July 28 Zodiac (Compatibility & Personality) – Leo!

July 28 Zodiac

According to astrology and numerology, people born on 28th of July are more likely to be highly grounded, focused, and passionate.

Worrying and stressing about everything can often take a toll on their mental health and the relationships around them. However, emotional intelligence is also one of their strong suits. While they try to hide emotional vulnerability, it also helps them to understand others.

Being out of control or restricted in any way doesn’t go well with Leo’s born on the 28th of July. Having creative freedom and spontaneity allows them to excel in the realms and achieve their primal glow.

July 28 Zodiac Sign Summary

  • July 28th Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • July 28th Birthstone: Ruby
  • July 28th Zodiac Strengths: Creative, Passionate, Generous
  • July 28th Zodiac Weaknesses:Stubborn, Interfering, Domineering
  • July 28th Zodiac Relationship Compatibility:Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini,
  • July 28th Zodiac Best Careers: Actor, Musician, Artist

July 28th Personality Traits

Leos born on 28 July, have a magnetic personality. They often have an independent, confident, and perky outlook.

Passion runs strong in people born on July 28. Although you may feel a bit vague about specific tasks, leaving any job unfinished is against your code of ethics.

This also helps you to build strong financial stability and carve a path to success.

While you are known to be witty and intelligent, you also have a tendency to push people away with your controlling and overpowering behavior.

Similarly, others might think of you as rude and snobbish because of your desire for independence and doing everything in your own way.

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Your Strengths

The numerology related to 28th July is the number 1. As a result. Leadership, self-control, and creativity are the main traits of the Leos born on this day.

You have strong beliefs and adherence when it comes to having systems. Therefore, letting off something is a tough call for you. Likewise, you take on and accomplish projects with a unique way of thinking.

In addition to that, you have a great sense of responsibility, emotional attachment, and warmth for the people you care about.

Treating everybody with equality and understanding is one of your major strengths. Undoubtedly, you are considered loyal and instill the same values as of people around you.

Your Weaknesses

Your controlling and domineering nature can frustrate people, especially the ones close to you.

Although you do that out of love and care, it deteriorates your relationship instead.

Like most other Leo natives, claiming the center stage for yourself works like a natural instinct. However, it can come across as very arrogant and overconfident.

Leos born on the 28th of July can be fixed in their ways. As well as be vain and proud for no particular reason.

You can become very protective of your ideas and actions when it’s about your image. If someone rejects or disapproves of you, you tend to behave defensively and argumentatively.

July 28th Zodiac Relationship Compatibility

Most Compatible

Fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, and air signs; Aquarius and Gemini are the best compatible partners for you.

However, you also find yourself dating people born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st day from the numerology perspective.

As a Leo of July 28th, you are a big fan of love at first sight. But you still believe in practicality and reality.

Having the same wavelength with your partner brings you joy, ease of mind, and an additional reason to celebrate your lover.

Having said that, heartbreaks are a common occurrence in your love life, primarily because of your extremity and intimidating personality.

Least Compatible

The least compatible match for you will be someone from the water signs; Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer.

Generically, water and fire elements are the complete opposite of each other. When paired together, they can end up in emotional trauma, constant bickering, and misaligned values.

Water signs are emotional, idealistic, and indecisive folks. They find it hard to stick to set patterns and limit their imagination. These are all traits that Leos despise. Leos are looking for partners who are strong-headed, charismatic, and active.

Hence, it’ll be fair to say that you should stay away from water signs romantically to avoid any unpleasant experiences. 

July 28th Zodiac Career Prospects

You have been blessed with success in your career choices. Discipline, determination, and passion for working hard play their part in endowing you with several good job opportunities.

As you prefer a dynamic and practical career as opposed to monotonous work, you will most likely find your calling in a profession that gets you publicly recognized. The fields in media will usually be a good choice for you.

You have great potential to run a successful proprietorship in the business world. Your aim for precision and organization can take your business to great heights. Furthermore, you will try everything in your control to empower your chosen career.

Financial management is also one of your strong suits, so be sure to put that to use to make yourself financially stable. To be your best in your career choice, avoid stressing over everything, trust your instincts and let your inner fire shine through. 

July 28th Zodiac Ruling Planet

The Sun is the celestial body that rules Leo. Sun signifies ego, energy, motivation, self-awareness, and a strong identity.

As you are born in the first week of Leo’s span, the influence of the sun and its characteristics are twice as strong. Not just that, your lucky day is Sunday, which is also ruled by the Sun. So, you are driven and independent more than any other Leo. Even so, your drive and independence can sometimes be overbearing and dominating.

Your strong presence and attention to detail are what make you stand out. Though you may have a few insecurities, you’re a pro at putting on a show face and letting the world see the ‘confident’ you.

Famous People Born on this Day

  • Jackie Kennedy – Born July 28, 1929
  • Harry Kane – Born July 28, 1993
  • Soulja Boy – Born July 28, 1990
  • Terry Fox – Born July 28, 1958
  • Manu Ginóbili – Born July 28, 1977

Famous Events on July 28

  • July 28th, 2005 – IRA Army Council declares the end of an army campaign
  • July 28th, 1958 – 1958 National Aeronautics and Space Act ruled by the U.S. Congress
  • July 28th, 1928 – IX Summer Olympics starts
  • July 28th, 1821 – Peru announced independence


July 28th is a strong date, and you have a personality that can be the epitome of success if you put your mind to it. Leadership and organization skills are what make you a capable and charismatic leader. Sometimes, you get too confused and stuck in your ways, which can hold you back from succeeding. To unleash your full potential, you need to lose a little control and follow the fire inside you. Start using your creative skills and the things you love doing the most. Soon you will find yourself to be the most content and an inspiration for many others to follow.