Pisces Love Languages: How do Pisces Show their Love?

The dominant love languages of a Pisces are words of affirmation, physical touch, and quality time.

Pisces is the most emotional, sensitive, and empathic sign of the zodiac. When these people fall in love, they are willing to give everything and sacrifice themselves for their dear one.

They represent the twelfth astrological sign, therefore they embody traits from all the previous signs.  As a result, they enjoy and practice any of the five languages one might express their feelings through.

However, their sensitivity shall be deeply moved by using words of affirmation, physical touch, and quality time because this way they will feel they matter for their loved one.

Pisces Love Languages

What are the Five Love Languages?

The five languages of love are acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch, and words of affirmation.

If someone likes acts of service, they believe that actions speak louder than words. People with this preferred loved language want to be demonstrated how much they are valued as opposed to being told.

These people show a lot of appreciation to anyone who makes efforts to help them, as little as that help may seem.

People who enjoy receiving gifts as their preferred expression of affection value thoughtful gifts.

Last, but not least, people who value quality time particularly like it when the relationship places an emphasis on attentive listening, eye contact, and total presence.

When they are hugged, kissed, or cuddled, those who express their gratitude by physical touch feel appreciated.

Last, but not least, when words of affirmation are the chosen love language, then verbal encouragement, expressions of gratitude, praises, and regularly occurring contacts like are able toplease these people’s emotionalneeds.

Pisces Man Love Language

If a Pisces man gets your interest, you should be aware of the signs that he is in love and there are plenty when it comes to these people.

Male Pisces are imaginative, sympathetic, devoted, sensitive, kind, and understanding. They make the perfect life partner since they are renowned for being selfless and prioritizing the needs of others before their own.

They become even more emotional when they are in love and sometimes even act shy around the woman they like.

They will want to do everything in their power for their lady to feel safe and cared for. He will pay a lot of attention to you when you speak and will avoid looking you directly in the eye.

Further, they will often ask questions about your state of mind because it is very important for them to make their loved one feel relaxed. They will also want to spend quality time in a romantic environment with their partner.

How to Tell a Pisces Man is in Love with You                                   

1. Flowers and gifts

They will offer you flowers and small gifts which speak about the romantic mood they feel when thinking about you.

A bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, a ticket to your favorite movies or gifts will often appear out of the blue with these people.

Even though these men are often shy, they pay keen attention to small details and, therefore, they can be full of surprises.

Maybe you have already forgotten those flower earrings, but your Pisces man noticed the sparkle in your eyes and, most likely, you will find them next to your cup of coffee soon, in a sunny morning.

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2. They will get to know you

They willwant to know everything about your feelings and wellbeing.

Pisces men are great caregivers and even tend to sacrifice a lot for the people they care for. They are very intuitive and they usually know when their dear one is off the hook.

However, they will still ask about your state of mind and will always be willing to listen about your problems in order tolighten you up.

Therefore, when a Pisces asks many questions about your inner world, you can be sure he cares about you more than he might want to show.

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3. They will share with you their deepest dreams

A Pisces man considers his partner as being someone intimately close to them and someone he can confide in when he is into you.

The imaginative Pisces frequently has a lot of plans or ambitions, which they typically keep to themselves.

When these men are in love, they will disclose to you all their dreams.

They will want to share with you whatever comes up in their inner world and will also expect you to uplift them if they feel down on their path to success.

Pisces Woman Love Language

When in love, Pisceswomen have a mesmerizing glance in their eyes.

These charming ladies usually have a surreal, ethereal overall energy. They are poetic beings and have an artistic outlook on life.

When they get in love, the magic around them is even more perceivable. They tend to daydream, become forgetful about everyday chores, and fantasize about the man who stole their heart.

They are very sensitive and are willing to give everything for the man they love.

They will offer meaningful gifts, but also frequent soft physical connection to inspire emotional and physical safety for their dear one.  

How to Tell a Pisces Woman is in Love with You

1. They willstart writing more poems than usual

Pisces tend to be very creative and many of them express their feelings through creative outlets.

If a Pisces ladies loves writing, then, when being in love, she will write than usual.

Words of affirmation are a Pisces love language, but in the case of this sign these words are more discreet and send the message under a sort of poetic veil.

However, have no doubt that when she feels inspired, her best inspiration is love itself.

2. They willavoid looking directly in your eyes

Pisces women are usually very sensitive, introverted and even shy.

However, when they feel in love with someone, even if they deeply desire to date the person, they usually avoid a direct eye contact.

This happens because they feel very deeply, and a direct glance might literally make them faint of love.

However, this tells a lot about the honesty of their feeling because Pisces women love with all their hearts and their only fault is having trouble hiding their overwhelming feelings. 

3. They will nurture you

They will take care of you and will try to make themselves sure you are well-taken care of when they are not around you.

A Pisces woman makes shall engage in simple romantic gestures like cooking for you, talking to you, and engaging in creative pursuits together.

She will take care of your chores and occasionally surprise you with small gestures which will make your life easier.

She will clean your closet and arrange your clothing by color for you to find them easy and to improve the closet aesthetically.

How to Show a Piscesyou Love Them

1. Be romantic

Pisces are very romantic people and have a very personal connection with nature.

You can never go wrong if you invite them for a walk in the forest or a romantic picnic brunch in the park.

Therefore, an ideal way to show them your appreciation is to offer them quality time together somewhere in a green environment.

If you can find a place near a like you will prepare the perfect moments for your Pisces partner. These people are a mutable water sign, and, therefore, they feel instinctively attracted to water.

2. Give them your attention

Pay attention to small details that make them joyful and happy. Pisces people are highly sensitive and many times they feel unnoticed to others.

If you remember special moments for them and surprise them with a small meaningful gift, you will lift them up for the entire day.

Pay attention to their favorite books, colors, and movies and offer them a nice agenda with their favorite literature characters.

Be sure your Pisces partner shall be touched about your considerate nature towards what brings them joy.

3. Support their creativity

Support their creativity and artistic tendencies and be their motivation to express themselves in they confront creative blocks.

Pisces is one of the most artistic astrological signs,this is the sign of the musician, the poet, the painter.

Whatever talents your Pisces partner might have, you should support and encouragethem to do more of what turns their artistic spark on.

They will feel blessed for having someone who supports their creative endeavors and will show you their gratitude by treating you as their main muse.

Which Other Signs Have This Love Language? (Love Language Compatibility)

Physical touch is one of the most preferred love language of Pisces.

Other zodiacal signs which express their love this way are Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Leo.

However, Pisces should avoid dating fire signs because they lack compatibility from a temperament point of view.

While fire signs are full of passion, for sensitive Pisces these people might feel too overwhelming and energy consuming.

Pisces also enjoy spending quality time with their peers as much as Aquarius, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, and Sagittarius people do.

However, Pisces should chose to spend their time with other water signs or with earth signs, because they al preferred steady paced activities.

Last, but not least, sweet Pisces people adore words of affirmation which expresses their partner’ sensitivity toward them.

For this type of love language, the recommended compatible sign should be chosen, as in the previous case, among earth signs or water signs.


The Pisces people in your life are some of the most amazing individuals you’ll ever meet.

They are compassionate, artistic, intensely emotional, especially sensitive, at least a little bit psychic, and frequently motivated to immerse themselves into caring for others at any costs. They are very loving and loyal partners. Be sure that, if you decide to initiate a relationship with these natives, it will be one of the most mesmerizing love stories you will ever experience.

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