Dream of House Flooding: 8 Meanings & Interpretations

Dreaming of your house flooding can be a signal of a change coming to your life. It can be a sign of prosperity or a warning of impending bad luck. 

Dreaming of a house flooding can be a metaphor for your life. It can be a positive sign of a flood of future prosperity or an indication of bad luck in your future.

Dream interpretation is subjective, unscientific, and highly personal. As you can see in just the above paragraph, the same dream could be interpreted positively or negatively by the same person.

So, the below information presents some possible symbolic interpretations for your entertainment – but there’s no evidence that your dream determines your future and no one can say exactly what the dream means. The ultimate interpretation is up to you!

Dream of House Flooding Meaning

Dream of House Flooding Meaning

1. Cleaning your Soul

Dreaming of your house flooding can be a positive symbol. It can mean that there are good things that are coming in your future. Flooding in dreams represents the cleansing of your soul and a higher spiritual acceptance coming into your life. 

Flooding of your house can indicate the positive changes coming into your life. 

2. A Warning of Danger

Dreaming of your house flooding can be a bad omen for the direction of your life. It can be a warning of bad luck or misfortune entering your life. This bad luck and misfortune can have a significant impact on your life and pose a long and difficult recovery.

Dreaming of your house flooding can also indicate your unwillingness or inability to remedy the issues you are currently facing. 

3. Adversity is Coming

Seeing your house flood in a dream can also be a sign of adversity or difficulty approaching your life. It can indicate any number of issues you may face including financial, health, or misdeeds by people around you. These dreams are meant as a warning to you of difficult times. 

4. You’re in a Negative Emotional State

If you are dreaming of flooding outside your house, it can indicate how you are emotionally feeling at this point in time. The water attempting to enter your home can indicate the difficult time you are experiencing and the threat it is posing to your well-being. 

Any issues or desires you have not resolved can be portrayed in your dreams. 

The flooding of your house can show that you are overcome by negative emotions, and are unable to clearly view the negative situations and adversity you are facing. It is a sign you need to take better care of yourself mentally and deal with all the emotions you are experiencing.  

5. Feeling Threatened

If you are seeing flooding on different floors of your house this will have different meanings. Seeing water on the first floor of your home will pertain to your conscious. It could indicate feelings of being threatened and the impact it is having on you. 

But seeing flooding on higher levels of your house will deal with your spirituality. It can signify a positive manner of obtaining a higher ground or be an omen of negative forces affecting your spiritual growth. 

6. Growing Conflict in your Life

When you see your home ruined by a flood it is a sign of the conflicts and adversity becoming greater in your life. It can indicate your unwillingness to deal with these conflicts. It is showing you that you need to confront the negative aspects of your life to grow from them.  

7. A Change is Coming

Seeing your house flood in your dream can also be a sign of drastic change coming to your life. It can bring the sign of a release of discomfort or pain you have been dealing with. The floodwaters can be a sign of these struggles washing away from your life. 

Dreaming about your house can also be a negative sign about these difficult situations and adversities coming into your life. If you are experiencing happiness and success these dreams can indicate that you may soon be facing difficult times and experiences.  

8. Overcoming Difficulties

Seeing your house flooding can be a sign of good luck for you. It can show how you can overcome difficulties and negative influences that affect your emotional or spiritual side. It can show how you grow from them and become a better person in the future. 


Seeing your house flooding can have a negative or positive meaning in your life depending on the context of your dream. It can be a sign of prosperity in your future. It can also show how you are able to move past the negativity of your life and emerge as a stronger person in the future. 

Dreams have many different possible interpretations. And in fact, the above interpretations may not even be the right ones for you! It’s really hard to actually tell what the dream means. And really, it may not mean anything – it could just be a random dream! If you want to know more about your dreams, you could talk to a dream interpreter, spiritual advisor, or even a therapist.