Kangaroo Symbolism (7 Meanings) – Dreams & Spirit Animals

If you want to try something new in your life and you don’t have the courage to take the leap of faith, then the kangaroo symbolism can help. This animal is symbolic of courage and energy, but also stamina.

The kangaroo is a fascinating animal. It moves around by leaping from the ground, representing a transitioning period in your life. They take close care of their offspring, and they protect them by putting them into their pouches. They’re also symbolic of protection.

The kangaroo spirit animal encourages you to look forward instead of dwelling on the past. This animal likes to take big leaps forward and will have a clear path as they move around. It also teaches you to stay determined and stay on the path you’ve designed yourself.

Kangaroo Symbolism

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Kangaroo Symbolism

Let’s see what the kangaroo symbolism brings to you.

1. Courage

The kangaroo moves forwards without thinking too much about what is going on around it. It doesn’t care if there are some big obstacles on the way – it will proceed with courage. And that’s exactly what you need when you do new things in life – courage and determination. This kangaroo symbolism can be applied to any area of your life.

When they are threatened or endangered, they’ll stand their grounds and fight. They’ll plant their feet strongly onto the ground and seek to kick their opponent to show them who’s king. But they’ll not get attacked when they move around in groups, or mobs, as they are called in Australia.

Other animals that symbolize courage are the cat and bear.

2. Energy

Kangaroos are highly energetic animals. They need it to make big leaps forward, as they are constantly on the move. But they also need to have a lot of energy to survive in their harsh and unfriendly habitats.

The kangaroo can cover up to 15 feet in a single leap forwards, and they might cover several miles in a day. They need to be energetic because it allows them to survive and find food in their habitat.

3. Stamina and Strength

The hind legs of the kangaroo carry the majority of the animal’s weight. They’re far stronger than their front feet. They’ll also use their hind feet to protect themselves and kick their opponents. This can be symbolic of standing your ground and keeping your feet grounded firmly when you seem to be carried away.

They’re capable of covering dozens of miles in a single day. That’s thanks to their strong legs, which allow them to make huge leaps and move with a speed of 30 miles per hour. At the same time, they’ll use their tails to find balance. This symbolic meaning tells you to stay strong when you need to, but also keep a balance.

4. Protection

Kangaroos belong into the family of marsupials, a group of animals that have pouches to carry their children. These species have been around for millions of years, and kangaroos are a part of this family, along with koalas and some other species – many of them extinct.

The distinctive feature of this group of mammals is that they use their pouches they have on their bellies to protect their offspring and carry them inside these pouches. They’ll carry the young in the pouch until they grow up big enough so they’re able to protect themselves. This makes them a symbol of protection.

5. Transition

Kangaroos are constantly on the move, as they are capable of covering several miles in just a few hours. They’ll wander around their habitat to locate food, which sometimes leads them astray as they find themselves in built-up areas around humans.

Out in the wild though, this ability to cover several miles in a short space of time gives them the advantage over other animals as they try to find food. Kangaroos don’t really have a set habitat, and they’ll move around constantly as they look for better living conditions.

If you’re going through a period of transition in your life, then the kangaroo is the perfect spirit animal for you. It shows you the way to stay well on your path and ignore all the potential problems or doubts that come in your head.

6. Socializing

Kangaroos will live in groups of up to 10 – Australians call these groups mobs. Normally, there’s a clear social hierarchy within these groups, where the parents normally take care of their children although they let them free at a very early age.

They greet new kangaroos by first sniffing them – although they won’t always get along with other males. But they’re also perfectly capable of sniffing out their group and recognize them only by their scents. They know how to use their senses to find their counterparts, and they’ll prefer to live with their group as they feel much safer when they do so.

Another animal that symbolizes socialization is the squirrel.

7. Adaptability

Australia is the natural habitat of kangaroos. The habitats in Australia are harsh and full of dangers. They’ll face competition from other predators, but they also face problems with the weather, such as droughts.

But kangaroos are one of the few species that have adapted to these harsh surroundings. Males will prepare for droughts by stopping to produce sperm, allowing them to preserve energy and stay prepared when it gets tough.

Groups of kangaroos will try and locate milder environments during droughts. This means they might have to resort to staying near residential areas. Kangaroos will often look for food they might find in such areas, although they’re not always welcome!

Kangaroos as Spirit Animals

Are you looking for some inspiration to try new things in your life and undergo transition? Then the kangaroo spirit animal might be the perfect spirit animal for you.

It will help you go through a period of transition. When you try and develop new habits or you’re getting used to your new surroundings, you’ll have to stay adaptable and make sure you make the most of the things around you. It’s important to stay focused and have a clear path, just like a kangaroo has when it wanders around.

Sometimes, you need to take a big leap of faith forwards. It’s no use dwelling on your troubles of the past, and you should be looking forwards constantly. Kangaroos are used to taking big leaps, so they represent taking a big leap into an unkown location. This can help you become more spontaneous in your life.

The kangaroo spirit animal also encourages you to embrace changes in your life instead of fighting them off. We all change constantly, so it’s perfectly normal to do that. But it’s the people that embrace the changes that will profit from them. It’s no use fighting the change if it means going through a tough period for some time, even though you know the change is good for you.

Lastly, the kangaroo spirit animal helps you appreciate the simple and small things in life. Sometimes, we might have things around us that seem miniscule and unimportant, but it’s these small things that make our lives better. This might be making new friends, or simply taking some time every day to connect with your family members.

Kangaroos as Totem Animals

Those with the kangaroo totem animal have unending strength and stamina to overcome the tough periods in their lives. They’re capable of working long days and they have the stamina to keep going.

If you have this totem animal, you’re also not scared of new challenges and new periods in your life. We all have to go through tough periods of transition, but it’s those who are able to cope with the changes that will normally come out on top.

You’re also someone who likes the people around you and you seem to have a deep connection with them. If you have children, you’re someone who’s protective but not overly protective. You seem to care what they do on a daily basis, although you’re also someone who knows how to guide them.

Kangaroos in Dreams

Here are some kangaroo dream interpretations:

  • Seeing a kangaroo in your dreams means that you’re in need of some close care, and that you are missing your family members. Or, it might mean that you want to take care of your family members, especially your mother.
  • If a kangaroo attacks you in your dreams, then it means that danger is close to you. You might be competing with one of your friends or coworkers for something important, and it means that you should thread with caution.
  • Seeing a kangaroo jumping means that you’re undergoing transition and that you are taking leaps forward in your life.
  • Alternatively, seeing a kangaroo jump means that you’re leaving for a trip soon, and you’re getting prepared.


Kangaroos are truly impressive animals. They’ve been around for centuries, although they live in difficult habitats. When the kangaroo symbolism comes into your life, it’s telling you that you’re taking a leap forwards and that you should stay on track with your progress. Kangaroos also represent strength, stamina, and protection.

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