Mars in Taurus Woman (Personality, Compatibility, Career)

A woman with Mars in Taurus has a powerful sense of self and knows her worth. Despite her boldness, she can also be quite patient, preferring to take a more systematic approach to achieve her goals.

She is devoted to her partner but can be slow to open up emotionally. Once comfortable, though, she can be incredibly sensual and seductive. Beneath a stoic exterior lies a passionate woman with a deep connection to her body and physical needs.

Mars in Taurus Woman

Mars in Taurus Woman Personality

Mars is not comfortable in this Venus-ruled sign, but it creates an interesting combination of energies.

Such placement mixes the passionate, assertive, and ambitious energy of Mars with the patient and determined energy of Taurus. Women with this placement are very practical, tenacious, and reliable. 

They are loyal friends and companions who are generous with their time and resources and quite grounded in their thoughts and feelings.

They enjoy the finer things in life, including good music, arts, nature, and sex.

These women are motivated by comfort and are typically drawn to a strong, silent type of partner. 

Mars in Taurus Woman Strengths

1. Committed

One of her many positive qualities is being committed. She will go to great lengths to stick it out and ensure everyone involved gets respect and attention.

She will take her time when making decisions and may even be viewed as too fussy, but she knows what she wants in a relationship.

She’s very loyal to all aspects of her partnerships – rarely straying from expectations. When she makes a promise, you can trust her to follow through.

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2. Patient

A woman with Mars in Taurus is known for her peaceful, gentle demeanor and ability to remain calm and patient.

She knows how to take her time, allowing life to unfold at its own pace and observing each moment with an inner stillness.

She believes that if she remains faithful to her path, serendipity will soon come knocking at her door. She moves slowly and deliberately, with a sense of purpose and determination. 

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3. Resourceful

Her strong practical capabilities create order in chaos by finding ways to make do with what is available.

Mars gives her a tremendous sense of strength and fortitude. When things look bleakest, she finds a way through, using every ounce of tenacity within her body until success is achieved. 

This woman is not a fan of quick fixes. She remains on course, willing to put in the time and effort necessary to ensure that the solution she ultimately arrives at is viable and effective over the long haul. 

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Mars in Taurus Woman Weaknesses

1. Stubborn

Where others might give up, she remains steadfastly focused. But her stubborn streak is also her downfall.

Mars gives her strength and courage, but it also gives her the tendency to hold on to outdated beliefs.

When she sets her mind on something, she won’t let anything stand in her way. She is often unwilling to compromise, leading to arguments and clashes over minor issues.

2. Possessive

Possessiveness can be the fruit of an insecure heart driven by fear and vulnerability.

When affected by this insecurity, her natural impulse is to hold tightly to those she loves, hoping that constriction will bring safety. But such behavior does not usually lead to lasting contentment.

Instead, it creates tension, keeping both parties at odds with each other.

True love should never suffocate but should be a positive, healthy, and mutually beneficial force in a relationship.

3. Apathetic

For a woman with Mars in Taurus, apathy can lead to stagnation and a lack of drive or ambition. 

She may be content to stay in her comfort zone and resist any change, even if it would benefit her life.

Her relationships suffer as she struggles to commit emotionally, unwilling to open up and nurture the bonds that could give her emotional support.

She may turn away from new opportunities out of fear of failure or simply because they feel like too much effort.

Mars in Taurus Woman Ideal Careers

1. Banking and Finance

Banking can be a satisfying and worthwhile career choice for women with Mars in Taurus.

This sign is known for its practicality, an essential quality when dealing with money matters. 

Women with this placement have an innate knack for making sensible financial decisions and a natural inclination to allocate resources wisely.

Furthermore, Taurus symbolizes patience and perseverance, essential traits in this field.

2. Teaching

A career in teaching can provide great satisfaction for women with Mars in Taurus, as it offers the opportunity to use their nurturing instincts to help others.

These individuals often possess good organizational skills, which enable them to plan lessons effectively and systematically address any issues that may arise in the classroom.

Mars in Taurus women are patient teachers who understand that there is no single “right” way of doing things; they appreciate different approaches and perspectives. 

3. Law

Because this field centers on rules and regulations, those with Mars in Taurus may feel more at home here than elsewhere.

This position also offers these women a unique opportunity to use their practical intelligence. 

They can draw upon their skills in logic and reasoning while also using their natural intuition to perceive what’s right or wrong.

This makes them ideal legal practitioners who will ensure fairness throughout their work.

Mars in Taurus Woman Compatibility

1. Most Compatible

Women with Mars in Taurus are most compatible with people with Venus in Cancer.

The water sign will bring an emotional intensity to the relationship, which is empathetic and understanding.

They can show their love through gestures of tenderness and protection, which resonates deeply with the Mars in Taurus woman.

Both parties can feel comfortable opening up to one another as they recognize their mutual need for stability and commitment within the relationship. 

2. Least Compatible

She is least compatible with a man with a Venus or Moon in Leo.

This placement represents an assertive personality which can come off as too pushy for someone who desires stability in her life.

Due to her slow-paced nature, she may be unable to keep up with Leo’s energetic and stubborn personality.

Similarly, the spontaneous Leo will feel smothered by someone who prefers routine and security.

Venus in Leo demands admiration from their partner, which can cause conflict if not met by the steady Mars in Taurus. 


This woman is determined and focused. She has a strong will and can be persistent in getting what she wants, but her nature is also quite calm and relaxed. She prefers to take things at her own pace and doesn’t like being rushed.

She loves the finer things in life, enjoying luxury items or experiences that provide comfort and pleasure. Mars in Taurus appreciates stability in a partner and is willing to put effort into making things work. She wants a man who will show his loyalty through steady behavior rather than flashy displays of affection.