Pisces vs Cancer Fight: Who would win?

In an argument between Pisces and Cancer things can get quite emotional. Both Pisces and Cancer are water signs. They are expressive of their feelings and may find it hard to stay rational during a fight. This can make things get out of control very quickly.

Pisces is very sensitive, but since they are ruled by Neptune they can be quite detached and dislike confrontation. Cancer on the other hand is ruled by the Moon which can make them irrational and unstable during a fight.

Pisces vs Cancer Fight

Pisces vs Cancer Personalities

Pisces Personality and Fighting Style

Pisces is a mutable water sign which makes them sensitive and unpredictable.

They are very compassionate and kind, but they can find it hard to stay rational and keep their expectations from others realistic.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune which shows that they can have a very detached nature and at times they may find it hard to connect to other people.

Pisces dislike confrontation so they are unlikely to start a fight. In arguments they might be avoidant of communication and can keep a lot to themselves.

Their emotions and reactions on the other hand can be quite unpredictable. Pisces is a mutable sign so you never know what to expect from them.

Cancer Personality and Fighting Style

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which makes them emotional and expressive of their feelings.

They can be quite moody, so different situations and people may bring out a different side of them. They can be kind and compassionate with one person and bitter and pessimistic with another.

They are easily hurt so when someone says something they don’t like, they are likely to hide and avoid that person for a long time. They don’t seek conflict and can be quite fearful of it. They are likely to get into an argument when someone has hurt or offended someone they love. They are protective of the people close to them.

In fights they can be quite emotional and uncontrollable. They are likely to say a lot of things, even if they later regret them. They can be primal because of their emotions which can give them a disadvantage in an argument.

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Pisces vs Cancer Fight: How They Argue

Pisces and Cancer are both water signs so they have a very sensitive nature and arguments are likely to happen as they can be easily offended or hurt by the other person’s actions.

In an argument between the two Pisces is likely to express their feelings, but communication for them will be quite difficult and there can be lack of clarity.

Cancer is quite emotional and direct in fights. They can say a lot of things that they do not mean, which can leave a bad impression on Pisces and make them feel hurt.

A fight between the two is unlikely to occur often as both of them will be very considerate of each other’s feelings.

They are compassionate and understanding of each other’s emotions, but at times Cancer might be too unpredictable and Pisces might be slightly detached which is something the other does not enjoy in a relationship and could be the cause of conflict between the two.

Patience and better communication can help them resolve any problems they have with each other, but that will take some time. Despite that, both can hold strong attachment to the relationship which can make them want to work on it.

How to Handle Pisces when they’re Angry

Pisces is a mutable water sign so they can be quite unpredictable in arguments. They have a sensitive nature and might be easily hurt by other people’s words and actions.

When a Pisces is upset they can become quite detached and their feelings may seem unclear for others.

They are generally avoidant of fights but when they fight they can be very manipulative and may often play the victim. Communication might be helpful as it will allow Pisces to understand what the problem is better.

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How to Handle Cancer when they’re Angry

When Cancer is angry their emotions will be uncontrollable. They may yell and cry, do anything in order to express their feelings.

Cancer is quite irrational when they are hurt, so don’t expect them to act in a calm manner or stay patient with you. They are likely to say a lot of things they do not mean and will end up regretting.

In order to deal with an angry Cancer, you must wait for them to express all of their feelings they try to provide them with reassurance and comfort.

They are likely to seek forgiveness immediately after an argument and will do anything to fix the damage they have done. Don’t take their words too seriously and wait until they have calmed down.

Pisces and Cancer Love Relationship Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer are both water signs so there is natural chemistry and compatibility between the two of them. They are drawn to each other and they find comfort in the other person’s presence.

There is a strong emotional bond between the two and a relationship will be very comforting and affectionate for both of them. Cancer is drawn to Pisces’ kindness and compassion while Pisces is attracted to Cancer’s ability to nurture and take care of them.

In a relationship they are unlikely to face many problems as there is a lot of love between the two. Despite that Cancer may find it hard to trust Pisces at all times as they can be very mysterious and they might do a lot of things in private. Pisces may feel uncomfortable by Cancer’s mood swings and lack of patience.

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Pisces and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer can make great friends. The friendship between the two will be loving and supportive.

They will always be there for each other. Cancer can be inspired by Pisces and may look up to them. Cancer is drawn by Pisces’ compassion and sensitivity.

Pisces on the other hand admires Cancer’s ability to take care and protect the people they love. The two can form a very close bond and they can share a lot of similar interests and favorite activities. They will find peace in the presence of the other.

The two are unlikely to fight often as they are very understanding and patient with each other. They have a lot of love for each other and even after an argument they will make sure the other person feels alright.


Cancer and Pisces are two very similar signs. Both Cancer and Pisces are water signs. A relationship between the two can be very loving and supportive. They can form a close emotional bond and will carry strong attachment to the other person.

The two are unlikely to fight often as they have a lot of love for each other and can be very patient with each other. Despite that Cancer’s mood swings and irritability can be the cause of conflict in their relationship. Pisces on the other hand is quite detached but sensitive so they can be hurt by Cancer’s words and actions during an argument.

In a fight between the two Cancer can be quite mean and direct. They may find it hard to control themselves and might be irritated by Pisces’ lack of reaction. Fights between the two may not last a long time but could leave both people feeling hurt. An argument between the two is likely to be won by Cancer as they are bolder and don’t have a problem confronting Pisces and telling them what their issue with them is.