‘danger and caution’, showing just how much symbolism is subjective.

To some, red spiders are seen as benevolent creatures that can ward off evil spirits. For example, in China, the spider is associated with the goddess of protection, Kwan Yin.

In Japan, the red spider is known as the Jorogumo, a monster that can take the form of a beautiful woman (here, the feminine symbology of spiders crosses cultural boundaries!).

In ancient Mayan culture, the red spider was considered to be a powerful protector against disease and misfortune. Today, the red spider continues to be a popular symbol of protection. If you see someone wearing one as a brooch, chances are, that’s what it means to them.

7. Creativity

All spiders, no matter the color, will be symbols of creativity. There are a few different interpretations of why this is.

One theory is that the color red is associated with passion and energy, two qualities that are essential for creative endeavors.

Another theory is that spiders are highly creative creatures because they can spin webs with symmetry and beauty.

Whatever the reason, the red spider has become a widely recognized symbol of creativity. Some may interpret its appearance as a reminder to to encourage people to tap into their own creative potential.

8. Feminine Passion

A red spider is above all a symbol of passion – especially feminine passion. It is an intense color on an intensely feminine creature.

Red is often seen as a color associated with strong emotions, such as anger and love. In many cultures, it is also linked to danger and power.

All of these factors contribute to why a red spider is often seen as a symbol of passion.

9. Intensity

If you see a red spider in your dream, it may simply be a sign that you’re in a season of your life that is very intense. Your emotions may be heightened.

In the animal kingdom, red is often used as a warning sign, indicating that an animal is dangerous or aggressive. In humans, the color red can also convey a sense of urgency or danger.

For example, a person who is feeling angry or threatened may flush red in the face. In the world of spiders, the red coloring of some species is thought to serve as a warning to predators.

The bright coloration is usually accompanied by large size and/or a fearsome appearance, making it clear that these spiders are not to be messed with.

10. Determination

Red is the color of determination. On the intense spider, this symbology is merely heightened.

For one, spiders are creatures that are often feared and misunderstood. They’re also tenacious predators that will go to great lengths to capture their prey.

But in spite of all their negatives, spiders are also highly adaptable creatures that have been able to thrive in almost every corner of the globe. And of all the different spider species, it is the red spider that is perhaps the most emblematic of these qualities.

They understand that in order to achieve their goals, they need to be persistent and work hard. And just like the red spider, they will never give up no matter how difficult things get. In many ways, the red spider is a perfect symbol of determination.

Red Spider Dream Meaning

Dreams involving red spiders can be interpreted in a number of ways. Depending on the context of the dream, spiders can symbolize anything from feeling trapped or helpless to feeling creative or inspired.

In many cultures, spiders are also seen as lucky symbols, so a dream featuring a spider might be interpreted as a sign of good fortune. Of all the different types of spiders, red spiders are among the most common in dreams.

Red is often associated with passion, so a red spider in a dream might represent repressed anger or sexuality.

Alternatively, the color red might also be a symbol of danger or warning, so a red spider dream could be interpreted as a warning to watch out for someone or something destructive.


The red spider has a wide range of spiritual meanings, depending on the context in which it is seen. In some cultures, it is seen as a symbol of passion and intensity, while in others it is seen as a lucky charm or a warning sign. Dreaming of a red spider can also be interpreted in a number of ways, depending on the other elements in the dream. Ultimately, the spiritual meaning of the red spider is highly personal and can vary depending on the individual’s own beliefs and experiences.