Friend had a Dream you were Pregnant: What it Means

If your friend dreams that you are pregnant, it could mean that they admire your imagination or that new things are on the horizon for you or her. A bad or depressed mood while pregnant may also signify that they are worried about you or that something bad could be coming. 

When your friend dreams about you being pregnant, it doesn’t mean a baby is coming your way. It might be something else coming entirely! This article will discuss the top six interpretations of why your friend dreamt you were pregnant and what they might mean. 

Dream interpretation is subjective, unscientific, and highly personal. The below information is some possible symbolic interpretations people have had – but there’s no evidence that your dream determines your future and no one can say exactly what the dream means. The ultimate interpretation is up to you!

Friend had a Dream you were Pregnant

What does it mean if your friend dreams you’re pregnant? 

Many think of pregnancy as a happy, exciting time full of new life and hope. However, if your friend dreams about you becoming pregnant, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a baby soon.

It could mean that good things are coming your way or towards your friend. 

No dream has an easy-to-understand, set-in-stone interpretation. There are a few different possible interpretations, and context clues will help you figure it out.

One main context clue to help figure out the dream’s meaning is the mood you were experiencing during it.

If you were happy during the pregnancy in your friend’s dream, the interpretation would be positive.

If your friend dreamed you were delighted while pregnant, it could mean they admire you, or that good things are coming soon.

While most people consider pregnancy a great and joy-filled thing, it also has a lot of difficulties and can be stressful.

You might have been distraught and emotional during the dream. If that is the case, your friend has likely noticed some changes about you that have caused them concern. 

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Top 6 Interpretations of My Friend Dreaming I’m Pregnant

1. You are about to start something new in your life

Pregnancy always denotes the start of something new: new life, new baby, new parents.

If your friend is dreaming about you being pregnant, it might mean that there is something new and exciting coming your way on the horizon.

Sometimes this could mean that you might be up for a promotion at work or could be starting a whole new business venture in your life. 

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2. They appreciate your creativity

Creating new life is what pregnancy is all about. If your friend dreams about you being pregnant regularly, it might mean that they admire your imagination and creativity. 

This interpretation is common if you are about to do a creative project together. Your friend likely expects it to be a success, especially with your creativity on board. 

The dream might also signify that you strive to be creative, and your friend knows this about you. If you are looking for a sign to embark on that new creative journey you’ve been thinking about, this could be it. 

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3. They are worried about you

If you were sad, scared, or stressed during the dream, it may mean that your friend is worried about you. 

When you’re going through hardships, the people closest to you will always notice, whether you tell them or not. It is possible that your friend has seen a change in your attitudes, whether big or small and is worried that you are not alright. 

Open up to your friend about it if you have been going through some hard stuff. Chances are that they will be an excellent listener. 

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4. You’re going to bring them good news

Whether you know it or not, you might have good news to bring them soon. It could be that your friend is ready for something new and exciting, and you’ll be the bearer of good news for her. 

It might be the good news of you becoming pregnant, but it could also mean you have a great opportunity for them, such as a new job option. 

5. They are jealous of you

Sometimes a dream may reveal a friend is jealous of you. If your friend had a dream about you being pregnant, but your belly was misshapen, they could resent you for something. 

If your friend mentions how happy you looked, but your belly was weirdly shaped, try to consider why they might be upset with you. Try to make a list and amend anything you can to help ease their jealousy. 

6. They miss you

Your friend has likely been thinking about you recently. Pregnancy is the start of something new, but with every fresh start, something else ends.

Becoming pregnant in a friend’s dream could denote an ending such as your childish freedom and growing up. 

She might be afraid that you are moving on with your life and that she won’t be a part of any new big changes anymore. 

Likewise, if your friend lives far away and dreams of you getting pregnant, she could be missing you. 


If you wind up pregnant in one of your friend’s dreams, there’s no cause for concern. The stork is not going to make a surprise visit. It means your friend has likely been thinking about you.

She might have had the dream out of her concern or admiration of you, or maybe she misses you. The two of you will figure out what it means if you put your heads together. Talk about what’s going on in your life, and express any new joys or concerns. Then you’ll be able to figure out which of these interpretations fits best!

Dreams have many different possible interpretations. And in fact, the above interpretations may not even be the right ones for you! It’s really hard to actually tell what the dream means. And really, it may not mean anything – it could just be a random dream! If you want to know more about your dreams, you could talk to a dream interpreter, spiritual advisor, or even a therapist.