Pisces and Virgo Fight (Who Would Win?)

Pisces and Virgo Fight

Pisces and Virgo are among the best relationship pairings. Their zodiac mode is mutable, and they are known for their communication skills, flexibility, and ability to compromise.

But there is a hidden conflict between Virgo and Pisces that often goes unnoticed.

Virgos are obsessive about keeping things tidy and organized, while Pisces need a little bit of chaos to thrive. For Pisces, a messy table stimulates out-of-the-box thinking. In Virgo’s book, Pisces is just plain lazy.

Note: This article outlines stereotypes of each zodiac only, so it represents a broad brush and is provided for entertainment purposes. To get a better understand of what astrology says about you personally, you’ll need to consult an astrologer and have your entire natal chart read.

Pisces vs Virgo Personalities

Pisces Personality and Fighting Style

People born under Pisces are well-intentioned, kind, and understanding. The one thing everyone knows about Pisces is how sensitive they are to criticism. If you pick them apart and expose them for all to see, they’ll feel like a fish out of water.

Pisces are often very kind and understanding people. They do not like arguments because these impact their moods greatly and disrupt the peace they need to maintain balance. However, when Pisces sees someone being hurtful towards others, they are obligated to step up for the other person.

Despite all this sensitivity, it takes quite a while for them to let go of their ill feelings. When they eventually forgive, they will still hold a grudge for years. They can forgive, but they don’t forget. They may not be aggressive toward you but drop a slight insult out of the blue.

Virgo Personality and Fighting Style

Virgos are highly opinionated people who prefer to keep their intentions under wraps. These people will only speak up when necessary, which is why you rarely find them caught off-guard.

You’ll know something is brewing beneath the surface if you see them hesitate or stumble with words. Make sure to pay close attention because Virgos can say much with little effort.

Virgos natives are perfectionists who desire to change the world. They typically avoid conflicts unless they are for logical or personal reasons. Virgo dislikes starting fights, but they may give off-handed remarks if you get on their nerves.

In every conflict, they stay calm and stick to the facts, making it easier for them to come up with solutions quickly. Overall, Virgo’s personality is pretty relaxed and not one where anger gets out of control.

Pisces vs Virgo Fight: How They Argue

Virgo and Pisces can fight for several reasons, including differences in values or temperament. Pisces are often highly sensitive and emotional, whereas Virgo tends to be pragmatic and cautious, taking things one step at a time.

Pisces natives are sensitive to other people’s moods. They may also have a hard time making decisions. It’s difficult for them to break free from old patterns and decide what they want.

They may feel stuck in relationships or jobs, unable to move forward. They get depressed and anxious when their environment doesn’t match their expectations.

Unlike Pisces, Virgo is emotionally reserved. To other people, it comes off as a lack of empathy. Virgos are also known to be perfectionists who are always prepared for whatever may come their way. They are highly motivated individuals who work hard to reach their goals.

Pisces have a strong need for security, which can be problematic in relationships with Virgo people. They would think twice about getting serious with a careless and emotional person.

These differences can cause tension between these two signs. Fortunately, the stars are on their side. Virgo and Pisces get along because they understand each other’s needs and desires.

How to Handle Pisces When They’re Angry

Pisces are often considered gentle and compassionate, but they can be quite moody and difficult to read.

Their intuitive nature is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it makes them incredibly sensitive to the needs of others. On the other hand, it makes them vulnerable to being hurt by others.

A Pisces often has an intense desire to be understood and accepted, sometimes making them anxious. They may become impulsive and lash out when they are being mistreated.

If you want to prevent Pisces from becoming angry with you, try to be understanding and compassionate towards them.

Pisces are very sensitive, so it is important to consider their feelings. A single gesture or even a simple word from someone who cares can make their pain disappear–even for a little while.

How to Handle Virgo When They’re Angry

Virgo people are hypersensitive to even the slightest criticism. They could take it as an ultimate humiliation and retaliate depending on their moods.

If you have a conflict with a Virgo, there is only one way to resolve it without escalating the situation. First, convince them that you mean no harm. It would be best if you assured them that your intentions are clear.

Constructive criticism is one thing, but picking apart everything Virgo does will only make them mad. They’re perfectionists who strive for excellence; putting them down is not the right path to reconciliation.

While they can be moody at times, they’re generally happy and want only the best for those around them. Rather than firing back, try understanding why they’re feeling the way they are and do your best to accommodate their needs.

Pisces and Virgo Love Relationship Compatibility

Virgos and Pisces are natural soulmates. When these two signs meet, sparks fly! Both are loveable, calm, and down-to-earth. When they’re in sync, it feels like gravity pulls them together. Virgos often feel more protective of Pisces, who is happy to have someone looking out for them.

They also connect on intellectual and philosophical levels, which is why they often end up as best friends or roommates down the road. One factor affecting how well Virgos and Pisces can become lovers is their expectations in their relationship.

Pisces wants a partner who will make them feel safe and protected. Virgo is the opposite—they are territorial and want to be in control. Pisces and Virgo are loyal partners who will stick by each other through thick and thin.

Pisces and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and Virgo enjoy helping others and will often volunteer for causes they believe in or take on jobs that no one else wants to do. Their selfless natures make them wonderful friends to have around during tough times!

Pisces are known to be highly sensitive and empathetic people. They invest a lot of time and energy into relationships, preferring anything but confrontation.

These mutable friends are sensitive to each other’s needs and can change and grow together without feeling uncomfortable.

Pisces is a dreamer, and Virgo is a practical planner. Pisces can help Virgo see the beauty in life, and Virgo can help Pisces bring their dreams into reality. They complement each other perfectly!

Pisces’s compassionate and emotional nature brings balance to Virgo’s rational and logical approach. They are great at offering constructive advice that comes from a place of love.


Pisces and Virgo have different personalities and values, but they get along well because they know how to work together. They care for each other and those around them, being respectful and empathetic with anyone who needs it.

Pisces is a water sign, and Virgo is an earth sign. This connection symbolizes the flow of water over the land. It’s a perfect match because Pisces is a compassionate and caring sign, while Virgo is practical and down-to-earth. Like all relationships, though, there may be some tough times. If someone takes the other for granted or doesn’t communicate properly, things might go wrong between them.