Dead Raven Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

The dead raven is a symbolic omen in many different religions and cultures.

Native American culture considers the bird to be a bearer of magical and spiritual messages which will appear to you when you need a push in the right direction.

Celtic culture considers the dead raven to be a sign that you are approaching the end of a conflict in your life and coming into victory.

Christianity has long considered the raven to be a symbol of darkness and negativity, and the dead raven is considered a sign that you are escaping darkness and misery.

It is also a symbol that you may be neglecting yourself and not actively searching for opportunities to enhance your future. Search for opportunities and put yourself out there to avoid a bleak future.

Dead Raven Symbolism

Dead Raven Symbolism

1. A Message from the Spirit World

In Native American culture the dead raven is a bearer of magic and spiritual messages. It is a message from those passed on, from space, from other universes, and from where everything once originated and will end.

They perceived the raven as a carrier between dimensions with great spiritual energy and connections, and the deceased raven in turn is a message from those other dimensions.

If you come across a deceased raven, it can be alarming. Many people hold superstitious beliefs that a dead raven or crow is a terrible omen meaning something grave and dangerous is coming.

However, in traditional native cultures it is instead considered as an important message from a source or person. It will come to you when you need it most and poses as either a warning or a notification that something may be changing in your life.

Take some time to reflect inwards and consider what this message may be for you. Perhaps you have been at a crossroads in life and haven’t known what direction to head in. The dead raven is a sign to tune into your spiritual side and trust your intuition.

You know deep down what is the best path for you to go on. It might be that it is a scarier path, and you are holding onto what is comfortable. Know that you need to make sacrifices and do what is best for you and your future.

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2. Escaping darkness

In Christianity, the raven was the only creature to not return to Noahs’ Arc. Instead, it feasted on the corpses left behind.

The raven in turn was considered a symbol of darkness and dread. It was a negative omen that instilled fear in those who saw it. It was considered a symbol of selfishness and negative energies, and in turn a dead raven is a sign that you have escaped whatever darkness may have been clouding your life.

You may have been working through some dark or intense feelings and scenarios. Know that the dead raven is showing itself to you to let you know that you are overcoming the hardest challenges.

You will metaphorically escape the darkness and come into a period of light and joy. Embrace this change and enjoy the positive changes as they come. Do not dwell on past negative experiences and instead choose to live in the moment.

3. Victory

In Celtic culture the raven is one of the great symbols of war and victory. Seeing a dead raven has been considered to be a symbol of a triumph and victory coming your way.

If you have been going through an internal battle, it may be coming to a close. Any conflicts or struggles you may have been experiencing between friends, family or even with yourself are coming to an end and you will be able to experience a victory.

Many people disregard this symbolism as they associate it directly with war and battles but know that the dead raven is there as a symbol of any conflict no matter how minor. You may have been working through your personal values and been in a period of internal conflict.

If you see the dead raven in a dream, it may be a sign that this internal struggle will end and allow you to feel a sense of peace and calm. 

4. Bleak future

Ravens are scavenging birds, who are always hunting, moving and scavenging. The dead raven may be a sign that you are wasting away opportunities and not actively seeking new challenges and chances for your future.

The dead raven will appear to let you know that you are guaranteeing yourself to have a bleak future if you do not take immediate action.

You cannot sit back and wait for things to come to you. You need to take ownership of your life and make opportunities come up for yourself. By being proactive and taking actionable steps towards opportunities and experiences you will set yourself up for great success.

Many of the most successful people approached many different companies and individuals for a chance and were turned away a lot of the time. Rejection is not a symbol of failure; take any rejection you may receive and turn that into more motivation to find the right fit for yourself.

Your success is completely in your hands, so take the message from the raven and be proactive about bettering yourself and making your future bright.


The dead raven is highly symbolic in many different cultures and religion. It is considered to be a sign you may be wasting away your future by not searching for opportunities and serve as a reminder to take steps towards securing opportunities and chances to allow yourself success.

It is considered a symbol of darkness and negative energy in Christianity, so the dead raven is in turn a symbol that you are exiting a period of darkness in your life and may be coming into a period of light and positivity.

Native American culture considers the raven as a messenger between dimensions and spiritual realms and considers the dead raven to be a message from another dimension. 

Celtic culture on the other hand views the raven as a symbol of war and victory and considers the dead raven to be a sign that you are approaching victory from an internal struggle.

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