Pisces Descendant: Personality Traits and Compatibility

Pisces Descendant

If you have a Pisces descendant in your natal chart, you will likely thrive in an orderly environment, be a caring person, and perhaps be a bit too excitable at times.

The following discussion explains how to interpret your descendant sign. Note that this is a broad-brush explanation only and may not fully resonate with you. To get a personalized reading, you’ll need to talk to an astrologer who can look at your whole natal chart.

What Do Descendant Signs Represent?

The Descendant sign is often considered “the relationship sign”. It is found on the opposite side on the zodiac wheel to the Ascendant sign and is at the top of the seventh house.

Whilst the Ascendant sign is about self-image and representation, the Descendant is all about what you seek in relationships with others. It embodies the traits and characteristics that you want in a partner or friend.

The Descendant represents what qualities you admire in those around you and can show what part of yourself you wish to grow and evolve.

Many people use the Descendant sign to find out what kind of partner they need in their life to help them grow and evolve as a person and a couple.

5 Things Pisces Descendant Means

1. Orderly                                         

Being a Pisces Descendant means that you are experienced with and thrive in order, but perhaps have not been exposed to much chaos.

You have a firm sense of duty and keep your life organised.

You are great at navigating your professional life and know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals, however you are prone to feeling anxious that things may not work out for you.

When choosing friends or partners you are likely to pick someone who is creative and does not stick to the status quo.

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2. Caring

As a Pisces Descendant you are naturally caring to those in your life. You are the first one to step in and assist someone with how to handle a situation and can come up with a solution to anything.

You are dependable, gentle and genuine in your attempts to help those you love and would go above and beyond to make sure your people are okay.

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3. Excitable

As someone who is regularly orderly, practical and sensible you are always keen for an adventure to show you what life has to offer.

You are drawn to people who are fluid in their life’s journey and are happy to tag along for any adventure.

In a social setting you will wait for a someone to come up with something to do and jump at the opportunity.

You are excited by the idea of exploration and mystery and will overcome your anxiety of the unknown when with the people you trust.

4. Analytical

Pisces Descendant’s have a plan for everything. Any curve ball that comes your way you will figure out a full plan of attack in minutes.

Your life is likely planned out to a tee, and you know exactly what you are doing on any given day.

You thrive in organisation and will make spreadsheet after spreadsheet to keep track of every single aspect of your life.

You approach problems head on in an analytical way, considering every possible outcome for each solution you can come up with.

5. Apprehensive

Thanks to the analytical and organised nature of Pisces placements, you likely get apprehensive when things go wrong.

Whilst you always have a small thought at the back of your mind telling you things may go south, when it actually happens you can pull back.

For this reason, you enjoy surrounding yourself with carefree people who balance that energy for you.

You are open to trying new things but unless you are surrounded by people you trust you may hold back and sit on the side lines.

What Signs are Pisces Descendants Attracted to?

Pisces Descendants want someone who is almost magical.

They are drawn to creative, open minded and impulsive individuals which can lead to an adventurous and balanced relationship, or a terribly toxic one in which they are taken advantage of.

Pisces Descendants are kind and caring and would be happy with someone who pushed them slightly out of their comfort zone whilst letting them problem solve if any obstacles came up.

Pisces Descendant Compatibility

Most Compatible Signs

1. Pisces

Pisces are creative and free-spirited individuals who love to express themselves in many different ways.

They are caring and devoted to the person that they love and enjoy adventures and experiences. A Pisces Descendant and Pisces would understand each other on a deep level.

2. Aquarius

Aquarians are impulsive, artistic and go with the flow. They could be a match made in heaven with a Pisces Descendant as their energies would balance each other out completely.

This relationship would enable both signs to offer their strengths and be supported with their weaknesses, creating a strong foundation for any long term relationship.

3. Gemini

Geminis are fun and social and would be able to push a Pisces Descendant out of their comfort zone in a gentle way.

Pisces Descendant’s would be able to help problem solve for the Gemini (who can get impulsive) whilst the Gemini could show the Pisces Descendant the brighter side of life.

Least Compatible Signs

1. Capricorn

A Pisces Descendant would feel trapped and stagnant with a Capricorn.

Capricorns are hardworking and dedicated, but too similar to a Pisces Descendant and they would not inspire each other.

Both signs need someone who can inspire them to live life to the fullest, however this pairing would end up being an uninspired and housemate like relationship.

2. Taurus

Taurus and Pisces Descendant would more than likely make a great work partnership;however, they would not excite one another on a romantic level.

Tauruses want stability and a secure and successful home life and do not explore life outside of their comfort zone too often.

They are also incredibly stubborn and would fail to listen to the Pisces Descendants suggestions or organisational tips.

How to Attract a Pisces Descendant

Pisces Descendants want excitement and adventure. They are organised, analytical and play it safe and want to find someone who they trust to show them that there is more to life.

They are attracted to free spirits and creatives and want to find the perfect balance of energies to create a harmonious partnership.


Pisces Descendants make excellent partners who will ensure that everything is organised and planned well in advanced. They will find a solution to any stress or problem and make sure that every possible outcome has been considered before taking any risks. They enjoy being excited and want to find someone who will help them let their hair down and enjoy what life has to offer.