Red Feather Meaning and Symbolism (Happiness and Hope)

Red Feather Meaning and Symbolism

Finding a red feather can be very exciting. They come from unique and colorful birds like parrots and flamingoes.

Red feathers are quite rare and can symbolize happiness, hope, fertility, and other positive things.

It is not easy to find a red feather but if you do find one or a red feather lands on you then consider yourself lucky. Most of the meanings associated with red feathers are generally positive.

Remember that symbolism is subjective. The below are examples of possible interpretations only, and may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

Red Feather Symbolism

1. Happiness

Red feathers symbolize happiness in a lot of cultures. If you find a red feather then it can mean that you are quite happy in the current stage of your life.

Being happy in life is what everyone wants and if you are in that state where you feel satisfied with your life then consider yourself lucky.

A lot of people work day and night just to get one moment of happiness in their life. Enjoy the fun and happy times with the people you value the most.

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2. Hope

Red Feather

If a red feather lands on you then it might be a symbol of hope and it should inspire you to be positive no matter what.

Hope is what keeps your soul alive and positive in times of crisis. No matter what happens in life, one should never lose hope. Whatever your problems are, try to solve them with a positive outlook and you will observe your life-changing.

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3. Fertility

Feathers are related to birds and bird nests. Of course, nests are spaces where birds raise their babies. That is why seeing a red feather can be a symbol of fertility.

At the end of the day, we all do what we do for the people we love, our family. Starting a family takes a lot of big decisions and planning. If you are planning to expand your family with your partner and want a baby then a red feather landing on you might just be your lucky sign.

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4. Courage

Red Feather

A red feather inspires you to be courageous in life. It can encourage you to face every problem in life with a brave face.

This may be related to the fact red feathers are found in the headdress of courageous Native American leaders. Today, spiritual people still believe that finding a red feather can bring you courage.

It is quite hard to face things that you are scared of and many times it feels like there is no way out. However, such challenging situations demand your courage. When you dare to face your demons, you can fight even the hardest problems in your life.

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5. Physical World

While feathers often make us turn our thoughts to the spiritual realm, a red feather may actually invite you to be more close to the physical world.

While the spiritual world helps you find more about yourself, your actual place is in this physical world where you are born and have to work for everything. You need to come back to reality and start working hard otherwise life is going to be hard for you. 

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6. Guardian Angels Watching You

Red Feather

Feathers of all kinds, regardless of their color, symbolize that your guardian angel is watching you and may be protecting you from any harm.

When you know that your guardian angels are there for you no matter what, you get the courage and motivation you need to fight pretty much anything in your life. With this positive symbol on your side, you can now start working towards solving your problems to make your life better.

7. Freedom

All feathers symbolize freedom as they are the important elements that allow birds to fly high in the sky.

If a red feather lands on you then it can mean that you are ready to be independent and free. However, keep in mind that being free does not mean being irresponsible.It is just the opposite. When you are free and independent, you are responsible for all of your actions and you have to work for everything.

Make sure that you are completely ready to take all the responsibilities before you go down this path. 

8. Love

Red Feather

Because of their color, red feathers are also a symbol of love and family. They inspire you to love your partner even more.

Red is, of course, the color of love and romance.

Your partner is the person with whom you can share every detail of your life. Since you two have a romantic bond as well, you can also be vulnerable in front of them. Just take some time and appreciate your partner for being there for you.

9. Passion

Apart from symbolizing romantic love, red feathers can also symbolize your passion for something. This is because red can be a color of passion.

Romantic love isn’t the only thing that can fill your eyes with joy. When you are passionate about something, you are always eager to work and learn more about that stuff.

10. Violence

Red Feather

The red color of the feather can also symbolize violence.

This is because red is the color of blood, but also because a pile of feathers could be a sign that a bird was caught in a fight right in that location. The fight might have been with another bird or even with a predator who caught it unaware.

11. Power

In many eastern countries, a red feather is viewed as a symbol of power because of its rarity.

12. Good Fortune

Red Feather

If a red feather lands on you then it can mean that you will have good fortune throughout the day.

With this positive symbol on your side, you can start working towards your goals and expect positive results. Many children even hang onto red feathers and wear them in their hair to try to get good luck from the feather.


The meanings and symbolism associated with red feathers are always quite positive. If a red feather lands on you or you see a red feather then you can consider yourself lucky. Generally, red feathres symbolize good luck, happiness, hope, courage, and freedom.