Dreams About Going To Jail When Innocent:12 Meanings

Dreams About Going To Jail When Innocent

Dreams about going to jail when innocent may be a reflection of current obstacles or setbacks you may be going through.

Dreaming about jail doesn’t necessarily have to do with fearing that you’ve done something wrong.More often, such dreams can be associated with experiencing emotional or physical confinement.

It could also signifyfeelings of guilt and/or regret over past mistakes.

Remember that dream interpretation is subjective, unscientific, and highly personal. The below information is some possible symbolic interpretations people have had – but there’s no evidence that your dream determines your future and no one can say exactly what the dream means. The ultimate interpretation is up to you!

Reasons Behind a Dream About Going To Jail When You’re Innocent

1. Restricted Creative Freedom

You may feel that you’re being restricted from expressing how you truly feel.People in your life may be restricting you from expressing your true self. Experiences like these at work or at school may be causing these feelings and in turn these dreams.

2. You Fear Commitment

You may be in two minds about taking the next big step in either your professional or personal life.

This could be related to indecision about big promotion with a role change or thinking of marriage.If you feel queasy about the situation you may fear commitment.

While such fear isn’t inherently wrong to experience, it can make you feel restricted, manifesting as dreams related to going to jail despite being innocent.

3. Fear Of Failure

Your dream about going to jail may also allude to you fearing the possibility of making a mistake.

This fear of failure (or always ranking lower compared to your peers) can make you feel suffocated and restrained. This may explain why you’re dreaming of going to jail despite being innocent.

4. Feeling Restricted

Experiencing a situation that makes you feel restricted in an emotional capacity may create feelings of frustration.

This often happens when your true potential isn’t shining through.

You may feel trapped under such circumstances making it a potential reason behind your jail-related dreams.

5. Being Stuck In A Rut

Wanting to escape from your everyday life can be compared to feeling trapped in jail.

Sometimes, you just want to break the monotony of your daily routine.

When you’re feeling helpless with no means of escaping, you might have this dream.

6. Wanting More Control Of Your Life

Dreaming about being innocent yet still being jailed may also be symbolic of wanting to take control of your life andstifle personal traits and characteristics you wish to correct.

It may also mean that there are parts of you that you’d rather lock up for good so as to prevent yourself from exposing them to other people.

7. You Feel Lack Of Freedom

If you’ve undergone a situation where you felt your liberty was compromised.

For example, maybe you were grounded by your parents orhad an unwarranted disagreement with your significant other. Thismay have made you feel imprisoned in an inescapable situation despite not having wronged anyone.

8. You Feel Insecure

Dreaming about being unjustly incarcerated could mean you have bad self-perception or often experience feelings of insecurity and/or anxiety.

This may have caused you to fear how others perceive you and essentially trapped you in a self-created prison.

9. You’ve Been Wrongfully Accused

One interpretation for such a dream could lie in its subconscious origin being that of a real-life situation you may have experienced.

In other words, you might want to reflect on a recent situation where you were wrongfully accused of something. Such a situation could make you feel trapped hence the dream of being sent to jail wrongfully.

10. You’re Being Controlled By Others

Another way to interpret your dream is to realize that you may be in a situation where another person has undue authority over your life and actions.

Seeing such a dream where you’re incarcerated under false or zero evidence could be your subconscious mind’s way of telling you to get out of this situation and break ties with said person.

11. Impending Negative Situations

According to some spiritual interpretations, such a dream could mean you’re about to experience a potentially negative situation owing to jealousy or feelings of ill will from another person.

12. Blaming Yourself For Others’ Actions

In recent times if one of your loved ones has made a grave mistake you may feel responsible for their misstep.You may feel that you could have somehow mitigated the situation.

Blaming yourself in such a way could then manifest as a dream where you find yourself jailed on false charges.


In short, dreaming that you end up going to jail despite being innocent could be because of a number of reasons, mostly stemming from feelings of confinement in your relationships and the actions or words of people who have become negative influences in your life.

To correctly interpret what your dream means you must factor in the state of your real-world relationships, the circumstances you’re currently under, and the general feelings you feel on a day-to-day basis. In conjunction, these factors can then help explain why you’re having this dream and what it really means.