Mercury in Aries Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

Mercury in Aries Woman

The Mercury in Aries Woman is easily noticed because of her appearance which screams confidence.

She is fun to be with because of her wonderful radiance and energy. One thing to be particular about is that you can never get bored whenever she is with you.

Her personality is a mix of various strengths and weaknesses as depicted below;

Mercury in Aries Woman Personality

The Mercury in Aries Woman has a radiant personality that makes her stand out. She has her strengths and weaknesses and they make her who she is.

Mercury in Aries Woman Strengths

1. She’s courageous

The Mercury in Aries woman is not the type of person to try and intimidate. She is a wolf that knows what she wants and hence she does not try to make anyone bring her down.

While other women may be afraid to try out new things, she takes the lead and just like an Alpha she proves that she is not scared.

In a nutshell,she is willing to experiment because she knows that failure is not a permanent situation but an opportunity for growth.

If she is in a room where some ideas are raised and she does not believe in them, she is not scared to air her views and even oppose even if she has to do that alone.

2. She’s Smart

When the storms of life come knocking, she cannot drown because her smart nature allows her to find a solution thus remaining firm.

The Mercury in Aries woman is able to survive in any environment that she finds herself in because her wit enables her to strategize.

In situations where she does not know what to do, she clearly admits her unfamiliarity thus enabling her to learn more and expand her horizon of thoughts.

She has a curious nature that allows her to keep on learning to discover more and explore unfamiliar territories. Wait, if you get into a mess, you might want to think twice before lying to her because most of the time she has already discovered the truth and she just wants to see for how long you will hold up the lie.

She might play dump and make you think that you are smart for deceiving her very easily only for the hunter to become the hunted!

Mercury in Aries Woman Weaknesses

1. She’s too Blunt

If she doesn’t like something, believe you me she will not fake it just to please you.

You might be dressed up and feeling confident when meeting her only for her to tell you that she dislikes your outfit.

If a Mercury in Aries Woman compliments you, be sure that it is a genuine one because she rarely gives compliments. If you messed up, do not expect her to console you and tell you words such as “It is okay.

Everything will be alright, calm down.” Shock unto you because she will tell you words such as “You should have thought better before doing that, this is your mess and you have to clean it yourself, next time you should use your brain.”

People tend to see her as insensitive because she prefers the bitter truth as opposed to false consolation. Well, that is just her weakness, she cannot hide her blunt nature even when she means well. Her love is indeed tough love.

2. She’s Short-Tempered

You might want to stay away from her when she has lost her cool, else you will not like that version of her.

She gets mad over minor things thus appears to be very petty. If you plan to meet up at a certain time, she might appear an hour later and expect things to flow naturally.

On the other hand, if she waits for you for two minutes, she will become dramatic and not listen to any excuse or why you were late.

Again, if you mess with her, be sure that she might forgive you but she will never forget.

To avoid making things worse, she needs to spend some time alone when she is angry and engage in some activities that will help her vent such as; Nature walks, boxing and long drives.

Mercury in Aries Woman Ideal Careers

1. Sales and Marketing

Confidence and resilience are the key skills needed to succeed as a sales person.

The Mercury in Aries woman has a way with words and a natural conviction which enables her to convince anyone listening to her pitch.

A career in sales and marketing enables her to interact with other people and work in her style. Her brilliance makes her easily noticeable to other people thus they easily purchase whatever she is selling. 

2. Air Hostess

With her love for adventure, the sky best suits the mercury in Aries Woman.

The thrill of moving from one continent to another and experiencing different cultures goes hand in hand with her adventurous spirit.  She is friendly and positive which allows her to offer great customer service.

Her ability to communicate effectively enables her to interact well with different personalities and handle them professionally.

Mercury in Aries Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible:Mercury in Leo

The Mercury in Aries Woman is most compatible with the Mercury in Leo Man.

He is a great communicator and very bold. He likes to take charge and this settles well with the Mercury in Aries Woman.

Their similar characteristics allow them to understand each other thus they are able to coexist in peace. Since both are fire signs, they are very creative and together they can embark on exploring the world.

A relationship with these two is simply magical because they are not afraid of anything.

With their high risk affinity, they are able to experiment things in life and hence experience success in various fields. In matters of their sex life, they enjoy exploring each other and the fire in their relationship keeps on burning.

Any of them can initiate sex because they feel free to each other. 

2. Least Compatible: Mercury in Gemini

With Gemini being an air sign and mercury the planet of communication, he easily associates with other people.

Like air, he easily moves around and enjoys mingling with others. He is easy to approach and taking part in a conversation is natural for him.

The Man born under the Mercury in Gemini is mischievous and he needs a partner who can tolerate him. He tends to tell lies not minding if this will hurt other people.

This does not settle well with the woman born under the Mercury in Aries because of her short-temper and blunt nature. She will not compromise her stand and believes just to accommodate him.

While the woman is adventurous in bed, the man lacks the spark in the relationship hence she may find him too boring.

To make a relationship between them work, they would need to make several compromises and try to complement each other based on their differences.


In conclusion the Mercury in Aries woman is a ball of energy and she radiates with brilliance. In the right environment, her wings become strong enough to enable her to fly higher and become the best version of herself.