Pisces vs Aquarius Fight (How to Handle It)

Pisces vs Aquarius Fight

Because these two signs are not a natural match, the couple needs to work hard on their explicit communication and try to be compassionate to each other’s perspectives during a Pisces and Aquarius fight. Pisces will be dreamy while Aquarius will be focused on the here and now.

Pisces and Aquarius are two brilliant signs known for their compassionate and caring nature. However, they can also go off on tangents when they’re not paying attention.

Here are some key considerations:

  • Their life approach is different, which becomes apparent during a fight. Pisces is an empathetic sign and is easily hurt by Aquarius’s bluntness.
  • Aquarius can also be detached and unemotional, which isn’t what Pisces needs in a relationship.

These differences can lead to long, drawn-out arguments that make it impossible for anyone to focus on the issue.

Aquarius vs Pisces Fight: Personalities

ElementWater (Sensitive & Intuitive)Air (Intellectual & Communicative)
TriplicityMutable (Flexible & Adaptable)Fixed (Hardworking, Brave, Independent)
Ruling PlanetNeptune (Intuitive & Idealistic)Uranus (Rebellious & Innovative)

Pisces Personality and Fighting Style

Pisces tend to be gentle and non-aggressive. It is rare for them to show violence and anger. When Pisces do fight, they typically do so in a passive-aggressive manner. Pisces may use sarcastic remarks to express their displeasure.

Pisces, ruled by planet Neptune, is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac. It is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions;, representing duality, harmony, and completion.

People born under this sign are known for their sympathetic and selfless nature. Pisces are natural peacemakers and often put the needs of others above their own.

These people are typically peacemakers and will often try to avoid conflict altogether. During heated arguments, they usually try to resolve the issue through communication and compromise.

However, they can also be fiercely protective of those they love. Pisces will fight tooth and nail to defend their loved ones when threatened or provoked. And they are not afraid to play dirty to win.

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Aquarius Personality and Fighting Style

Aquarius people are not born powerful fighters like Leo and Aries. But it’s in their nature to defend their views. In a fight, they are strategic and calculating.

Aquarius goes by logic. They love to debate ideas and ask questions; this makes them excellent teachers because they can explain things clearly. But it also means that sometimes they can be judgmental about other people’s beliefs or ways of thinking.

They like to think they’re open-minded but still pretty skeptical about most things.

Some Aquarians are temperamental and feisty. People who are passionate about their beliefs can be pretty vocal in their defense.

These non-conformists have a sharp wit that can sometimes come across as blunt and oppressive. But Aquarians are generally rigid, flighty, and not interested in long-winded arguments.

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Aquarius and Pisces Fight: How They Argue

When Pisces and Aquarius are in a fight, it can be a confusing and emotional experience for both parties. Pisces is a highly emotional creature. They are quick to forgive, but they can become withdrawn and resentful when deeply hurt.

Aquarius is an air sign and tends to be more rational than Pisces. They also have a strong sense of individualism and independence. This can make them seem aloof or unfriendly, but it allows them to be objective and impartial in their thinking. However, some Aquarians can also be stubborn and uncompromising.

Pisces and Aquarius usually react differently during a heated argument. Aquarius may say things that they don’t mean just to try to hurt the other person. Pisces, on the other hand, is more likely to feel troubled and agitated. They usually withdraw and disconnect from their friends to avoid displaying their vulnerable side.

The fish can be pretty moody, which can be a problem for the more even-keeled Aquarius. Pisces may accuse Aquarius of not being understanding or compassionate enough, while Aquarius may accuse Pisces of being too needy or dramatic.

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How to Handle Pisces When They’re Angry

Pisces is an expressive sign that can be difficult to argue with. Their ability to feel other people’s emotions and predict their actions can sometimes be frustrating. This zodiac tends to sulk when they are bothered, which can make them seem like they are not open to discussion.

If Pisces becomes defensive or unwilling to argue, do not take it personally. It is more likely that they are trying to avoid conflict or hurting your feelings. They may also withdraw from the situation for their safety, as Pisces often feel threatened by strong emotions such as anger and jealousy. It’s best to respect their decision if they ask for space.

Pisces will often take the path of least resistance when making decisions and may not listen carefully enough to what their partner is saying. They may be confused by the intensity of their feelings, so try to keep things as simple as possible when talking to them. Be patient and reassure them that you are on their side.

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How to Handle Aquarius When They’re Angry

Fiery passion and rational thought characterize the argument style of Aquarius. They are exceptionally good at analyzing arguments and weighing both sides of an issue. Still, they are also prone to snap judgments and taking a strong stance on issues without consideration.

When you experience anger from Aquarius, it’s easy to feel like you’re being attacked. But they are simply expressing their emotions, which they don’t often do. Instead of getting defensive, stay calm and let your feelings settle. You’ll understand the situation better by seeing things objectively and responding accordingly.

As frustrating as it may be, sometimes the best way to deal with stubborn Aquarius is to let them have their way. It doesn’t mean that you should always give in to their demands, but you should be willing to negotiate to prevent a full-blown fight.

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Pisces and Aquarius Love Relationship Compatibility

It would take a lot of work for this union to be successful. Aquarius is far too impulsive, and Pisces is too passive. Aquarius will quickly get bored with Pisces’ emotional intensity and need for constant reassurance, while Pisces will be put off by the Aquarian’s detached and unsentimental nature.

While Pisces is more likely to be shy and introspective, Aquarius is known for being more outgoing and independent. However, both signs share a deep inner world that often remains hidden from others.

They are also highly imaginative, creative, and idealistic. One of the most striking similarities between Aquarius and Pisces is their strong sense of social conscience.

Both signs are hyper-aware of injustice and inequality in the world, and they often need to fight for the causes they believe in. They can become excellent activists or humanitarian workers.

Another similarity between these two signs is their love of beauty and art. They both appreciate the finer things in life and often sincerely appreciate music, poetry, and other forms of creative expression.

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Pisces and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Aquarius has a unique sense of perspective and is often described as dreamy, romantic, and idealistic. Pisceans are also open-minded, making them great allies in group projects.

However, the Pisces’ strong idealism and big ideas can make them hard to work with. They are notoriously slow in completing tasks that require precise detail, so they are often accused of laziness.

Aquarius is insightful and thoughtful. They are great listeners who are non-judgmental and open to sharing their insights. Aquarius and Pisces can make great friends for several reasons. They are sincere about making a difference in the world and committed to fighting for social justice.

Aquarius is an idealist who loves to brainstorm new ideas, while Pisces is a dreamer who is fascinated by other cultures and ways of life. Together, these two signs can inspire each other to see the world in new and exciting ways.


Aquarius and Pisces match is not an ideal pairing because they have different views on life. Aquarius is practical and Pisces is dreamy. They don’t understand each other’s thinking, leading to tension and arguments. Aquarius thinks outside the box and comes up with unique ideas, while Pisces tends to be more traditional. For this pair to overcome these challenges, they must first understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Communication is vital. With open and honest communication, both can learn to understand each other’s motivations.